Giggling softly to himself, Ragetti set the crate down with the others before turning to go and collect some more of the supplies that Jack was bringing before they sailed off once more to hunt for Jones' chest and his heart.

The captain had just handed William Turner over to Jones and in keeping with his promise of ninety-nine more souls; they had gone to Tortuga to collect more sailors.

One of these new recruits turned out to be the poppet Elizabeth Swann herself and Ragetti couldn't help but tease her a bit, acting as if he held a beating heart in his hand as he walked by with a crate while Jack explained briefly the story of Davy Jones and his chest.

Turning back around however, his smile and giggle died away and were replaced with a soft whimper.

Pintel frowned when he heard the whimper, placing his hands on his hips as he walked up to stand beside Ragetti.

"Wot ar' ye whimperin' abou'?" he asked, following his gaze.

"Commodore…" Ragetti whispered softly, pointing a slender and trembling finger at the drunken former commodore who was currently swaying on his feet, turning his head to the side to spit out some bile.

Frowning, Pintel picked up one of the goats they were taking along on the trip and then looked back over at Ragetti. The young lad was trembling badly, his bright blue eye refusing to leave Norrington's face.

"Git back ta our bunk." He muttered gently. "I'll finish the res'."

"Pint?" Ragetti asked, looking down at him.

"Jus' go afore they notice!" he hissed. Nodding, Ragetti took his hand and gave it a light squeeze in thanks before boarding the ship in a hurry, taking one last glance over his shoulder at Norrington.

Shuddering as unwanted memories started to rise up, he rubbed his wrists without thinking about it, whimpering as the feeling of heavy shackles came back to him.

"'ere ye go, former commodore!" Pintel cackled, shoving the goat into Norrington's hands.

"Welcome ta the crew! An' 'un more fing…"

He grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling the slightly wasted man forward.

"I don' know wot's wrong wi' me mate Ragetti bu' I swears ta 'is God tha' if'n ye make 'im upse' loik tha' agin…I'll kill yer!"

Norrington snorted in answer, tossing his head back proudly.

"I got what I wanted from him back in Port Royal." He said simply, making Pintel frown. "Why would I go back to him now?"

"Wot do ye mean?"

But Norrington refused to answer, brushing past him as he boarded the Black Pearl.

Pintel hesitated, standing on the docks as he tried to understand what he meant by that and why Ragetti had been so terrified of the man.

"Rag's 'as go' some explainin' ta do…" he muttered, heading for the bunks.