Akatsuki; A Twisted Life Style


It's a twisted lifestyle with the Akatsuki, hince the name!

It's a Deidara/Sasori base.

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Itachi; high fives Sasuke- Sasuke, I couldn't have asked for a better chapter last round.

Sasuke; -quirks brow- How come? I got raped?

Itachi; Yeah, but you showed Deidara's true colors!

Sasori; -pouts in Authoress' arms-

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The next morning, both boys awoke to the sound of Sasuke's door being kicked in. "When I get my fucking hands on you!" Itachi screamed at the blonde as Kisame proceeded to hold back the raven haired, older Uchiha. Itachi had been too drunk the night before to realize the boy Deidara was raping was his own younger brother, until he saw the tape he was gonna show Sasori. Deidara jumped and smirked, running a gentle hand down the restrained Uchiha child's stomach, getting a squeak from the boy as his cold hands moved over the boys bare skin. Itachi's eyes followed his hand. "You better fucking not touch him there." His voice was low, warning.

"Help." Sasuke whispered from his spot as he pulled at his restraints, grasping the metal chains when he felt Deidara grab him in a gentle, caressing way, yet possesively.

"Or what, un?"

"I'll show Sasori that fucking tape, Deidara, and you're gonna fucking regret messing with either of them!" Itachi yelled, pushing away from Kisame, who just grabbed hold of him again.

"Itachi, calm down! Sasuke's in the way." Kisame warned.

"I don't give a fuck, because once I get my hands around that precious little neck of Deidara's, I'm gonna fucking KILL HIM!" Itachi snapped, struggling more. He could see the tears that were making their way down his brother's cheeks as he watched Deidara stroke at the boy. If you wanna know why Sasuke hasn't kicked him yet, you'll find that his ankles were tied as well. Anyway, There was more struggling and then an agrivated, hung over Sasori walked into the room.

"What are you yelling for?" He asked Itachi, his eyes widening at the site. Deidara had instinctively teared up and burried his face when he heard the foot steps, deciding to make a play.

"Danna! They think I purposely raped Sasuke, un!" The blonde cried. Sasori's heart broke in two. "I was drunk, and the alcohol!" He cried more. Sasuke struggled more.

"Dammit! Just get me out of here!" Sasuke screamed, his voice cracking. Both Itachi and Sasori moved to the boys' sides, Itachi breaking the boys restraints and comforting him, his eyes glaring daggers at the blonde.

"Sasori, I'm telling you now that Deidara's no good for you. I have proof it wasn't an accident!"

"He's lying!" Deidara cried into his lover's, now husband's, shoulder as Sasori hugged him to his chest. Sasori stared at the shaky Sasuke, knowing better than to believe that it was an accident. Sasuke was stronger than he seemed now, and would never have let it get that far, especially with Deidara, but he chose to believe his blonde husband over the Uchiha brothers. Words were exchanged as well as threats between the three men before Deidara and Sasori had left. Sasuke was left in his room to be curled up on his bed, fully clothed, his head burried roughly under his pillows and blanket. He wanted nothing more than to just disappear off the face of the Earth.

Summer came around, finally, and Sasuke was still cautious of where he went and who he met up with, Itachi being the protective older brother he was wouldn't let Sasuke step foot outside the door without know the basic details; Where are you going? Who are you going with? When will you be back? When will you call? Things like that.

Meanwhile, Deidara and Sasori had distanced themselves from the Uchiha's, until one fateful summer morning. Sasori grabbed the mail while Deidara was still sleeping, finding a package addressed to them both that was labeled "HitMan". Sasori shrugged and opened it to find a tape. He pushed it into the VCR, hitting play as he sat back. He felt his heart snap in two as he saw the contents of the video. Every words Deidara spoke to the young Uchiha was heard loud and clear.

"Ah, fuck! Sasuke, you're way...much better than Sasori-danna." The words came as he watched his blonde husband fucking, raping, the younger Uchiha. He could hear the deporate cries and plea's to be let loose, for the torture to end. The rape ended and now Itachi sat on camera.

"Here you go, Sasori. It's proof, and I'm gonna kill that blonde bastard if you don't."

The words were spoken so clearly. He rewound the tape, turned the volume up and sat on the couch, watching it again. Deidara heard the noise and he shot up, looking to the door. He hurried in to see himself raping the young Uchiha, then felt something collide with the back of his head as he fell to the ground. "I'm your ticket, huh? You knew how fragile Sasuke was already, but you just had to, didn't you?" Deidara rolled to his back and stared up at the man before him. "No need to run. Itachi's on his way over now." A smirk rested on Sasori's lips as he pinned the blonde down and tied him up. Deidara struggled and screamed the whole while.

It wasn't long before Deidara was tied up to the bed, stripped of all clothing, struggling, cutting his wrists on his metal restraints. Sasori sat carelessly at the bed side, flipping through a book, waiting for Itachi to arrive. "You can't do this, un!" Deidara screamed, tears streaking his face. Sasori ignored him and flipped the page.

"Save it for someone who cares." He muttered, his eyes scanning the words. He heard foot steps and Deidara screamed more. Itachi appeared in the door way with a smirk, a dagger in hand.

"Hey there, Sasori, Deidara." He said, tossing the blade to his red headed friend as he walked over. Deidara watched as Itachi pressed his lips roughly against Sasori's. Sasori reacted by reaching up and pulling the raven haired boys head closer, grabbing his hair before the kiss was ended. Itachi stood and stripped himself of everything but his boxers and moved closer to the bed.

"N-no! Please!" Deidara begged, struggling more.

"Time for payback." They heard Sasuke's voice at the door as he walked in, holding a camera, looking through the little flipped part, the small T.V. screen built on the device. Itachi raped Deidara the same way Deidara had raped his little brother. When it was all done with, Sasori straddled the blonde's hips with an evil smirk plastered on his lips. He leaned down and whispered in the blonde's ear.

"Now that'll never happen again, will it, Deidara?" The blonde shook his head. The tears streaking his face had soaked the pillow under his head. Sasori smirked and leaned back. "Good, because the next time you fuck around on me, I'll kill you." Itachi had sooner dressed and led Sasuke from the house. When he heard the car pull away, he pulled his lover into a loving embrace. "I'll never let you go, Deidara, never. I love you too much, but I will get my revenge on you, whatever you do to tear my heart into pieces. You belong to me, remember? Like I belong to you. There's no getting past it. Now that Itachi's had his revenge, it's timed we moved away without telling anyone?" Deidara gave a small nod into the man's shoulder and cried as he carressed his fragile body now.


So ends a sad story in my eyes. Everything we had been through together was all in vein, because eventually, I killed him. I'm lying here, in my room at the Akatsuki mansion, contimplating all the horrible things said and done. All the things that could have been prevented, had it not been for me and my lust for the one I loved. Needless to say, we had moved away, speaking not a word to anyone before we left, letting our existence there fade, like the lost life of an orphan that no one loved, or cared for. I close my eyes slowly and picture his face with a smile. We were part of the Akatsuki, and it was all planned out from the beginning for me. What a twisted life style.

-Sasori Akusan-

End Story;

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