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Severus Snape Really Isn't A Family Man

Chapter 1

Severus Snape had loathed Mr. Harry Potter from the day he had met him, or had he? Honestly? Snape loved Harry. Not in an odd way. Very much how a parent feels toward a child. Of course, he would never tell Harry that. The 13 year old was getting back on the train to go back to Number 4 Privet Dr. He caught a look at his face of a depressed looking Harry Potter.

Severus wouldn't be doing anything about it; maybe he was just in a bad mood. He would check up on him in a couple of weeks. Harry didn't need to know.

The first week of holidays passed. Harry was running around doing all the chores his Aunt or Uncle barked at him. Dudley was another year fatter. Harry felt kind of sorry for him, he couldn't see his shoes or do up his own trousers.

Harry had accidentally bumped into Vernon while dashing through the house to keep it clean. He was in a bad mood. Even for him. Harry was demoted from Dudley's Second Bedroom back to his cupboard. 2 days later Harry was gripping his sides with hunger. Severus had been in his home watching Harry on an almost daily basis. This was too much; even he would have at least fed him. Harry began to whimper. That was the final straw. The 'Boy Who Lived' shouldn't be subject to even more torture, even if he was just as bad as James Potter.

"Albus please, he hasn't eaten in days. Take him." Severus plead.

"I can't." he said back, "Harry is with his family."

"Family isn't the word I would choose to describe these people. Vermin is coming to mind as an appropriate substitute." Snape said with tone of pure hatred.

Dumbledore's blue eyes sparkled with gentle tone, "He has grown on you hasn't he?"

"No, there was no growing. It's her. I can't stand the idea of her suffering knowing he is in pain when I could prevent it." Snape admitted it. He loved Lily Evans more then anyone could love a person. She was his best friend, and one stupid remark ruined the only relationship he had that was worth having with another person.

"Still carrying that cross around Severus?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes, and it will appear I will be doing so every day I walk this earth. And even if I protect Harry and name him the heir to all I have she'll probably still never forgive me." He said with deep remorse.

"So you want to take him away from his Aunt and Uncle to clear your own guilt is it? I don't believe that. But if that is what you would like me to think then I will agree with you. But you know, Harry has to want to stay with you as well." He said with yet another twinkle in his eye.

"Some how I think Harry would rather live with wild dogs then these people. I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy." He said. The arrangements were made with all the right people to move Harry, Severus insisting he would rather have a root canal with no pain medicines then stay another minute.

Around 5:17 the next afternoon there was a knock at the door. "Boy. Door." Harry leapt from his spot on the stairs to go answer the door. He was expecting someone for Dudley or maybe a late parcel being dropped off for Uncle Vernon; however he was no prepared to find his least favorite teacher in life, Professor Snape, standing on his stoop.

Harry stood there completely flabbergasted for about a minute or so until the much taller man said, "Potter are you that short on manners you cannot say 'Hello.' Much less invite me in?" he demanded.

"Sorry sir. Hello professor. What are you doing here? And I think asking you in would be ill advised. They…they don't like our kind all that much." He said with his eyes downcast.

"Ah Potter you will find there are some things I can manage to do that you probably can't. Now be a good boy and ask me in." he demanded.

Harry sighed and rolled his eyes, "Sir would you like to come in?" Snape nodded and walked into the hallway.

"Who was at the door?" Aunt Petunia asked. Harry opened his mouth to respond but was cut off by Snape walking into the lounge where everyone was. "What are you doing here?" she hissed at him.

Vernon looked very confused, "You know this..this..this freak?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact she does. And you won't address me in such a manner if you wish all your body parts to remain in proper fashion." He said in the icy voice Harry knew all too well. "As for your question, I have come to request the immediate and complete removal of Harry Potter from this residence."

Vernon looked as if Christmas was to come 7 months early. "Where do I sign?"

Snape held back the urge to slap the large round man but responded with, "That is not your choice. It is the sole choice of Mr. Potter alone. So Potter, would you like to stay in this tiny 3 bedroom shack they call a home or would you like to move?"

He had barely finished the question when Harry said; "I would very much like to be as far away from here as you may take me Professor."

"Oh so you're a professor now. Don't you feel special, you're just as worthless as your father said and as my freaky sister." Petunia spat toward Snape.

"Madam the only reason I left you alone was because you were Lily's sister, and the only reason I do nothing to you now is because for some reason, I shall never know, she loved you." Snape had drawn his wand by way to do something to her when Harry popped back in the room. "Do you have all of your things then?" Harry nodded. "Grab onto my hand Potter, we will have to Apperate to Diagon Alley where we can flew to our destination." Harry hesitated on taking Professor Snape's hand, "Potter, I know you can be a bit dim-witted at times but surely you know how to take someone's hand."

Harry nodded, "Yes sir." And placed his hand into Snape's. They arrived to Diagon Alley in a snap then walked to the nearest fireplace. Snape pushed Harry in and sent him on his way. Once Harry was gone he disappeared and reappeared in his living room.

"Ah yes, Harry here you are, good to know you can manage not to get lost in a chimney." Harry was beginning to wonder if this had been a good idea or not. After a pregnant pause Snape said, "You'll be living here with me during your summer holidays. I expect you to learn some manners, keep your things in order, do your homework, and do a chore or two, not five thousand as you have been doing." Harry nodded. "Right, let me show you to your room."

Harry followed him up the stairs to a long corridor, and Snape pushed open a door, "This will be your room Harry. The wash room is the next door down the hall, mine is directly across from your's and just in case you were planning on any sneaking out in the middle of the night, forget it, I have already placed several surveillance spells on your room."

Snape turned on his heel to leave when Harry stopped him, "Thank you sir."

"Your welcome. Now go to bed." He said fatly. Severus wasn't one truly for emotions or sweet moments. Harry slept a lot better then he had been or had expected to. The next morning seemed to come too soon for him, as there was a knock at the door, "Potter get up, your not an infant and there for do not need to sleep like one." Harry grumbled some kind of response and Snape rapped on the door again, "I'm not going to ask you, now get out of bed and be down for breakfast in 5 minutes."

Harry didn't want to move. His bed was soft and warm. Moving would mean he would have to spend the morning with Snape and then do whatever list of chores he had set out for Harry. Not wanting to annoy his new guardian, whom he knew all too well would probably punish faster then he could say punish, Harry got out of bed and dressed.

Once downstairs he sat at the table where Snape was already reading the Prophet and drinking coffee. "Morning Harry." This threw him for a loop, Snape, the evil Potions Master was being almost cordial to him.

Harry sat at the table and began to eat, "Once again Potter, you need some manners, if someone greets you, its your responsibility to acknowledge them."

"Sorry sir. Good morning Professor Snape." Harry proceeded to eat his breakfast of pancakes and sausage in silence. Harry had been told last night he was to do some chores so he started to clear the table of the breakfast dishes and wash them.

"Thank you Potter. When are you done with these you may get your school things and work on some of your homework I don't want to see midnight special papers turned in at the start of term." Harry nodded and resumed washing the dishes.

The morning was going by extra slowly as Harry read his History book trying to find the answers to this page of homework. It was dull at Snape's house to say the least. By the time lunch rolled around he thought he must have sat there for a million years.

"Here's your lunch Potter, you don't have to do the lunch dishes. Pinky can do them." He said pointing toward his small house elf that was nodding back at him furiously. Harry sat at the table and ate all of his chicken, most of his rice, and enough of his broccoli to satisfy Snape. "I see that you have indeed been working on your homework, so you are excused for the rest of the day to do as you wish, however I must ask you not to go talking to the neighbors or anyone for that matter, you may send a letter to your friends if you wish but leave me be for the time being, I have things to attend to."

Harry shot out of his seat and ran up to his room to send an owl to Ron about the very strange situation he was now in.


You'll never guess where I am. Professor Snape's house. Isn't that the strangest thing you have ever heard? Oh it gets better, he picked me up from my Uncle's, nearly cursed my Aunt, and hasn't been his normal wish I were dead and buried self. Write back as soon as you can.


About twenty minutes later Ron sent his reply.


That's mad, why are you there? Is he torturing you? Have you gotten hair grease all over yourself? Can I come take you away?


This made Harry laugh, he would reply later to Ron's note, but upon looking around his room he thought it would be wise to tidy up a little. Harry made his bed and put his dirty clothes into an empty basket in his room and put his school things in an orderly fashion on a shelf.

A/n: I didn't want Harry to get adopted, or have Snape get all lovey-dovey on Harry. I like the idea of Snape still being distant whilst taking care of Harry.