A/N: This was written before Deathly Hallows.

JK Rowling, what's the deal?
You killed Sirius Black.
He was all that Harry had,
And now he won't come back.

You sent him crashing through the veil,
You sent him to his death.
His cousin Bella laughed at him
As he drew his last breath.

I've only one question, Joanne,
And I go out on a limb,
I ask on Harry's own behalf:
Do you like to torture him?

JK Rowling, what's your plan?
Now you've killed Dumbledore, too.
Poor Harry's out of father figures,
Tell me, what's the boy to do?

Lupin is just too distraught
Over everything else.
Arthur Weasley's hands are full,
As for Snape, that's obvious.

JK Rowling, what comes next?
Harry can't even get a date.
You told him to ditch Ginny Weasley,
I guess tragedy's just fate.

You petrified Hermione second year,
And Cedric really lost the Cup.
Ron would've died without that bezoar,
And Harry dreams about snakes eating Arthur up.

Please, Ms. Rowling, reconsider
Your torment of this boy.
Now, on behalf of all your fans:
Won't you give him just one thing to enjoy?