I couldn't help but notice that there are hardly any Elfen Lied fanfiction to read. Seeing as I'm on kind of a...hyper craze with these Q & A coulombs, why not make one for Elfen Lied? It would be very exciting!!! Well...for me anyway. Gives me something to do with my spare time. The people that are going to be answering your questions about our lovely little anime Elfen Lied are the loveable Diclonius!!! And lovely insane little me!!!


Saying anything too...bad may make Nyuu change into Lucy...and...well...that wouldn't be very good now would it?

This is how the updates for letters will go.




Wishing: For those who have read my Naruto coulomb, you already know what to call me. For the lovely people in the Elfen Lied world, you can call me Cori-chan or Wishing-chan. Either one is fine with me.

Nyuu: Nyuu? Nyuu!!

Wishing: -laughs, smiling- Don't worry Nyuu, I didn't forget about you guys. Alright, shifting gears here. This is Nyuu, as you already know. And we also have Nana, Mariko, and Lucy here to answer questions.

Nana: Thats right! -overly cheerful-

Mariko: Hello -hits Nyuu in the head so everyone can say hi to Lucy-

Lucy: Hi. -glances around slightly, eyes narrowing- What the hell is this?

Nana: We'll be able to answer people's questions here. It'll be so much fun! -smiles brightly-

Lucy: -rolls eyes-

Wishing: Now now Lucy, be nice or I'm bringing Kouta or Yuka in here to straighen out your attitude.

Lucy: K-kouta? -winces, placing hands on both sides of her head for a short while-

Nyuu: -opens eyes, blinking cutely- Nyuu? Nyuu nyuu? -looks around curiously-

Wishing: Well...that was a...rather interesting introduction. BRING ON THE QUESTIONS!!!

Nyuu: NYUU!!!