Title: No Day But Today, by beautiful dreamere

Rating: k

Spoilers: for the last episode of the second season

warnings: this fanfic was written by a sleep deprived teenage girl, lol

Disclaimer: i don't even own the title (Jonathan Larson owns it) so don't even bother suing.

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"Hey Dean?" Sam said tentively. Dean glanced over at his baby brother before replying.

"What?" he asked.

" Have you ever thought about the future? what you want it to be like?" Sam questioned, Fiddling with his seat belt nervously, not sure how Dean would react.

" Not really" Dean replied as he messed with the radios volume control. he glanced over at his brother again, only to fid him staring at him dubiously. he shrugged. " I always figured I'd die hunting" he added. the sentence remained unfinished between them. but not anymore. neither one wanted to think about the limited time Dean had left.

" i want to get married" Sam began, " and i want her to be beautiful, sweet, and funny. i want to have three kids. Jonathan Daniel Winchester, Dean Michael Winchester, and the baby of the family, Mary Jessica Winchester. I want you to live with us or next door to us. all three kids will adore you and you'll spoil them rotten." Sam went quiet, staring out of the windshield, not wanting to look at Dean, worried about how he would react.

" You obviously put allot of thought into it" Dean replied, not really sure what to say. On one hand, it was a nice thought. Dean couldn't want anymore for his little brother. On the other hand though, the likely hood of it happening was slim to none really.

" Yeah well, you have to have something to do when you can't sleep at night" Sam said, the ghost of a smile on his lips. Dean chuckled slightly and all went quiet.

After a few minutes Dean spoke up. " When i was with Cassie i figured one day we'd get married and have a couple of kids. name 'em Samuel Evan Winchester and Kira Marie Winchester." he said. all went silent again as Sam processed this information.

" So we're gonna name our kids after each other?" Sam asked, snorting.

" Apparently so" said Dean, laughing slightly himself. And somewhere, on a back road somewhere in America, a 67 Chevy Impala drove on through the darkness.


a/n: what i wouldn't give to help Sammy fulfill that wish! lol ah well. this wasn't my Favorite story out of the ones I've written, but it could be worse i suppose. please review! I'll be eternally grateful!.