I'm editing Master of Alice starting from chapter 1 (date 06.06.2010). This is my first ever fanfic in my life. Thank you to those who have been reading MoA!

Chapter 1: Mikan's Odd Behaviour

Darn! Mikan scolded herself after she woke up from bed knowing she practically had only 10 minutes to get to school. She rushed downstairs from her dorm room and got onto her new motorbike her grandfather sent to her for her birthday. I know driving fast won't be safe but being late with Narumi-sensei is even worse!

With that thought in mind, Mikan sped all the way from her dormitory to her High School Division. She clearly didn't make it on time, five minutes late even. She didn't bother looking at her watch and continued to run up the staircase to the top floor.

"Yaaaah!" She breathed out loud when she slammed her classroom door open.

"Mikan! Thank goodness, you're late, hurry, Narumi-sensei is on the wa–," Yuu didn't manage to finish his sentence as Narumi-sensei walked into the classroom.

Oh damn... Mikan thought silently as Narumi-sensei glared at her. Ever since Alice Academy had a new 'Alice' guardian assigned to monitor the academy by the government, all the teachers have been acting strange. They all knew that their jobs and duties as Alices are at stake. "I'm sorry for being late, Narumi-sensei!" Mikan bowed.

Narumi-sensei put his book down and sighed. "Look Mikan, now's not the time for a grade A student like you to suddenly rebel. Coming late to class with a fact that you stay in the school will not help the school's reputation, even my own since I'm your class teacher. You even have a motorcycle, how on earth could I accept the fact that you're late?"

"B-But I –,"

"If it's the same story about you having to do some kind of weird experiments at night again and getting no sleep, I'm sorry Mikan, I can't accept that excuse any longer," Narumi-sensei looked at her with an apologetic expression. Mikan felt terrible and guilty. Narumi-sensei had done so much to cover for her mistakes to not be found out by the mean 'Alice' guardian, Ms. Aniya Kazuo. "J-Just go to your seat; I'm not in the mood to be lecturing you the same thing every single morning. Just go."

Mikan nodded and walked towards her place. She sits in between Natsume and Ruka. Ruka stood up and walked out to give way for Mikan to get to her seat. I really am sorry Narumi-sensei. But what I'm doing is to get rid of that horrible 'Alice' and to help the school. You can judge me later, when I really did something that's worth to get mad about! Mikan thought silently.

"Mi-chan, are you okay?" Ruka asked softly to not attract Narumi-sensei's attention.

"I'm fine, thanks Ruka," Mikan said. Natsume glanced at her slightly and saw her slowly dozing off while holding her textbook up to her face. Natsume chuckled slightly when he heard her light snoring and when Narumi turned around Ruka pretended her was the one that fell asleep.


"Yah, Polka...Hey! Wake up!" Natsume started to shake Mikan's shoulders violently. "YAH! POLKA!" Once Mikan heard Natsume's loud voice she immediately opened her eyes in surprise. "It's breakfast, get up or else your drool will even flow and drip onto my place!"

Mikan sat straight in embarrassment and wiped the drool from her lips in response to what Natsume said. Natsume sighed and shoved his hands into his pocket. "Let's go," Natsume said and Mikan stood up to follow him.

"Ne, Natsume, why in the world did you wake me up? I had such a wonderful sleep!" Mikan stretched and yawned.

"It's because if no one wakes you up, who's going to be the one to finish the strawberry cheesecake in the cafeteria today," Natsume saw Mikan's eyes lit up.

"Today's a Tuesday? Really! AHH! I've been waiting for a week for this day to come again!" Mikan took out her special 'Strawberry Spoon' from her backpack and grinned. "Today will once again be a wonderful day!" Mikan squealed and Natsume chuckled.

"The Polka I met six years ago still remains as the Polka I know in the present, huh," Natsume said and Mikan pouted.

"Ne, I've known you for six years...I know you know what my name is!" Mikan said and folded her arms over her chest.

"I have a choice of whether to call you with your name or a nickname, right? I mean, Ruka calls you 'Mi-chan', so what's wrong with me calling you 'Polka'?" Natsume asked and Mikan looked away.

"Meanie," She muttered softly but Natsume still smiled when he heard that.

"Ah, I'll be going ahead to the lab, Matsuda-sensei wanted the Bunsen Burners to light up by an Alice stone, I offered help, jya (ciao, so long, bye, see you later, etc.), I'll meet you later at the cafeteria." Natsume waved and rushed off after Mikan nodded.

"Haa...I actually don't feel like eating anymore," Mikan said and she yawned again. She looked at her watch, "11:28 am," she read. Mikan walked up towards the car park and got onto her motorbike. She revved up the engine and drove off back to her dorm.

"Mi-Mikan-san, you're not supposed to be at the dorm at this hour," A small robot guard trailed Mikan up the elevator.

"Leave me alone, Chi, I'm sick," Mikan said.

"Should I tell Imai-sama?" Chi asked.

"Don't tell Hotaru, just leave me alone for a while, I'll come back down for the next class," Mikan said and Chi nodded and held the elevator door open for Mikan to walk out. She unlocked her door with her finger print scan and jumped onto her bed.

"Hello Mikan-sama, would you like to have anything?" The robot computer Hotaru made for Mikan asked and Mikan raised her hands. The robot changed her clothes in a split second and starts combing Mikan's long hair.

"Nora, please keep an eye on the door and windows, don't let anyone come in and inform me of the people if they wish to see me. And can you get some Apple Sparkling Drink? Oh, close the curtains and keep the room dark...leave me to sleep," Mikan said and Nora nodded her head and followed her master's orders.

Mikan was tucked into bed by Nora and all her curtains were closed shut. Nora switched on light soft music and Mikan fell into dreamland.


Natsume finished his duties as credit classes after the havoc he caused a few months ago. The laboratories were fixed and he finally got his time off. "Yo, Yuu," Natsume walked into the computer lab.

Yuu raised his hand after Natsume greeted him and passed the Register Book and Natsume logged onto the internet. He opened his blog under the title name 'Black Cat' and signed in. "Hey, world's famous Black Cat, I heard you're secretly an assassin. You see, I live in this school called Alice Academy and there's someone who's name is exactly like yours and he too likes to kill people *smiles*."

Natsume chuckled and went to the messenger's profile. "RUKA! If you caught me, You caught me! Don't go around telling people my identity!" Natsume typed and received and instant message from ILUVBUNNIES.

"How'd you know it was me?" Ruka typed in and Natsume wrote, "T-T" and Ruka wrote out "LOL".

"Sorry Natsume, I gotta go," Ruka typed.

"The queen calling you, huh?" Natsume asked.

"T-T, whatever," Ruka then signed off and Natsume started to search around about the human's comments on Alice Academy.

That wretched school disrupts the entire balance of the world!

We should kill all those strange creatures that live in our town!

They don't deserve to live; they're practically in that school to be trained to kill us!

Natsume merely chuckled at their comments and shuts the computer down. He stood up, paid three rabbits to Yuu and walked out of the computer lab. Natsume then remembered something he saw earlier, a slight scar he saw on Mikan's neck. "Ah! Why am I thinking about Polka right now? I should be thinking about how to get more money for my spending!"

But that scar was unusual, it looked as if it was sliced, like a knife slicing her neck...NO ONE TOUCHES MY MIKAN! Natsume thought in anger and starts stomping his foot out of the building. Once he realised he called Mikan 'his', he paused and shook his head. I did not say that! I did not say that! Why would I say that?

(A/N: He's in total denial, adorable XD)

"Ah, Hyuuga-kun," Natsume turned around and saw a senior calling out to him. "Would you mind helping to send these documents to the Alice Hospital, I've got to rush to a patient right now," The senior said.

He must be one of those Healing Alice users, Natsume thought. "Sure," Natsume grabbed the documents and the senior rushed off. Natsume then left towards the hospital without any question.


"Hey, Hotaru, you called?" Ruka opened the door to the Imai & Co. Building Hotaru built using her own money for her inventions.

"Hotaru-sama is up in the Secret Invention floor," A robot drove past Ruka said.

"Wh-Where is that exactly?" Ruka asked and a robot with a computer as its head showed up in front of Ruka.

The computer screen switched on and Hotaru's face popped up. "You're late," Hotaru said solemnly and Ruka shrugged.

"So where are you?" Ruka asked and the robot pulled out a chair from its stomach-like body.

"Sit," Hotaru said and Ruka stepped back.

"I think it's safer if I walk there to wherever you are," Ruka declined.

"You can't get to where I am by walking or driving, I'm in another dimension," Hotaru said and Ruka sat on the chair. The chair moved about and it spun around. Ruka hugged himself when he felt like vomiting.

When Ruka opened his eyes, he was in an odd room. Everything was pitch black, he could sense objects but he can't see them. "Here," Ruka felt Hotaru passing an item to him and he held it. "It's a goggle, wear it," Hotaru said and Ruka wore it.

Ruka then saw all the computers and gizmos set up. "Hotaru, where are we?" Ruka asked.

"Technically speaking, my heaven, but to you, I guess you could call it the basement," Hotaru said and Ruka walked towards Hotaru who was inventing some sort of microchip.

"But you didn't build any staircase or elevator to the basement, you don't even have a basement," Ruka said.

"There are no ways to get to the basement except by using a Teleportation Alice. I borrowed a stone from Sakurano senpai, you know, my brother's friend," Hotaru said and sparks burst when she accidentally touched a magnet. "Ah! That's the seventeenth try!" Hotaru cursed.

"So why did you call me here?" Ruka asked.

"Did you realise something was wrong...I mean with Mikan," Hotaru said and Ruka started thinking.

"Well, she eats less now, comes late a lot to class, sleeps a lot, I can only think that she's busy or something like that," Ruka said.

"Mikan didn't come to see me for over a month, I had to look for her. She always look for me, it's a really troublesome thing! I don't know what's up," Hotaru slammed her fists on the table.

"Maybe she's just doing something...useful to herself, didn't you ask her to stay away from you as much a possible?" Ruka asked.

"That was out of sarcasm, I never want her to leave my sight!" Hotaru shouted.

"But it is strange, Mikan hardly talks to anyone now, she's pretty much silent. She doesn't eat when it's break time and she spends most of the day locked up in her room," Ruka said.

"That I realised," Hotaru said. "I know people change in due time but Mikan couldn't have changed drastically within this short period of time," Hotaru said.

"No, she changed even before that," Ruka said. "She doesn't smile that much anymore," Ruka said.

"Do you think we realised this a little bit too late?" Hotaru asked.

"Let's just hope what happened to her is not permanent and we can help," Ruka said and Hotaru nodded.


That's the end of the first chapter!