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Everyone knows what the Captain's uniforms look like right? Well if not here is a Link the Captain's have the white and Lieutenants have just the black. Squad: Captain Commander: Jiraiya

Lieutenant: Hatake Kakashi

2nd Squad Captain: Tsunade

Lieutenant: Shizune

3rd Squad Captain: Sabaku no Gaara

Lieutenant: Uzumaki Naruto

4th Squad Captain: Hyuuga Hinata (Soon to be Uzumaki Hinata)

Lieutenant: Hyuuga Hanabi

5th Squad Captain: Uchiha Sasuke

Lieutenant: Orochimaru

6th Squad Captain: Haruno Sakura (Recently Sabaku no Sakura)

Lieutenant: Yamanaka Ino

7th Squad Captain: Akasuna Sasori

Lieutenant: Sandaime

8th Squad Captain: Inuzuka Kiba

Lieutenant: Sabaku no Kankurou

9th Squad Captain: Aburame Shino

Lieutenant: Rock Lee

10th Squad Captain: Hyuuga Neji

Lieutenant: Tenten

11th Squad Captain: Akasuna Deidara

Lieutenant: Tobi

12th Squad Captain: Nara Shikamaru

Lieutenant: Sabaku no Temari

13th Squad Captain: Uchiha Itachi

Lieutenant: Hoshigaki Kisame

"Jiraiya-sama, you called for me" a pink haired woman in a black kimono outfit with a white sleeveless coat with the number 6 symbol on the back bowed. A blonde girl with her hair in a high pony tail stood behind her Captain.

"Ah Sakura, I called you to ask about your marriage? Your entrance into the Sabaku clan has been enjoyable?" The white haired commander asked getting up from him desk.

"I . . . suppose," Sakura said standing up straight and watching as he came face to face with her.

"Is there something wrong? Is it Sabaku-teichou?" he asked folding his arms and looking at his 6th division captain.

"Well Jiraiya-sama, I can't help but get the felling Sabaku-teichou doesn't . . . appreciate my presence in his house hold" she said choosing her words carefully.

"Ah but you are his wife now, how can he not appreciate your presence? Other then him you are now the head of the Sabaku clan" Jiraiya said motioning for his silver haired lieutenant. He nodded and disappeared swiftly.

Sakura focused her gaze back on her commander. "I assure you Sakura-teichou, Sabaku no Gaara is more then what meets the eye." He smiled and pat Sakura on the head.

"I do choose my Captains myself you know" Jiraiya laughed. "All right get out of my sight I'm tired of seeing you" he yawned and began his walk back to his desk. Sakura laughed and bit and turned to her lieutenant.

"Let's go Ino" she said walking past her and Ino followed.

As the two left Ino sighed. "You don't think Jiraiya-sama is going to talk to Gaara-sama about this?" Ino asked. Sakura stopped and held her hand out pushing Ino to the side.

The red headed Captain looked down at her as he passed and then faced forward continuing on to the room they had just left. His blonde lieutenant followed close behind waving at Sakura and Ino.

"I think that would be a yes, Ino" Sakura sighed and began walking forward again. "This will not end well" she groaned and Ino rubbed her on the back to try and comfort her.


Gaara walked in his emotionless face as emotionless as ever. Naruto still close behind him, they walked up to the desk where Jiraiya sat with Kakashi standing nearby.

"You summoned me, Jiraiya-sama" Gaara said sharply.

"Before I start Sabaku-teichou, how are you?" Jiraiya asked sitting back and leaning in his chair.

Gaara stared at his commander wondering why it was relevant for idle chit chat when he'd rather find out what he needed to know and leave. "Fine" he stated not giving anymore then that.

"And your lieutenant? I hear he's becoming too good, might take the role of Captain soon, don't you think?" Jiraiya said smiling as Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

"Yes, Naruto is very gifted." Gaara said once again keeping his answer short. "If you don't mind Commander I wish to know why you have summoned me" he said still in his cold tone.

Jiraiya's smile turned to a small frown. "Well, Sabaku-teichou it concerns me about the status of your new wife. If I am not mistaken husbands and wives should always make each other feel comfortable. I have gotten the impression that your wife, Haruno Sakura, is very well . . . frightened of you"

"She should be" Gaara said simply.

"Sabaku no Gaara, as my third Captain I expect more from you. You may be strong but I know you can be kind to at least one person" he said seriously. "I expect you will do something about this" Jiraiya said waiting for a reply.

"I will, Jiraiya-sama" Gaara said bowing and turning to leave with Naruto following him. Naruto hurried forward and opened the door for Gaara. As they left Naruto looked over at his Captain.

"You are kind of mean, Gaara-teichou" Naruto said taking a leap of faith.

"I know" he said simply. Gaara closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "You are dismissed for the day Naruto" he said looking over at his lieutenant. Naruto nodded and waved to him as he ran ahead disappearing.

Gaara walked through the twists and turns of the 13 Squads buildings and finally reached the Sabaku house. He slide open the door and slipped off his shoes getting up onto the hard wood floor.

A blonde with her hair in four pony tails slide down the hall in her shock and tripped seeing Gaara. She stood up and bowed "Hello Nii-sama" she smiled.

"Temari where is,"

"In the garden!" she smiled and gave him a push. "Good luck Nii-sama" she snickered and ran down the hallway and turned and headed down another.

"What a freak" he sighed and headed in the direction of the garden. He turned the corner to see his pink haired wife sitting on the porch looking out at the pond.

Sakura looked over and saw him. She immediately turned her attention back to the garden. "Hello Gaara-sama" she tried to smile but couldn't look at him again.

Gaara not saying a word walked over and sat beside her staring out at the garden as well. Sakura looked over at him slightly. She gulped and could feel herself trembling. Gaara looked down slightly at her hands seeing them shaking.

Sakura used her hands to turn her body to face him; she fell forward bowing down to him. "Gaara-sama I am sorry. I did not wish for Jiraiya-sama to call you forth, I really do enjoy being your wife. Please do not hold back you anger I am willing to accept it" she said quickly.

He looked down at her a little caught off guard be her reaction. "Sakura," he said placing a hand on her back. Sakura looked up at him and sat up, "I want you to join me for dinner tonight" he mumbled looking off to the side.

Sakura blinked and continued looking at him not sure she had heard correctly what he had said. "Me? And you? And Dinner?" she asked.

Gaara suppressing his anger for having to repeat himself but only sufficed her with a nod. A bright smile came to her face and she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. "Of course Gaara-sama" she said happily and got up heading for their room.

"Ah Nii-sama that's the first time I have seen Sakura-chan smile in a while" a brown haired man in a lieutenant's outfit said.

"I was confronted by Jiraiya-sama about my attitude towards her. I guess I could show her a bit more . . . er . . . emotion" he said leaning back on his hands.

"Aw has my Nii-sama learned to be nice?" he smirked down at the red head. Gaara glared up at him daring him to say anything more.

"Shut up Kankurou" he hissed and stood up headed toward the kitchen.

Gaara slide the door open and looked in at the chief, "Set my dinner for two tonight" he told the man and slide the door closed. He leaned against it and looked out into the courtyard.

He tensed and walked forward and looked to the side, "Sasuke-teichou what are you doing in my house?" Gaara glared at him.

"Relax, I am here to see Sakura" he said crossing his arms and leaning against a near by tree.

"And what exactly would you need with my wife?" he asked turning his gaze forward.

Sasuke smirked and stood straight and walked over to the angered red head. "Just to say hi, she is my friend" he whispered the last part.

"Gaara-sama I was thinking . . ." Sakura trailed off stopping from her run seeing the two. She had changed into a pink and red kimono and her hair was up in a messy bun. "Sasuke-teichou, I didn't know you were coming over" she said glancing at the two hoping they wouldn't lash out at each other.

"Come on Gaara-sama," Sakura said averting Sasuke's gaze and grabbing onto Gaara's arm.

"Leave." Gaara said to Sasuke turning away and leading Sakura off. Sakura looked behind her as they walked off and Sasuke disappeared. "You are friends with him?" Gaara asked looking down at her.

Sakura looked up at him and then looked forward, "Well he talks to me a lot and he's . . . nice" she said stopping in front of the door and sliding it open for him.

The both of them walked in and sat down on either side of the small table. Sakura looked around never having been in his personal eating quarters. The chief brought out the salads and placed it in front of them. Sakura began eating and looked up at him.

"So I heard Naruto is going to get married" she said trying to make conversation with him.

"Yes. He is" he said continuing to eat. Sakura sighed did the same as him. At least this was somewhat nicer. It was defiantly better then eating with Temari and Kankurou. Sakura shivered at the thought looked down as the chief put the main course in front of them.

Sakura ate it and thanked the chief who was clearly amazed she did. Apparently Gaara wasn't very generous at giving out compliments or thanks either. "It was very good" she smiled and the chief practically leapt away.

Sakura sweat dropped and looked at Gaara who was currently staring at her. Sakura looked down placing her hands in her lap, blushing. "Well I have lots to do tomorrow" she smiled looking up and standing.

"Are you coming to bed?" she asked twiddling her fingers.

"Not yet, I'm going to meditate for a while" he told her closing his eyes and leaning on one of his hands.

"You know Gaara not sleeping isn't good" she said quietly.

"I said not yet!" he rose his voice and his gaze was hard on her. Sakura trembled a bit and nodded.

"I'll see you in the morning" she said bowing and sliding the door open and then closing. Sakura sighed and walked down the dark hallway that lead to her and Gaara's room.

Temari and Kankurou looked from around the corner and frowned. "Nii-sama is so stupid" Temari huffed. Kankurou nodded and he and Temari headed towards their own rooms.


Gaara sat in silence and placed a hand over his mouth looking out the window at the now risen moon. He stood up and walked over to the window. "Sasuke," he snarled and went over to the door slamming it open.

"That stupid bastard" he glared as he walked down the hall. He grabbed onto the sliding door and stopped remembering Sakura was asleep. He opened it and closed it quietly seeing the sleeping woman.

Gaara pulled off his white captain's coat and threw it on a chair in the room. He pulled off the top black layer and threw it with the white coat. He walked over to the bathroom and turned the water on.

Sakura sat up sleepily and looked over at him as he rubbed his face with water. "Gaara-sama are you alright?" she asked getting up and wobbling a bit trying to shake of her tiredness.

She walked over and placed a soft hand on his shoulder. He looked back at her and then back down into the sink. "I'm fine" said grabbing a towel and whipping off his face.

Sakura looked at him with a worried face. He pushed past her and Sakura frowned. Gaara pulled down the black Shinigami pants and threw them with his other clothes, before getting into their bed in his white kimono pants. Sakura stared sadly at him and got in beside him with their backs facing each other.


Sakura turned over and felt the warm sunlight on her face. She opened her eyes to see an empty bedside. Sakura sat up and looked around seeing an equally empty room. She sighed and stretched as she got out of bed and got dressed in her captain's uniform.

She yawned and went over to her dresser and brushed her pink hair making it look perfect. Sakura walked over to the wall and pulled her sword off the stand. She looked at Gaara's empty stand and frowned.

She walked out of her room to be met with one of the servants. "Um hi" Sakura said looking around awkwardly.

"Oh I'm sorry Sakura-sama, but lieutenant Ino is waiting for you in the front. Sakura nodded and said her thanks before walking towards the front and strapping her sword to her waist.

"Good morning Ino," Sakura smiled opening the sliding door and tying her shoes on.

"Good morning Sakura-teichou" Ino smiled back. The two started walking towards the Squad 12 buildings with a cheerful aura around them.

"Sakura-teichou, good morning" Sasuke's deep voice came from beside her. She looked over seeing the dark haired man.

"Shouldn't you be with you squad, Sasuke-teichou?" Ino asked crossing her arms. "Your squad building that happens to be on the OTHER side of the 13 squads" she glared at him slightly.

"Ino don't be rude" Sakura said giving her a look. Ino huffed and looked the other way.

"I like Gaara-teichou better" she mumbled.

Sakura looked at her in question. "What did you say?" she asked her lieutenant.

"Nothing," she rolled her eyes and tried to ignore them.

"So Sasuke how are you today?" Sakura asked giving him a smile.

"I'm good, seeing as such a beautiful day why don't later you and I enjoy lunch together?" he smirked making Sakura blush lightly.

"Sasuke how many times have I told you, my husband, wouldn't like you asking me that" Sakura said waving her finger in his face.

"Come on Sakura," Sasuke said grabbing her wrist gently and pulling her closer. "You and I both know he was made to be nicer to you, he doesn't really care about you" he said leaning in.

Sakura put her hand in her face blocking him. "Sasuke, it might have been an arranged marriage but I know Gaara-sama cares about me" she said sternly hoping to herself it was true.

"Now let go of me Sasuke," she said her voice becoming stern.

"Come on Sakura we both know you want this" Sasuke said leaning in. Ino glared and grabbed the hilt of her sword but relaxed as Sakura had already moved out of his grasp and had her blade to his throat.

"When a lady of Captain Class says to let go, you do so or you might loose those hands" Sakura glared up at him and stood up straight sheathing her sword.

Ino smirked and followed her captain and stuck her tongue out at Sasuke as they passed. "I don't like him Sakura-teichou. He gives me the creeps and Sabaku-teichou doesn't like him around you" she said to her captain.

Sakura nodded and gave a small sigh "I know,"

Ino fell silent and walked behind Sakura. She looked behind her and raised a questioning eyebrow at her lieutenant. "What are you doing Ino?" she asked and then looked ahead seeing the 8th Squad Captain coming their way.

"Oh ho ho" Sakura smirked and walked a bit faster.

"Sakura-teichou!" Ino whispered and tried to grab her before.

"Oh Inuzuka-teichou! How are you this fine day" Sakura smiled patting the Captain on the back.

"Sakura-sama good morning" Kankuro said from behind Kiba.

"Kankuro, good morning to you too" she smiled.

Kankuro looked past Sakura to see her blonde lieutenant, "Hey Ino" he said stepping beside her.

"Hi Kankuro" she said giving him a slight smile and then turning her evil glare to her captain.

"Ino now don't be rude say hello to Inuzuka-teichou" Sakura smirked evilly pushing her lieutenant forward.

Ino blushed madly and waved a bit, "H-hi Inuzuka-teichou" she said quietly.

"Hello Ino, I haven't seen you in a long time your Captain isn't giving you too much trouble is she?" Kiba smiled making Ino melt before him.

"A little too much for me" she gulped hoping she could keep it together.

"Is that so, I'm sure you can keep her in line" he laughed. "I'll hopefully see you around" he waved as him and Kankuro walked off in the other direction.

"Yeah," Ino said breathlessly.

"Oh Inuzuka-teichou your sooooooooo hot I want to bake cookies on you" Sakura taunted her lieutenant.

"Sakura-teichou!!" Ino yelled blushing madly.

"Oh ho ho ho ho ho" Sakura laughed as she began walking down the hall to the 6th Squads building. Ino followed beat red and steam practically hissing out of her ears.