She only dares to ask him once. "Is it... is it me you want, or just the challenge?"

The devil's eyes gleam, and she immediately knows with a sinking feeling that she's about to get some impossibly charming half- truth

because those are the most believable lies

"Ah, cherie," he sighs in a tone that would bring a blush to the cheeks of a less hardened girl, "it's all of you. Every bit," his eyes trail lasciviously down her body and she smacks him with one gloved hand, more out of habit than anything. In response Gambit tilts her chin up, his skin so close to hers she can feel its heat, and holds her gaze. "Rogue, I want whatever you're willin' t'give me."

Her cat's eyes narrow. It hadn't been an entirely fair question and she'd known that even before she voiced it, but she'd needed to hear his answer; and she knows he'd been honest

as much as he ever is, or can be

but he'd turned it back around on her, put the ball back in her court, and it's as frustrating as it is scintillating. He is always her equal and sometimes her better, but no matter what, Gambit always drives her mad.

His laughter rings behind her as she takes flight; the smug sonnuvabitch knows it, too.