Chapter 6- Find Yourself in You

Miley gave Nick a hug, "Thanks for helping me set this up, I knew it would work."

Lilly walked into the Jonas house, confusion written across her face, "Miley? Where are you? Nick? I thought you told me to meet you here. Hello?"

"Lilly?" a voice asked.

"ACK!" Lilly jumped about a foot into someone's waiting arms.

It was pitch black, and Lilly was trembling hard.

"Lilly, calm down, it's Joe! It's JOE! Calm down!"

"Joe?" Lilly twisted in his arms, "Sorry. Miley told me to meet her in here, and no one showed."

"That's weird. Well, do you want to go the fair? It's in town today. Oh, oops, sorry." He put her down, his face reddening slightly.

"Sure! Let's go." Lilly said.

"So, have you ever been to the Malibu California Fair, before?" Lilly questioned.

"Nope, well yeah, once, we performed here, but we didn't get to do anything." Joe said, "I had wished we had though."

"Hey, let's go on the Scream Roller Coaster, you know it goes straight up, then straight down at like 100 miles per hour!" Lilly exclaimed, grabbing Joe's hand and pulling him to the roller coaster.

The coaster went up, straight, and Lilly was shaking, when it got to the top and stopped, Lilly grabbed Joe's hand.

As it fell, both teens screamed loudly, and then the roller coaster was over.

"Oh, a photo booth! We HAVE to go in it!" Joe said, pulling Lilly into the booth.

The first three pics were one normal, two silly, but the last one Joe kissed Lilly full on the mouth.

"I like the last one best!" Joe said.

"Me too." Lilly agreed, giggling, then blushing slightly.

The rest of the day was as fun as the morning, and when Joe dropped Lilly off at her house, he smiled, and kissed her goodnight, "Here's my cell phone number, call me, I'd love to do this again."

"Sure. Here's mine." Lilly's scribbled her address on the back of Joe's hand.

"Oh, sure, write on MY hand. Well here." Joe grabbed Lilly's hand, and wrote:


"Yea, sure." Lily said, but her cheeks were red.

One more kiss.

Sorry for the short chapter!!!