a day in the life

Done for:

31days, May 12th, 06

Series: Yami no Matsuei

Character/Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka

Rating: PG

Summary: all the idiosyncracies that come with partnership and cohabitation.

Time goes you say? Ah, no! Alas, Time stays, we go.

-Austin Dobson


They are the very definition of opposites, and if you were to open the dictionary and look up contradiction you would find their pictures, right underneath a text description.

(They also appear under irony and oxymoron – emphasis on the moron, as Hisoka would say.)

Tsuzuki sleeps late, as usual. Hisoka wakes at the crack of dawn,( if he even slept at all) and makes his side of the bed, careful to not wake Tsuzuki up as he leaves. (He's given up trying to get Tsuzuki to adhere to normal schedules. It's not worth the headache involved.)

Tsuzuki prefers his showers lukewarm, Hisoka takes "military showers" quick, cold and to the point. (Hisoka still persists that he might take a hot shower, if Tsuzuki would leave him any hot water. Tsuzuki's cure for this is obviously, showering together. They've yet to make any progress on this issue.)

Breakfast is quick because Tsuzuki is (inevitably) late. (Hisoka has found that cooking something usually gets him up faster. Or dousing him in icewater, whatever works.)

In the (first) lunch Hisoka takes his food bland, without spice or garnish and Tsuzuki buries his in seasonings. Whenever Hisoka is distracted, Tsuzuki takes this chance to put a little extra spice on Hisoka's food, usually he gets away with it. (Though some days Hisoka will aim a well placed salt-shaker at Tsuzuki's head with impeccable aim.)

Tsuzuki takes every chance he gets to run errands, Hisoka knows this is more escaping work than kindness, but he still enjoys every coffee or little token of Tsuzuki's affection. (Sometimes Tsuzuki will offer backrubs in the last half of lunch, Hisoka stopped refusing about three years ago. Every once in a while photos will appear on the billboard taken at suggestive angles, with Hisoka's head tilted upwards, his face flushed and Tsuzuki's hands gracefully splayed over his shoulders. Tatsumi always calls Watari in for long discussions after each one, but it never seems to change anything.)

Two o' clock and there's a small case, guiding a newborn to the afterlife. (She was born two months premature – beside the incubator her mother is sobbing, even the nurses who are used to this thing are misty-eyed. Such a tragedy, such a waste, being born only to die)

Hisoka grasps and squeezes Tsuzuki's hand. (Otherwise it'd be shaking) And offers to carry her. (Her name is Fujimi Suzu, the official record says.)

"No, I'll do it."

The girl's soul is light in his arms, like dandelion fluff, insubstantial and innocent. She far too young and doesn't even realize what's happening. ("They loved you" Tsuzuki whispers as they take her far beyond her family's grasp. )

By four o' clock it's as if she never existed at all. (Though she will always be remembered by Tsuzuki, he remembers every single face and name.)

At Five o' clock the paperwork is in (mostly done by Hisoka) and the sun is beginning to set deep into the sky.

Hisoka clears his throat. "There's that new resturant down the street that opened." before Tsuzuki answers, he continues "I'll pay... but just this once"


On the fifth year together Tsuzuki gets a cake to celebrate their not-anniversary of meeting.

Hisoka eventually takes a (small) piece, knowing he'll regret it. (the icing is so sweet that it takes every bit of self-control not to spit it out.) Later they go home and Tsuzuki watches reruns while Hisoka reads nearby.

They've gotten used to each other, little by little.