Henri glanced curiously at his little brother's gloved hands. "Changin' t'ings up?"

Remy's demon eyes flicked down; the barest hint of a smile crossed his handsome face. "Guess y' could say dat."

Henri arched an eyebrow. "Any pa'ticular reason why?"

The barest brush of his pinky finger against her lily cheek and the world reverses itself; suddenly he's on the ground and she's standing over him, clutching the front of his trench coat, green eyes blazing. He has a hard time focusing on her anger when they're sparking like that...

Gambit shrugged. "Not really. Variety's the spice o' life, right?" He favored Henri with a blinding grin, and the older thief snorted. "Riiiiight. Still don' understand the point of havin' half y' fingers covered an' half not, though."

"Mon frere, what you don' know could fill the Grand Canyon."

Even through the bickering, the memory stayed vivid in the back of his mind; those green, green eyes framed with white on a full- moon night in the bayou.