"I'm sorry."

"Bu' why would ye..?"

"I'm sorry!" Ragetti suddenly wailed and without warning he got down from the barrel and tried to run for it.

Pintel caught him by his upper arm, pulling him back despite his protests.

"Lemme go!" Ragetti shouted and Pintel frowned as others soon looked in their direction and without another word he dragged him down into their sleeping quarters and shut the door.


"Shu' the 'ell up!" he shouted and with a strangled sob Ragetti fell to his knees, covering his head with his arms and shutting his eyes tightly.

He was ready to be shouted at, he was ready to be beaten, and he was ready to be hated for the rest of his life but what he was not ready for was Pintel's arms around his shoulders in a comforting way.

Gasping softly, Ragetti looked up and he found Pintel standing in front of him and smiling down at him.


"Why didn' ye tell me?" he asked softly.

"I…I though'…"

"Though' wot?"

"Ye mean…ye don' fink I'm a…"

"A wot? A whore? Rags, why would I fink tha'? Yer me Rags an' nuffin' anybody says is goin' ta change tha' abou' yer!"

A weak smile crossed his lips and new tears came into his eye as he wrapped his arms around Pintel's waist, hugging him tightly as he buried his face into his stomach.

Smiling, Pintel hugged him back, stroking his head.

They stayed like that for a while; even when the door was opened and others came in to rest.