Maijustu Potter

Sum: Harry learn the art of ninja's and no one ever noticed. Slight crossover with Naruto, I don't own ether.

AN: I know the last chapter was a rushed one but I had to get it out of my head and I wanted to see if it would get a positive result.

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Ninja: Harry James Potter.

Age: 11 Height: four foot nine.

Weight: Unknown. Bloodline limit: Sharingan (Has Final stage because of near death of chakra depletion six times in a row and unknowingly running into a Dementor and being saved.)

Chakra pool: Roughly the size of Uzumaki Naruto at Chunin exam finals (With out Kyuubi).

Chakra control: High Chunin level (Roughly on par with Neji) (Most likely because of his magic pool and training)

Ninjustu library: Roughly on par with Itachi Uchiha's due to all written in the scroll.

Ninjustu level: roughly mid Chunin level.

Favorite Ninjustu: Katon: Karyū Endan (Fire style: Dragon flame justu)

Taijustu style: Cross between Uchiha interception fist and Iron fist.

Taijustu level: mid to high Chunin


Without Charka: Just below Rock lees

With Chakra: on par with Tsunade early training.


With weights rivals Sasuke Uchiha

with out weights rivals Rock lee with weights on.

Genjustu library: three mid level Genjustu one high.

Genjustu level: mid to high Chunin.

Kinjustu library: three.

Kinjustu level: low Jonin

Kenjustu skill: Kunai and Shuriken. Kenjustu level: high Genin low Chunin level (Roughly on par with Sasuke Uchiha)

Summoning??? (You all decide. Does he make on or find one?) (Votes:0)

Seal level: Low Chunin. (Just enough to make the scroll Tenten has or explosive notes.)

Hand seal speed: Rivals Itachi Uchiha

Over all stealth: mid level Jonin (Mostly from running away from his family and Dudley's gang).

Over all skill level: mid to high Chunin (Rivals Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki at end of Chunin exam finals)

Chapter Three

This is going to be a long year

---Peregrine House/ Next morning---

"Mew!" was the first thing that Harry had heard when he woke up the next morning.

"Good morning Nightshade." said Harry, patting Nightshade on the head and getting up. When Harry looked at the pocket watch he noticed that the time was about 4:30 in the morning. "Damn, Now I won't be able to go back to bed. Might as well look and see what's behind the other doors downstairs." said Harry, pulling on black BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) and donned a flack jacket with the Peregrine coatof-arms on the back. Then he went to his trunk unlocked the third lock and opened it. Inside was his wand and several hundred scrolls, most how ever looked old and worn by time while others looked new. Harry pulled out three of the newer scrolls and put them in the left hand pockets of his jacket, then put his wand in the pocket right next to his right arm.

"Come on Nightshade." said Harry, as he walked out of the room with Nightshade trotting along behind him. When he reached the bottom of the stairs he took time to look over the amber and sapphire themed room then studied the doors. The one on to the west had the appearance of a Japanese sliding door. The second door was to the east side was as tall as the room decorated with two gold Peregrines, one on each side both looking as if they were attacking something. The last door was right between the boys and girls dorm stairs and looked like a normal wooden door.

"Well, what's behind door number one?" Harry asked himself while opening the door in between the dorm stairs and found that it was a kitchen and dinning room combo. Looking around the dining room Harry spotted a small booklet at the head of the table. Upon reaching it Harry saw that there was also a small badge, similar to the one Ron's brother had, next to it and was titled Falcon map book, --password on badge. After reading the title Harry took a quick scan of the inside but discovered that the rest was blank. Remembering the title he inspected badge closer and found that the back had writing on it reading 'I swear that my spirit will soar no matter what'. "I swear that my spirit will soar no matter what?" quoted Harry, putting his hand on the booklet that, not even a second later, pricked him taking some of his blood. Strangely ink appeared on the booklet and started to form a map, that he quickly realized was of the castle, with dots that were labled with names."Interesting." Harry muttered realizing it detailed where everyone in the castle was.

Harry rolled up the booklet/map and put it in the pocket next to his wand. He then walked into the kitchen and after a bit of exploring in the cooler and pantry he found that it oddly contained food stuffs from out of Britain. After he nitpicked some of the foreing food for himself and Nightshade he walked out of the room closing the door behind him. Back in the common room he walked over to the sliding door with Nightshade ever on his heels. What ever Harry was thinking would be behind the door, a two story tall dojo with weapons lining the walls was NOT one of them. He quickly closed the door and opened it a few times to check if it was real and when he did he realized were he was going to spend most of his free time.

Hoping that the last room was as good as the last two he ran over to the twin doors and opened then with a little trouble because of there size. When he looked in the room the first thing he saw was that in the middle of the room there was a five foot deep by twenty foot round hole that had several round tables around the edge with leather couches going around the ends and six pool tables with every thing needed to play. As he walked in he saw on the opposite wall was a small bar with various kinds of drinks on it and a large clock over it. On the right side was a small skate park and racks of skate boards and roller blades. On the other side was a bowling alley, and all this was on the bottom floor. The second floor was about a twenty foot ledge that had book case and small tables and lazy boy chairs near the edges of the ledge with plants here and there.

"Well, Nightshade, now I know what 'more then a scholars art' means." said Harry, as he and Nightshade looked around. "Mew." called Nightshade, jumping up on a pool table and pawed at a parchment. When Harry picked it up he noticed that it was old and frayed. It was a letter that was addressed to the next person that lived in Peregrine.

Dear, who ever gets this,

My name is Delton "Chopper" Davenport. I was the last Peregrine and the only one in my seven years. The reason the Peregrine house is like this is because we feel that magic can't do every thing and since there are so few of us we have more money to make the house nice and our members are top notch in spells so we can make things like this wreck room and the Dojo. That's the same reason we have a kitchen, we get up much earlier then the other houses because we're more physical instead of magical. If you have friends in other houses you can let them in but nothing can leave the house because of spells on them also a spell make sure they can't tell what in the house. Also, if your wondering why we have a lot of muggle things this is because they were donated or had been put in by other Peregrines.

Good luck,

Delton "Chopper" Davenport

"Most interesting." said Harry, walking back to the kitchen and made some breakfast for him and Nightshade. After five or so minutes of eating Harry looked at the time and saw that almost 5:00 and though 'Time to break in the Dojo.' grabbing a box of chocolate pocky and put it in one of his pants pockets and walked to the Dojo where he practiced his Taijustu for an hour and a half before going up to his room and took a shower in a bathroom that rivaled a mansions.

After his shower and changed into some new pants and shirt, he went down to the great hall and looked for Hermione and Neville, only to find the two red headed twin trying to rig something up. When Harry got closer he started to hear what the two were planning.

"No dear Fred. If we put the wire there Snape will see it and the whole thing will be ruined." said one of the twins.

"Yes, your right Gorge, what about putting the wire under Hagrid. He won't feel the wire because of the clothes he wears are so thick." reasoned the one called Fred.

"How about putting the wire in front of a few first years so when the panic starts they don't know which way to turn?" asked Harry, popping up behind them and pointing things out on the twins that, would surprisingly work.

"Well, Gorge, I do believe that we have a prankster." said Fred, looking at Harry.

"I do believe your right Fred." replied Gorge, changing his look from Harry to the plans. "Let's do it." replied Fred, grabbing the supplies.

When the two were done there work the three of them left for an half an hour and came back just in time for the chaos. Now I won't go into details but I'll give you a hint. What does superglue, wire, confetti, blunt bear traps with notice-me-not charms and transfiguration with cat nip get you? One prank worthy of the Weasley twins.

After the prank was pulled did Harry come into the great hall and found Hermione and Neville and sat down with them, eating some of his pocky. "Hey!" barked Harry, making the two jump.

"Oh, Hello Harry."

"Hi Harry." came the somewhat whimper of a reply.

"So, Harry, any idea on what classes you'll take?" asked Hermione, looking at the head table and turning back to the two boys.

"We'll most likely have just core classes so we can get into a grove and understand everything." replied Harry as McGonagall came around and handed course papers out with Mr. Kettleburn handing Harry his. "Looks like I have double potions with you guys." said Harry pulling out another pocky treat and started to eat.

"So, Harry, what's your dorm like?" asked Hermione, looking at Harry. "It's got a dojo, a kitchen and the last room is the place to be. A skate park, A bowling alley, pool tables, a bar like area, and a library/ reading area. Also my room has a king sized bed." said Harry, getting looks from the others.

"What?" asked Harry when he saw the look on there face. "Not even our house is like that." replied Hermione, looking stunned at that. "Well, how about later I take you both up there? And don't worry about me getting in trouble I can take others from different houses in there but I'm not telling you how to get in." stated Harry as the three got up and went to the dungeons.

When they got down into Snape's class they waited for Snape to enter the class got quite and watched his movement. "There will be no silly wand waving in this class, and because of that many of you won't believe this is magic. I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death,…If you aren't as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach." said Snape as student's exchanged looks and Snape looked for a target and found Harry.

"Potter! What would I get if I added Powered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?" asked a sneering Snape.

"A sleeping potion called the Draught of the Living Death." replied Harry making Snape sneer more.

"Alright Potter, where would you find me a bezoar?" asked Snape.

"In the bottom of a goat's stomach or if you need one faster you could look in you supply closet as I'm sure a smart man like yourself would have a few, for those just in case problems with poisons." replied Harry, getting a few laughs.

"Ten points from Peregrine for your cheek Potter. Now what's the different between Monkshood and wolfsbane?" asked Snape.

"There the same plant, it's also called Aconite. The only difference is who you're talking to about said plant, Sir." replied Harry in military like fusion. To this extent Snape sneered even more then should be possible and then shouted. "Well? Why aren't you all coping that all down.?" After this the class when by fairly quickly with Harry stopping Neville several times so he didn't mess up his potion. Although Snape wouldn't admit it he was some what impressed and relived that Harry turn out like Lily instead of his fool of a father.

After that class ended the day grinded to a slow crawl with nothing interesting happening till Professor Kettleburn walked up to him. "Harry, this Thursday are flying lessons, you'll be with the Gryffindor and Slytherins. Also, good way of putting Snape in his place." said Kettleburn.

"Right Professor." replied Harry, as Kettleburn walked away.

"Well, I'll see you two later." said Harry, leaving to the north tower and to his dorm room. "See you tomorrow Harry." called Neville and Hermione, as they left to there dorms.

When Harry got to his dorm he went into the wreck room and jumped up to the second floor. When he got up there Nightshade jumped out of one of the plants and right into Harry's arms. (Ahh, a deadly ninja and his killer cat. So, sweet. Wahhhh[Tearing up with crocodile tears) Then Harry saw a door at the north end of the floor that had a perched Falcon on it. When Harry went over to the door and opened it, what he may have though was there, was most likely not a place for owls or Falcons as there was one large brown falcon sitting on a perch. Harry realized that the Bird must be a messenger. "Well, this is a nice surprise." said Harry closing the door and went up to his dorm room only to go to bed quickly, for he had the feeling we would need the energy tomorrow.

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End Chapter