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Gaara, Sakura, Sasori, and Deidara ran swiftly through all of Seireitei searching for a certain ex-captain. Deidara stopped and signaled to them and they all knew she had sensed him and they headed in the said direction. 'You are so fucking dead Shino' Sakura seethed.

Sakura's reiatsu began seeping from her and a pink glow enveloped her. "I don't care if he feels my presence I want him to know I'm coming to slit his throat!" she yelled taking off.

Shizune pulled her sword from the last of the henchmen that had surrounded them and looked down from the high building they were on. "Jiraiya-sama is dead." She said sadly. Itachi and Kisame came beside her and looked down as well.

"How can you tell?" Kisame asked.

"You feel those four murderous presences?" Itachi asked getting a nod from Kisame. "Those aren't from our enemy. You see those over there their reiatsu is seeping from them because of their angry and even Sasori's black spiritual pressure is visible from this distance. Jiraiya is dead and those four with the exception of Tsunade were the closest people to him"

"Did you know Kisame that Gaara is the great grandson of Jiraiya?" he questioned not even looking at him this time.

"No I did not" he said going a bit wide eyed.

"Yes. Gaara's mother was Jiraiya's only granddaughter. After his granddaughter died he found two girls with unusually high spiritual pressure outside of Seireitei, he took those two girls and made them like his daughters. Sakura and Deidara were those two they were closer to Jiraiya then even Gaara. And even Sasori," he stopped in mid-sentence before continuing.

Flashback. . .

"Sasori-sama how does it feel, when your parents are away you're the head of the house" his grandmother smiled placing a hand on his head. Sasori looked up at her and smiled a bit.

"I like it better when they are here. I don't like being the head of the house, it's too much work" he said looking back out at the pond.

"Aw but your going to be it sometime" she laughed and sighed. "Well the good news is they should be coming home tonight" Chiyo smiled and stood from her spot beside her small grandson.

"Make sure you get to bed on time" she called over her shoulder and disappeared down the hall and made her way to the front door. She saw two Shinigami and looked at them questioningly.

"I'm sorry Chiyo-sama" they both bowed. "But your son and his wife were both killed while they were out taking care of hollows. A Menos Grande came from nowhere and surprised the whole group. There were no survivors," they finished.

"What's wrong Grandma?" Sasori asked from behind them. They all looked back and Chiyo glared at the other two.

"Oh nothing it's just your parents got more areas assigned to them so they'll be gone a bit longer" she faked a smile.

"Oh," he sighed and turned around and left.

"Why did you lie to him?" they asked.

"He's young I can't bear the thought of him sad especially when earlier he was so depressed" she admitted sadly. They both nodded and disappeared into the night.


Two weeks later. . .

"You can't keep this up" Jiraiya said a bit irritated. "Your entire inner clan is lying to your head about his parents. He deserves to know that his parents are dead. You can't protect him forever if you lie to him he won't ever trust you again" he crossed his arms and glared at Chiyo.

"Jiraiya-sama he I can't stand to see him sad. The way we handle our clan is of none of your concern" she said venomously.

"It is my concern. I am Captain-Commander, every person in Seireitei is my concern now you must tell him or I will and have Tsunade take him away from you" he threatened.

"You can't take my grandson you already have those two brats you replaced your unfortunate daughter with" she hissed making Jiraiya almost lose it.

"Don't you dare talk about Karura, Sakura, or Deidara in that manor. Or you will no longer be able to move" he glared. She glared back and they stood there silently. Finally Jiraiya left and Sasori leaned against the wall sad with grief.

His parents had been dead all this time and no one told him. His gaze turned into a hard glare. He turned to the door and opened it quickly with the angry look on his face. "Sasori, what ever is wrong?" Chiyo asked.

"Call the entire inner clan here now!" he ordered with a glare to his own grandmother. Within minutes the whole inner clan was there and Sasori stood holding his sword in both hands. "I have recently learned you pigs have been lying to me for quiet awhile. Trust is the most sacred thing a person can have and I will never have my trust betrayed again" he growled and pulled out his sword.

"Control, Sutoringusu"

He said evilly making all of them go wide eyed and try to escape. His sword disappeared and he held his hands out moving them gracefully and slicing his clan members into pieces.

"S-Sasori" Chiyo reached her hand up slowly.

Sasori slammed his foot down on her hand. "You always said I was raised a little on the strict side, I suppose you were right. But now it doesn't matter trust, feelings, and emotions are weak things to have. I knew something was wrong these past two weeks. I'm getting rid of any weakness in this clan, you trust betrayers shall no longer be allowed to live. Don't worry I'm not sad; thanks to these past couple weeks I have learned what true clan leaders are. Ruthless and merciless. You tried to protect me from sadness but only betrayed my faith in you."

"Goodbye grandmother, Chiyo" she smirked picking up his sword and thrusting it down. He pulled it up and made his way across the room of death and looked up at the moon from the hallway. "Like father used to say Bonds make you strong. Guess he was wrong, I just killed my clan and I'm stronger then all them" he smirked and walked to his room.


Jiraiya sat with Sasori in the meeting room. It was silent. "You haven't smiled once in the past 6 months" Jiraiya said to the red head.

"What's there to smile about life is only full of death and misery. There's nothing good about it. Getting rid of useless things like feelings lessens the worlds hold on you and you can see right through people" he said simply.

"But some people are worth feeling for. I know what your family did was wrong but, you needn't shut yourself off from everyone else because of one person's mistakes. Could you at least try and make one friend at the academy? I could introduce you to my great grandson; maybe you have heard of him Sabaku no Gaara"

"He is actually quite like you. More then you know" he smiled placing his hand on his head.

"Jiraiya-sama why are you doing this?" Sasori asked.

"Because I care about you. I care about everyone and if anyone ever needs help I want t be there for them anyway I can" he pat his head and then stood. "Come now I'll introduce you now, I know you two will be the best of friends"

End of Flashback. . .

"He told me that was the day he decided he would fight for Jiraiya. Someone that could have such faith in other people and love like that had to be the greatest man alive. And Jiraiya personally trained all four of them" he sighed and sheathed his sword.

"A big battle is coming. We have to go find the other Captains and be ready to help those four" he told the two lieutenants.


They all came to a stop and looked over seeing Shino and Konan surrounded by dead Shinigami. "Look who's here" Shino smirked and turned to face them. "Well your killer intent is just radiating off of you all, I can even see the forms of your Bankai forming from your excess reiatsu"

"You all defiantly live up to your names, Sasori the Black Scorpion, Gaara the dessert raccoon, Deidara the bird of prey, and of course Sakura, the deadly cherry blossom. Yours Sakura was defiantly the most interesting sword release. To think something so lethal could be so beautiful as well."

"Shut up!" she seethed and pulled out her sword. "I'm going to slit your throat just shallow enough to where you suffer to the full extent. How DARE you kill Jiraiya-sama!" she screamed her sword busting into cherry blossom and flying towards him.

She jumped at him throwing a kick at him. Konan got ready to run and defend Shino when a giant black scorpion tail stabbed into the ground in front of her. "I don't think so" he seethed his eyes actually portraying emotion. Hate flickered like fire in his eyes and he held his hand out towards her smirking as he got control.

"You are mine" he said moving his hand in a certain motion and Konan moved as he willed.

Sakura's kick made contact with Shino's arms that attempted to block it. She grabbed onto his hair and pulled him back with her as she flipped back and threw him against the wall. Tons of humming birds flew and stuck into him and Deidara formed and seal and they all exploded.

Shino emerged from the smoke unharmed and the form that had been nailed to the wall dispersed into bugs. "Since you all are so persistent I will allow you to see my Bankai" he said and his sword turned into the most enormous bug any of them had ever seen.

"Fine, you want Bankai" Sakura glared and let go of her newly reformed sword. "Bankai" in sank into the ground and pink swords surrounded all of them. "I am going to make sure you die with something I have been working on for the past 100 years" she seethed and her pink reiatsu turned white and formed into two white wings and a pure white sword appeared in her hand.

"Bankai" both Deidara and Gaara said together and there was a screech that tore through the sky as the bird soared around the bug with Deidara atop of it. The giant sand demon slammed it hands on the ground making the earth rumble all around them.

Paper surrounded Shino and he glared, "Konan what are you doing?" he growled and the paper shot at him cutting him barely as he dodged most of them.

"Your little minion is dead and I control her now," Sasori said making Shino glare at him. Deidara's bird separated into a smaller bird and larger bird, she sat n the smaller bird and glared down. Shukaku lifted his large hand, and Sasori's scorpion's tail twitched.

"There's no way you can survive 4 of the most power Bankai's" Sakura said her voice dripping with hate. "Those three are going to take care of your Bankai and I'm going to annihilate you" she gripped her white sword tightly.

Sakura yelled and started running at him and moved her free hand and all the pink swords nailed him down making it impossible for him to move. Shukaku's hand smashed down on the bug along with the scorpion and the giant bird finishing it off and obliterating it.

Sakura brought her sword back and thrust it forward. She felt it go into him and pushed in harder feeling her hand now covered in blood. Sakura's green eyes glared into Shino's brown eyes. "Your dead" she said in a serious tone, "You've taken two of my most precious people and you will die for it" she pulled her arm up making the gash larger.

Shino winced and then looked up and smirked. "I'll take you all down with me. The combination of those three attacks with the poison my Bankai is about to admit will kill you all" she laughed and grabbed onto her shoulders.

Sakura went wide eyed and she tried to break away from him as she saw all four of the Bankai's crashing down. The bug exploded and black acid began raining around them.

After awhile Deidara's bird unwrapped its wings from around her and she looked down at the decaying buildings. It flew down and she jumped off and saw the half destroyed deformed shape of the sand demon. Gaara's hand and upper body shot up out of the sand and was breathing hard. "My god! What the hell happened?" he asked seeing her and pulling the rest of his body out.

"I don't know but thank god we also have defensive Bankai's" she said seeing Sasori walk up to them and dust something off himself. "Are you all eight Sasori-danna?" she asked running up to him.

"Yeah," he said looking around at the destroyed battle ground. "Where's Sakura?" he asked.

Gaara searched around with his eyes and felt cold fear wash over him. "She was right there with Shino and I don't see any trace of him except these" Deidara said picking up his cracked glasses. She looked down at a fried pile of ash and saw some bone in it. "I assume this it him seeing as the glasses were right on top of it" she sighed and threw them back on the ground.

Sasori walked over to one of the still standing walls and saw a big hole in it. He walked over and peered through seeing a hole through the others ways as far as he could see. "I think she's this way" he said and they all went in the direction.

They finally stopped seeing the pink haired Captain unconscious in a deep hole but mostly uninjured. Deidara jumped down and looked at her bloody arm. "It only looks as if her arm is injured" she said as Gaara jumped down and picked her up.

"Let's just find Hinata and get her healed" he said looking up at Deidara and going wide eyed. "Deidara your face,"

"Yes I know, before I could completely shield myself some of the acid got a bit on my face. But it's only right below my eye and on the side, so it isn't too noticeable and it was on the side my hair covers up anyway" she smiled.

Gaara picked her up and they headed back toward the 13 Squad rooms.


Gaara stood in front of the new arrangement of Captains. The normal symbol for the third company was now the symbol for the first company. Kakashi stood beside him with a piece of paper in his hand.

"I will now read Jiraiya-sama's last testament; his will" Kakashi spoke and then cleared his throat so that the hell butterfly would get it and project this message to all the Shinigami of the 13 courts.

"I know my end is coming soon and before my time comes I must write down my final thoughts. All of you, Captains, lieutenants, and all Shinigami are my pride and joy seeing you al grow from small children to the wonderful protectors you have all become. I was lucky to have so many people in my life, to make it worth more then you know. Before she passed on I saw Tsunade and I knew I was soon to follow her. As the 1st and 2nd division Captain's we were proud of all of you. I am sorry to have left you all with the burden of protecting Seireitei without further instruction but this was the best I could do. I must inform you all of what I wish for the Captains of my court. The person I am passing my title of Captain-Commander to is, my great-grandson, Sabaku no Gaara. The position of the 2nd Captain and head of the special military squad is Sabaku no Sakura."

"The 3rd Captain position I give to one o f my most trusted Captains, Akasuna Sasori. And the 6th Captain shall be Akasuna Deidara. Now for the following seats I have taken into consideration and have decided the 7th Captain position will be taken by Sabaku no Temari. The 9th Captain will be Yamanaka Ino and finally the 11th Captain will be Hoshigaki Kisame. I know that you all were able to defeat that traitor and I wish that those who died could have been protected"

"I pass on not sorrowful for I know that you all will make Seireitei far better then I ever could have imagined. Thank you to you all and live a long full life and never hold back anything"

Kakashi stopped and rolled the paper back up and bowed his head. "Jiraiya-sama has passed on his title to me and I assure you all that I will do the best I can to be the best Captain-Commander and try to be just like Jiraiya-sama" Gaara said to the courts Captains.

"I want to wish a happy passing to the sister of our 4th Captain and the cousin of our 10th Captain, Hyuuga Hanabi who was killed in the attack. Also to the 7th squad's lieutenant, Rock Lee, and . . . my brother. Sabaku no Kankuro, I hope they all rest in peace" he finished and bowed his head paying his due respects to them as did all the other Captains.

After awhile Gaara's head rose and he held up his hand, "You are all dismissed" he told them and they bowed and headed for the door leaving only him and the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th Captains.

"I wonder why Jiraiya-sama wanted me to take his place." Gaara asked them but not facing them. Sakura walked up behind and placed her bandaged hand on his shoulder.

"Because Gaara you are a very good leader you love and you are strong. You have a lot of the qualities a lot of people wish they could have" she smiled and turned to the other two.

"Gaara I think you'll make a great Captain-Commander" Deidara said happily.

Sasori was beside him and looked out the balcony with Gaara and Deidara stood beside Sasori. "Gaara," he began and turned his head to his first friend. "I know that if anyone was entrusted with this you would be the only one who could do it right. You have problems sure, but doesn't everyone. The most important thing is you control yourself and anyone would be willing to follow you. You will impact young Shinigami's lives just like Jiraiya-sama impacted ours"

"And you'll then you'll have four Shinigami that make it there goal to protect your way of rule and would die for you" Deidara said smiling brightly and placing her hands on her hips.

"I think you'll be even greater then Jiraiya-sama," Sakura said looking up at him. He looked at her wondering why she would say such things. "I think that because," she looked back out over Seireitei and her smile grew. "Even though he had us Jiraiya was lonely, his wife died and so did almost all his friends except Tsunade-sama. But Gaara you'll have us forever" she said her voice filled with hope.

She looked back up at him and Sasori placed an assuring hand on his shoulder. Deidara smiled at him, "Time may go on. But I don't ever think I'll forget this moment together. This peaceful time just the four of us"

"Nothing" Gaara smiled as he looked out with the rest of them, "Not even the twist and turns of fate could ruin what we have"

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