Akatsuki; A Twisted Life Style


It's a twisted lifestyle with the Akatsuki, hince the name!

It's a Deidara/Sasori base.



Sasori sat near Deidara, who sat near Itachi, who sat near Tobi, who sat near...You get the picture. Deidara was half asleep and they were half through their last class. He heard the door to the class open and looked up to see Sasuke walk in with a note. He shot Itachi a glare and then looked at the teacher as they exchanged words. Itachi rolled his eyes and looked back to his book. The class wasn't much of a class, but more like detention. "Itachi, get out of here." Itachi gathered his things and the Uchiha brothers walked out. The bell rang ten minutes later and Deidara stood, stretching.

"About time! Let's go, Sasori-danna,yeah." Sasori stood and glanced at Deidara.

"You sleep through school and wake up when the last bell rings...I swear." Deidara gave a small smile and they walked from the class room.


"What is it, Deidara?" Sasori asked, handing the blond a helmet as he climbed on the motor bike behind him.

"What are you doing this weekend?"

"Same thing as always, staying with you." He glanced back and Deidara gave a small smile. Deidara smiled back and wrapped his arms around the red head as he started the bike and pulled away. Deidara closed his eyes and thought back some. We've been together for five years now. He thought to himself with a smile, resting his head on the others back. I couldn't imagine life without him. It only took five minutes to get Deidara back to his house. He handed Sasori the helmet and climbed off, looking at him.

"Are you staying tonight, un?"

"Sorry. I can't tonight. I have important things to attend to."

"Like what, un?" Deidara asked, tilting his head. "Nothing dangerous, yeah?"

"Nothing dangerous." Sasori reached out and cupped the others cheek in his. "Promise." Deidara closed his eyes and gave a cute smile. Deidara gave a smile back and moved his hand back to the bike. "Take care. I'll call you tonight before I go to bed." Deidara gave a nod and watched his lover pull away, turning and walking into the house. He shut and locked the door, slipping his shoes off at the door. He walked to the kitchen and got something to snack on, his heart skipping a beat. Sasori-danna had a weird look on his face. He thought, glancing at the phone.

"Should I call, un?" He shook his head with a small laugh. "I'm just being paranoid because he's not here, yeah." He turned and walked into the living room, clicking on the T.V. Closing his eyes, he soon fell asleep.

Flash Back Dream;

A young blond boy stared up at a small group of older boys, fists clenched. One grabbed his shirt color an dpulled him to his feet. "You're a pretty young girl. Maybe we should have some fun?" Deidara shook his head and squirmed in the man's grasp.

"Let go, un!" He screamed, struggling more.

"Not a chance, gorgeous."

"Let the kid go." Deidara heard a deeper voice from behind them and looked over, swinging his leg at the man's shin, getting free. He turned and ran, not getting far.

"No you don't, little girl." In a split second, the guy hit the ground, the red head pushing Deidara behind him.

"Anyone else?"

"Sasori-danna, this kid stole some money from me."

"I think you're lying."

Fifteen minutes later, Deidara found himself hiding behind a dumpster with the red headed teen. He was looking out from behind the dumpster for a good ten minutes. He gave a sigh of relief and turned to the blond. "Sorry about that, kid. You okay?" Deidara nodded with a small smile.

"Uh huh." Sasori stood and offered a hand to the nine-year-old. He took the twelve-year-old's hand and stood.

"Good. Let's get you home." Deidara tensed and shook his head.

"I can't go home tonight. I'm too afraid of them all. They're mean to me, yeah." Sasori tilted his head and looked around some.

"There is a place..." He sighed and shook his head. "Won't you be in more trouble if you wait till tomorrow?" Deidara shook his head.

"They're drinking tonight. They'll forget by tomorrow, yeah. Please, let me go home with you."Sasori blinked some and nodded, taking him with himself.

"So, kid, what's your name?"


"Cute name for a girl." Sasori glanced back at him. Deidara had a pouty look on his face, so Sasori stopped, getting him to bump into him. "What?"

"I'm not a girl, yeah."

"Oh...I'm sorry..." Deidara looked up at Sasori with a smile.

"You know my name, what's yours, un?"

"Sasori." They continued walking. "Deidara, what's up with the yeah and un at the end of your sentences?"

"A disorder, yeah..." Deidara sighed. They walked up to a rather large house and in. Sasori led him to his room, letting him in first.

"You can sleep in here with me for the night, but you're leaving first thing in the morning." Deidara gave a nod, looking around the room from the spot at Sasori's side. Dinner came and went, Deidara curious as to why there were no adults all night. They walked to Sasori's room when they were both tired, lying in the bed. An hour passed and Deidara couldn't sleep. He sat up and pulled his shirt off, tossing it to the side, sighing. Sasori stared up at the kids back, curious as to what had happened to him. "Can't sleep, huh?" Sasori asked, making Deidara jump and look back. He shook his head and lowered it as Sasori sat up. "Your back."

"I was caught in a fire. My father tried to burn me to death, yeah." Sasori wrapped his arms around Deidara and pulled him back to lie down.

"Try and sleep." Deidara blushed and looked over at the red head.


"What is it, Deidara?"

"Will you protect me from the mean, nasty people?" Sasori opened his eyes and let out a chuckle, staring into Deidara's blue eyes. "I'm serious, yeah!"

"I'm sorry..." He closed his eyes again. "I will, Deidara." Deidara smiled and closed his eyes, falling asleep.


Deidara sat up fast and looked around the room, hearing the phone ring. He reached over and picked it up. "Hello?"

"About time, Deidara. I've been trying to call you for the past hour." It was Sasori's voice.

"What time is it, yeah?" Deidara asked, looking at his watch.

"Eleven. Did you fall asleep as soon as you got in again?"

"Uh huh." Deidara sighed, standing up and heading for his room. "I was so tired, Sasori-danna, yeah." There was a sigh on the other end.

"Sometimes, I swear. I was worried a bit." Sasori said.


"Don't worry about it. Leave your door unlocked. I'm coming over. Change of heart."

"Okay. I might be asleep before you get here, yeah." Deidara said, heading back for the front door.

"That's okay. I'll wake you up when I arrive." Deidara unlocked the door as Sasori spoke to him.

"Kay. Night, Sasori-danna." Deidara hung up and lied in his bed, falling back asleep.

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