So Extraordinary, It's Borderline Crazy

Ch.7: Worth It

Somehow they'd ended up on the floor.

Temari's lips were hungrily attacking every bit of bare skin of his neck and her hands were roaming up his bare chest.

His hands skimmed up her bare waist, gently and hungrily to the soft sensitive skin right underneath her bra.

Her nails raked his chest gently.

Shikamaru inclined his head toward her lips and kissed her very gently, posing sharp contrast to her hungry fervent kisses.

His touch was so soft and patient and not the least bit lazy. It was hot, and insane, and oh-so-fucking-extraordinary.

"Temari." He murmured softly into her mouth. She shivered and blushed, his voice driving her up the wall again.

She leaned forward, but then stiffened abruptly.

"What is it?" He asked breathlessly.

"Get off of me." She said hurriedly.

"What?" He asked incredulous.

"Get off of me!"

"You're on top of me, woman!"

Temari blinked and scrambled up. "Right…Right." The blonde scrambled about the room. "Dammit! Where's my shirt!? Where's my—"

"Temari," Shikamaru interrupted, "What—"

"Ah!" She exclaimed triumphantly as she pulled her shirt off from the top of the TV. She pulled it one quickly. Once on, she looked at Shikamaru in confusion and bewilderment. "What are you doing?" She accused hysterically. "What are you doing?"

She pulled him up off the floor. "Get dressed, baka. Put on your damned shirt. Kankuro is coming back and I don't want to deal with his irrationality. I can feel him. He'll go off the handle if he finds me and you half naked."


"Aren't you listening?!" The blonde searched around the room and pulled his shirt and Chuunin jacket out from under the couch. "Get dressed, dammit!"

He pulled the shirt and jacket on lazily. "Woman, if your problem is Kankuro going crazy over us doing things then you should fix your hair."

She blinked. "What?"

"I don't think he'll find it a coincidence and be all understanding if we both somehow have our hair down."

He hand snapped to her head. "Oh, dammit!" She'd only taken one step toward the bathroom when the door slammed open and Kankuro ran into the room.

"Aha!" He exclaimed and the doubled over, breathing heavily. "I…caught…you…"

Temari's face twisted into an innocent and irritated one. "Caught me doing what exactly?"

Kankuro straightened. Temari and Nara were on opposites sides of the room. "Fuck…I…WAIT! WHY THE HELL DO YOU TWO HAVE YOUR HAIR DOWN ALL MESSY LIKE!"

She rolled her eyes. "It's hair. Hair falls down messy-like. That what it does."


"Did I miss the funny bit?" Gaara asked quietly walking into the room.

"The funny bit?" Temari asked incredulous.

"Damn." Gaara muttered. "I did miss the funny bit."

Temari rolled her eyes. "Now if you two idiots will excuse me, I'm walking Shikamaru to the door."

She was greeted with three choruses of "You are?"

"I still need to dismember him!" Kankuro called as Temari dragged Shikamaru to the door.

"The only one getting dismembered here is you, Kankuro."

"That's not fair!" He whined. "How come I get dismembered for caring for my sister?"

"Because." She dragged Shikamaru out of the room. Temari paused before the door. She cleared her throat. "Well…Um…"

"Do you really want me to leave that badly?"

"No, it's just…" She sighed. "They're my brothers. And-and Kankuro is—" She fidgeted. "I need to whack some sense into him and you here it's troublesome and—" She glared as his lips curved up into a smile.

"Troublesome, Temari?"

"Oh, shut up. You are so tr—" She pointed at him as the smile on his face grew wider. "Don't say it."

"You mean say—"

"I mean it!" She threatened.

"You are—"

"Don't you dare!"

He teased. "You are turning into a—"

Temari covered her ears and ranted childishly. "LALALALALALALALALA! CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

He pushed her hands down, a wide grin on his face. "Really, Temari, that is the lamest response you could give."

She pouted. "My brain's not working on me right now. It think it's broken. I need a new one."

"So, are you saying that for the first time you're letting me win?"

She moped. "But I NEVER lose, dammit."

He leaned closer. "So it seems all I have to do to win is do this." He kissed her temple. "And this." This time he kissed her lips, his hand snaked around her waist. "To make you lose?

"Dammit, Shikamaru." She mumbled. "I'm supposed to win…"


Shikamaru ducked as a kunai knife was thrown at his head. It was imbedded precariously in the wall. "You keep threatening and attacking me," Shikamaru said lazily. "I'm gonna start to think you actually want to kill me."





"I'm not leaving until he's out of my house!!"

Temari pushed Shikamaru outside the doorway so he stood an inch from the entrance. "He's outside the house now, happy!"


"You stupid—I'M GOING TO KILL YOU TWO!!"

"I didn't do anything." Gaara called from inside the living room. "I kept him away for an hour just like you said." He walked in slowly stopping beside Kankuro. "Which means you owe me my chocolate stuffs. Kankuro owes me chocolate stuffs too."

"HEY WAIT!!" Kankuro yelled, "That means you bamboozled me!"

"Like I said, it's a crime not to use manipulation and extortion when you can."

Shikamaru shoved his hands in his pockets. "I should go…"

Gaara had been counting the chocolate stuff he'd be getting with his fingers, but looked up at Sihkamaru's words. "You can stay. We're having chocolate stuffs for dinner."


Gaara continued ignoring his brother. "I mean so long as you can, you know, block Kankuro's attempts to kill you and all. Or maybe you should take Temari out to dinner, that sounds safer." He shrugged. "I don't care. I just want my chocolate stuffs dinner."

Kankuro gawked at Gaara. "You little traitor."

Gaara walked out of the house dragging Kankuro behind him. "Come buy me my chocolate stuffs."

"I'm NOT – Temari – Dammit, Gaara! Tell your sand to let go of me!"

Shikamaru stood still in shock. "Your brothers are kind of nuts."

"I know." She chuckled, "It's entertaining don't you think?"

He laughed, "Entertaining, it is."

"You're not very normal yourself either you know." She said seriously.

"And you're pretty crazy too, Temari."

She inclined her head. "Yeah," then she smiled, "this is gonna be one funny relationship." And an extraordinary, non-normal one at that.

"Any un-normal relationship would have to be."

"Not too much trouble?" She teased.

"Eh, some trouble is worth it."

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