Crimson Tears

Chapter Thirty Two: Miracles Happen

Time shot backwards. The last few seconds that had accorded flashed back fixing the error that had occurred.

Now things could go as they were supposed to.

Misty let out a high pitched scream as the pillar shot down at her. In her last seconds, she had rolled out of the way. She scrambled to cover her hands over her head. It felt like hours she lay waiting for the collapsing building to stop burying her. At long last, the pounding stopped. Misty dug up out of the dirt blindly. Moonlight poured down on her dirty and scratched face. She was alive. Misty let out a sigh of pure relief.

That was a close one.

Misty wiped some blood over her cut cheek gently. She winced at the slight stinging. A smile crossed her face as she looked up at the beautiful moon. Ash…

Misty's fists clenched. He must have decided to stay. She tried to keep the painful smile on her face. He was happy. That's where he deserved to be. Where he was content. Not where he was in constant pain... and worry.

Misty jumped at the sound of a dull ringing. There laying in the dirt beside her was cracked red stone. The thing that had changed their lives so drastically these past years. Misty saw the crimson tear was glowing faintly. It looked as if it were taking its last breath.

Misty scooped it up in her palm ever so gently. She was sad to see she had destroyed it after all. Misty stroked its strangely warm and smooth surface. The color leaked out of the stone's contains until it was like a empty glass. Then it shattered into a million tiny pieces of dust. The wind picked up around Misty taking the glass dust from her hands and swirling them into a person. The twinkling light and dust faded just for Misty to be blow back several feet by a flash of bright white.

Pikachu ran ahead of everyone else with Asa and Richie close at his heels. The temple had collapsed before Misty and Ash had a chance to escape. They were all hoping that Ash and Misty weren't where they thought Ash and Misty were.

Richie was the first to spot her. Misty was laying on the ground not far ahead shielding her face with her eyes. Suddenly an incredibly white flash blinded the group. They all stumbled and fell to the ground covering their pained eyes. Pikachu squinted against the blinding white trying desperately to get over to Misty.

'Ash,' Pikachu groaned covering its eyes with his paws.

The light faded and out of the sky came a form. A young four year old boy. He fell on the ground before Misty. Misty held her breath as she looked down on Ash's child form. His eyes were shut peacefully like before, except this time it was more like he was dead than sleeping. Misty held back her tears as she looked down at Ash's tiny form.

Richie tried to get to Misty but Gary grabbed his shoulder, "Let go!"

"No. I don't know what is going on but this… leave Misty alone," Gary muttered sadly. "We can't help her."

Richie looked over to Gary miserably and nodded his face white like chalk.

"Ash is… is he?"

Misty shoulders shook as she gazed down at Ash's form. He was just like a sleeping child…

She bit her lip as the tears poured down her red cheeks in floods of cerulean.

"Ash!" She screamed in anguish flinging her arms about her fallen love.

Tears trickled down from her eyes onto Ash's chest. His shirt was damped by the girl who lay weeping upon him. Suddenly a wind encircled them. Misty didn't noticed as she continued to cry. Her tears dripped into crystals and sparkled about them.

Finally, Misty opened her aqua eyes to see Ash's form glowing. He went from four to ten to thirteen and then finally the age he was when he had left the world. Misty gapped in astonishment. Finally the wind died and Ash's form remained silent. Misty held out a shaky hand and stroked Ash's cheek. He didn't flinch. Misty let out a stifled cry of sadness.

He wasn't waking…

Asa clutched Misty's locket in her soft hands. A determined look crossed her face.

"This good for nothing piece of metal has to be good for something," Asa hissed.

Richie looked at her uncertainly, "What? Did any of that make any sense?"

"Did to me," Asa snapped.

She drew back her arm into a pitch, "Misty! Catch!"

Asa let the shimmering locket fly through the dark night air…

Misty looked up to see the glimmer of gold fly at her. She held up a hand to black it from hitting her. The locket collided with her palm. The cold metal chain wrapped about her finger tips. Misty blinked in shock. She had though she had lost it forever.

Misty ran her fingers over the engraved surface and then tenderly opened it up. The pleasant melody filled the air filling Misty with warmth. Gary, Asa, Richie, Pikachu, Lily, and Team Rocket all watched as onlookers while Misty placed the locket on Ash's chest. She put his hand upon it. He lay just as empty as before but Misty felt more at ease.

Misty whispered, "Forever is a long time, Ash. But it wasn't nearly long enough."

Misty got up and walked away from Ash's body. She walked past the stunned group of friends. She wanted to run away but she had to be strong she had to be.

Gary and the rest all slowly followed behind her. There was no reason to stay. Pikachu stayed behind at its master side. But instead of looking sad, Pikachu was grinning ear to ear, 'Time to wake up, Ashy boy…"

It wasn't until first ray split through the sky and stuck Misty's face did she actually hear him.

"Where are you guys all going?"

Each one of them turned in succession. Misty being the last one. Her eyes lit up to see Ash sitting there looking quite hurt at the idea of them all leaving him alone.

"Ash!!" Misty cried. "You're alive!"

She ran past all the others, tears of joy leaking down her cheeks. She flung her arms about him and cried with laughter. Everyone followed her example. Gary was even over come with tears. Team Rocket was stunned but they of course were bailing their heads off at seeing him alive. They were the second ones to hug Ash. They all hugged the poor boy blue. Ash was taken aback but that didn't stop him from being himself.

"Geez! You guys act as if I died or something!"

'That would be the day wouldn't it?' Pikachu snickered.

As they finally made sure they weren't dreaming, they all prepared to go home. Gary, Asa, Richie, and Lily all boarded onto Pidgeot. With two mighty flaps of the regal bird's wings, they were air born. Seconds later, they were dots in the sky. Ash, Misty and Team Rocket waved goodbye in till they were all out of sight.

Ash turned to Team Rocket and held out a kind hand.

"Thanks." Ash grinned. "Looks like I own you one again."

"For what?" Jessie asked bewildered taking a step back from him. "We did nothing."

"You were here," Ash grinned.

Team Rocket still looked confused. So did Misty by that matter. Pikachu just nodded smugly not giving in what Ash meant by that.

Suddenly Ash's eyes lit up. He reached into the pocket of his coat and pulled out the master ball.

"Since you are going straight. I think this will help you get a head start."

"Ash! Brock gave that to you!" Misty gasped.

"Yeah," Ash nodded. "But they need it a heck of a lot more then I do. Besides, I prefer the old fashioned way."

Jessie took the ball in shaky hands.

"Are you sure?" She gulped.

"Course," Ash nodded.

Jessie ran her hands over its smooth polished surface as James and Meowth goggled at it from over her shoulder.

"Thank you," Jessie gasped all teary eyed. "This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for us."

"I wonder why," Misty whispered jokingly jabbing Ash playfully in the ribs.

Team Rocket waved farewell leaving Ash, Misty, and Pikachu all on their own. It hit Misty, then and there, that her pokemon were in need of care at a pokemon center. She couldn't get there without a flying pokemon… Misty turned to Ash but Ash had already caught on.

"Need a lift?" Ash smiled holding out one of his shinning pokeballs.

"Yes." Misty nodded eagerly.

Ash tossed his ball high into the air. There was a crack of red light, and out of it formed a huge fiery dragon. It let out a spurt of flames letting its presence known to the world. Misty backed away turning pale.

"I thought…"

"Oh. Charizard joined up the team a while back. Finished his training," Ash smiled patting Charizard kindly on his head. "You aren't afraid are you?"

"No…" Misty snapped. "It's just that Charizard loves to go so fast…"

"Yep. Isn't that great?" Ash grinned. "We'll be there in time for lunch!"


Misty climbed onto Charizard's back circumspectly. She immediately wrapped her arms about Ash's waist making him flush red. Pikachu sat in front. Once Ash found his voice again he let out the command to take off. Charizards wings flapped enormous gusts of winds kicking up dust everywhere. With one swift flap, they were off

Misty screamed for dear life squeezing Ash tight. She buried her face into Ash's shirt afraid to look down. They were going to fast. Ash let out a hardy chuckle and grabbed her hand.

"Calm down, Misty. I promise you won't fall."

Misty blinked. She looked down at her hand being held his and blushed a deep red.

"I am not scared," She huffed

Misty looked up at Ash. The sunrise early rays lit up his young face making her heart melt faster then ice cream in July. What if she had lost him back there. How could Misty have carried on her life knowing that she could have had him in it

Misty let out a sigh of happiness and hugged Ash tighter. She noticed that he was beginning to blush even redder… good. Misty smiled sinisterly at the thought of making him kiss her. They were older now… would she have the guts?

They flew past Gary's Pidgeot and all its passengers. Misty and Ash were aggravated to see them making kissy kissy faces over to them. Misty and Ash went bright red in the face. Ash knelt down and whispered something into Charizard's eyes. Charizard nodded.

Charizard let loose a volley of fire at them, barbequing them on the spot. They all let out mushroom shaped clouds of smoke as they coughed. Ash and Misty laughed cruelly. Even Pikachu and Charizard were amused.

Charizard picked up speed leaving them in righteous Charizard dust.

Misty had to admit she did feel things for Ash. But when people pointed it out that way it just ticked her off. It was a good thing Ash had acted so quickly or she might have used her own flame thrower.

Misty looked over at the sunrise fading the sky from purple to blue. The tops of the trees danced with the sky's beauty creating a exquisite master piece. They soon were hovering over some old ruins of ancient Pokémopolis. The ancient atmosphere made Misty feel so whole. She grinned and looked over to Ash who was watching her out of the corner of his eye

Their eyes met and Ash turned to face her. He was smiling that goofy smile of his, "What's wrong, Mist?"

Misty blushed at behind refereed to as Mist. She covered it up quickly though, "Nothing… just thinking."

"About what?"

What could she tell him? That she was thinking about him? No. That might freak him out or something.

"About what to do with my life."

Ash blinked. He looked down at pikachu who was nodded encouragingly, 'Make the move, Ash. Come on! Tell her!!'

Ash bit his lip, "Why?"

Misty didn't expect this. How would she counter attack that… "Why not?"

Ash squinted. Ouch. That stung. Now what?

"So Ash. What are you gonna do know that you have saved the world…"

"Become a Pokemon Master…"

"You've got to be kidding me," Misty groaned.

"Why not?" Ash smiled, "I can beat other leagues, can't I?"

"Well, good luck with that…"

Ash touched Misty's hand gently. Misty face a lit into flames of embarrassment. Ash was looking quite nervous… but he had to be really brave for what he was going to ask.

"C-can I kiss you?" Ash asked timidly.

Pikachu smacked his forehead. Leave it to Ash to be so forward.

Misty was just as taken aback. But a smile swept across her face after gazing into Ash's eyes. A chill swept down her spine. He really did love her. Misty nodded and closed her eyes

Their lips touched. The kiss was only minutes but it lasted for eternity for the two of them. Time had stopped. They had both waited so long for this. A warmth spread between them. They felt as if they were flying. Which put aside the fact that they were. Charizard drifted over the cerulean sea and skimmed over the surface giving the two couple the most romantic setting they could have. Pikachu was jumping for joy.

Team Rocket sat in a small tree outside the lake watching from their perch the couples as they faded into the rising sun.

"They're such a cute couple," Jessie sighed taking a handful of popcorn that Meowth had so graciously brought.

James was blowing his nose on a handkerchief when he turned to Jessie.

"It's so beautiful. This has made me see… Jessie we need to be a couple."

Jessie raised a eyebrow. Meowth dropped the bag of popcorn. Was the world ending or did he really just hear what he thought he heard? There had to be some kind of catch in here. James could never…

"We would be the perfect god parents for their kids!"

Meowth face fell… there was always a catch.

"You are so right, James!" Jessie exclaimed, "I could teach their girl to dance elegantly!"

"And I could teach their boy to play baseball."

Meowth rolled his eyes.

"The twerps lay one kiss on each other and Jess and Jimmy are already laying out their kids futures! Typical…"

The End!

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