Wishing: Another day, another bunch of questions that need answers.

Lucy: -yawns- Do we have to?

Wishing: Yes yes, you have to.

Lucy: Oh yes, because its so much fun -sarcasm-

Wishing: Okay, moving right along here.
Akina no Akuma writes,

Lucy you don't have to be so mean... i was merely asking what any red blooded
semi human male would ask... but you are right in that case. Maybe you should
visit my psychiatrist, she's helped out alot.. oh wait i killed her. oh well.

Lucy - How would you kill someone if you couldn't use your vectors? How about
operating on them while still conscious

Kouta - Dude step up and be a man! You need to tame Lucy!

Bandou - Mayu has you chained to her right?

Mariko - Would you kill Nana if given the chance?

Nana - Would you kill Mariko if she tried to kill you?

Lucy: Oh goodie, refer me to a shrink that isn't even alive.

Wishing: It could have been worse you know. They could have refered you to a mental hospital.

Lucy: Gee, like thats never happened before.

Wishing: -nervous laughter-

Lucy: Hmm...that is something to think about. Again, I would just use a machine gun like the one Bandou used on me. If the person pissed me off enough, well then, maybe I could give the surgery idea a go.

Wishing: Sounds too messy...and noisy.

Kouta: Can you even think of the things that Lucy would end up doing to me if I tried to do that?

Lucy: -smirks-

Kouta: Your giving her ideas!

Wishing: Actually YOUR giving her ideas Kouta. -nervous laughter-

Bandou: Hell no! I'm a free man! No way I'm being chained to a kid.

Mayu: That would be mean -nods- and creepy.

Mariko: I was alread given the chance once, so...no, not interested.

Lucy: Why the hell not!

Mariko: I've lost interest in trying to kill her is all.

Nana: -sighs in relief- Only if she tried to kill me -nods-
Shadowzero789 writes,

Bahaha its funny to see you get all vent up but you can't kill me Lucky :p
Though I won't push my luck .


(To everyone) Does anyone here like DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)?

(To Nana) Hmm... where on earth do you get your kindness?! You went through
the same hell Lucky and Mariko went through and yet you're still probably the
most humane one out of them. I just can't figure out why even when your
"father" turned out to not be your real father after all.

(To Lucky and Mariko) Hmm... ok lets say that you do managed to kill all
humans on earth. What the heck do you plan to do next then?

Wishing: Yes! DDR is the best! One of my friends...well...ex gay friend of mine gave me their memory card from their DDR game and it has all the songs on there. Even though I totally suck -nervous laughter-

Lucy: Its true. She can't even make it to light mode.

Wishing: Yeah, because I play Guitar Hero more than I play DDR -nods- Seeing as I now have Guitar Hero I,II, and III

Nana: -shrugs- Optimism. -smiles-

Mayu: And having a good friend like me!

Nana: That too! -huggles Mayu-

Mayu: -huggles back-

Lucy: I wouldn't kill ALL of the humans. No no no no no. I would leave a few of them behind. After all, we need more diclonius in the world.

Mariko: And I would kill the rest of the humans once we have plenty more diclonius!

Wishing: -nervous laughter-
Terracrafter writes,

I have to admit, I'm hooked. The answers, quite amazing. There is that anime
theme to it, yet it's also down to earth. Well, in a sense.

Yet a question, if I may. Lucy, you claim that you can best any human, right?
What if you met one that won't simply die? Like the Master Chief or Marcus
Fenix? Two guys built for the heaviest of combat and can take severe
punishment. Look at the Chief, the guy's got power shields, trained since he
was five, unprecedented accuracy with any weapon or vehicle, he can flip over
tanks, and records have shown him reaching speeds well beyond thirty miles an
hour. You know, the stereotypical supersoldier. How would you deal with
someone that will not ever stop while the enemy still draws breath, and that a
vector won't simply dismember (Fenix rolls and runs a lot, so it's kind of
hard to hit him (chainsaw bayonet rifles aside))? Have you ever fought someone
like that (human wise)? What would/did you do? By not relying on your vectors
and only your intelligence and experience at such an event, wouldn't that make
you human?

For Nana. The only man you ever called your father may be gone, and there is
little I can say to comfort. But given his hardships, his struggles, and his
resolution, be proud that you had someone like him and cry not, for he shall
always smile down upon you. For departure is not saying goodbye, it is only
another way of him recollecting and resting, until you meet again. Remember
the good times. But I do have a question. You're the feeder of Wanta, how much
should a puppy be fed per day?

For Bando. Do biotech/cybernetic limbs itch?

Kouta, you're going to a university, right? What's your main course of

Yuka, I have seen a lot of hatred on your part. In all honesty, I disagree.
Whether it is the natural place for your kind of character, or my dumbfounded
position on love stories (I prefer going down guns ablaze, so sue me I'm a
guy), I don't find you an uninteresting character. But given your popularity,
would you choose to become a different character, or would you stay close to

Mariko: I was once told that you regret more of what you never did over what
you accomplished. Well, you sure did a number back there. Being the
Terracrafter, some wise guy thought it would be funny to also mean that I had
to clean up the place. Irony, I swear. Anyways, what is it that you always
regretted that you never did for yourself?

Anyways, keep up the answers. Origional and funny, that's all I shall, err,
can say.

Lucy: Now that sounds like a fight I want to try out.

Wishing: Lucy, this sounds really dangerous. These guys could snap you in half easily.

Lucy: Hell I wouldn't know that until I tried now huh? I haven't fought anyone like that before, so it would be a bit of a challenge. I can't say right now, what I would do if put in that situation.

Wishing: Still, isn't that going...a little over your head?

Lucy: No no no, this is something I actually want to try doing. That wouldn't make me a human. It would make me a better killing machine.

Nana: Hmm...half a bag of dogfood! -smiles-

Mayu: Nana, a puppy Wanta's size shouldn't be eating that much.

Nana: Okay...3 bowlfuls a day? -nervous laughter-

Wishing: Oh dear, now I think we know why we can't find Wanta.

Bandou: No, of course they don't itch! They're not real.

Wishing: Maybe they could...after a while.

Bandou: Yeah, when you first get them they itch like crazy, but after that...not so much.

Kouta: I may not seem really smart...but I'm studying medicine

Yuka: Kouta your very smart!

Kouta: -nervous laughter- You only say that because you like me.

Wishing: -whispers- Its true!

Yuka: No no no, I always want to stay close to Kouta -latches onto Kouta's arm-

Kouta: -nervous laughter-

Mariko: Well...I would really liked to have broken out of the lab they kept me in...and...try to rid my body of the explosives they rigged in me.