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Anyway, in the mean time, hope you guys enjoy this. It's almost sorta kinda a sequel to 'A Hundred Days - After the credits rolled' but that will come into it more next chapter, maybe, we'll see. It's not a required reading, but of course, I'd like people to read it -coughs-. Subtle huh? Anyway, this is (yet another) take on what may have happened at the end of season 8, Jack and Sam go to the cabin before Daniel and Teal'c...and well...they fish. -snorts-

Hope you enjoy!

Jack O'Neill could not believe his luck, his 2IC had finally agreed to come fishing with him, in fact it had been her idea. She had waltzed into his office and advised him that she was going fishing at his cabin and he was welcome to come alone (after the shock settled, and he had picked up the file that he had dropped) he readily agreed. Jack swiftly organised some down time for him, and for a replacement CO of the base for two weeks, his own CO was more than happy to grant his request, knowing that Sam Carter had been through a horrendous time of late, and was due a fair amount of down time already.

Daniel and Teal'c had been invited, but as Daniel was in Washington over-seeing the set-up of Catherine Langford's estate into a museum display and Teal'c was off visiting his son and Ishta, they would not be joining them for another week.

And was Jack O'Neill nervous about spending a week at his cabin alone with his 2IC, who also happened to be the same woman that he had loved for near 8 years? You can bet your bottom dollar he was. And as he drove along the narrow road that would eventually lead to the turn off for his cabin, he kept up a silent mantra in his head, 'she's engaged!'. She belonged to someone else…not that Samantha Carter could ever truly belong to someone, she was too much of a free spirit for that. Glancing sideways as he bumped onto the dirt track that would lead to his cabin, he couldn't help but think of how cute she looked, she was curled into the seat with her head tucked under her arm as she slept soundly, the result of many years in the military had honed the ability to sleep anywhere at anytime.

Pulling up in front of his cabin, he gently shook Carters shoulder, smiling as she woke instantly, "We here?" she asked sleepily as she stretched, imitating a cat with her movements.

"Yep, the suns almost gone, and I want to get the generator running, think you can get the bags inside?"

"Sure, sir." Jack sighed and looked at her pointedly, "Sorry, Jack." She corrected herself as they stepped out of his truck, "Oh…it's beautiful." She said quietly as she took a step towards the pond, her first look at his cabin was indeed a magical moment, the setting sun was casting the most incredibly golden and red hues across the evening sky, rippling across the pond and dancing across the tress, the endless beauty of nature stretching before them in all it's majesty.

"I know" he whispered, not looking at natures beauty, but at the natural beauty that stood before him, he arms wrapped around her body as she hungrily drank in the scenery around her, shaking himself slight he marked past her to unlock the door to the cabin, "Just dump the stuff inside, I'll start the generator." He told her, trying to mask the husky sound of his voice as he disappeared around the side of the cabin/

The generator didn't take long to start, nor did bringing the bags inside, and Sam was examining the cabin with interest as Jack walked back in, the furniture was either well made, and well worn, hand made furniture, or newer pieces, such as the plush couch and chairs, and the kitchen with modern appliances, but complimented by the dark wood of an ancient dining table, the living area was open, and yet had an intimate feel because of the large natural stone fireplace that dominated the area, the couch position directly in front of it and perfect for cuddling, or simply for sitting and staring at the flames as they danced and flickered in the hearth.

"Hey." Jack said quietly as he shut the door behind him, smiling as she jumped.

"Hey yourself." Sam finally replied as she stared at him with mild interest, "I didn't expect it to look like this…" she added as she waved her hands in a manner that was reminiscent of Jack.

"You expected mounted animal heads and bear skin rugs?"

"Well…yeah." She admitted sheepishly.

"My grandfather had a few heads mounted, but they creep me out so I have them in storage…no idea what to do with them to be honest…" he shrugged as he picked up a few grocery bags.

"Mounted animal heads creep you out?"

"Yeah…it was the glass eyes…" he explained as she giggled behind him, "What have I told you about giggling?"

"Sorry sir."

"Sa-am!" a distinct whine filled his voice as he spun to look at her, turning nor one syllable name into two.

"Ja-ack!" she replied in the same tone as she picked up a few grocery bags and trailed him into the kitchen, a cheeky grin plastered firmly on her face as he rolled his eyes at her.

"You hungry Sam?" he called over his shoulder as he started packing cans and packages into the cupboards.

"A bit…yeah." She answered as she dropped another bag on the table.

Holding up a couple of cans of soup, he gestured to them, "Soup okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine."

"You go relax, I'll get dinner ready." He told her, giving her a gentle nudge out of the kitchen.

Humming to himself as he packed away the rest of the groceries and as he popped the ring on the cans of soup and poured them into a saucepan, he was unaware that he was being watched. Sam was leaning against the doorway, a wistful smile on her face as she watched him in front of the stove, his body swaying to the melodic tune that he was humming.

"Dinner ready?" she asked, scaring him, if they way that he jumped was any indication.

"Yeah." He answered, clearing his throat slightly as he poured the soup into two bowls, "Beer?" he added as he pointed to the cooler on the floor.

"Sure." Sam answered as he handed her a steaming bowl and pulled two bottles out of the cooler that they were using until the fridge was cold enough, after twisting the lids off he handed one.

"Jack?" she asked between mouthfuls of the delicious soup. Deciding to forgo the kitchen table, which was still covered in groceries, flashlights and other necessities.


"Why are there books in Russian on your bookshelf?" It was a perfectly innocent question, but Jack still blushed as he glanced at his bookshelf.

Flushing deeply, "Uhh, probably because I can speak Russian," he answered honestly, 'and Greek, Latin, Arabic, French and Ancient."

"And the physics books?"

"I umm…wanted to understand what you talk about." He whispered quietly, now suddenly incredibly interested in his empty soup bowl.

"And do you?" she pressed.

"Mostly, yeah I do, the math's is beyond me, but I get the theory and ideas behind it all." Sam gaped at him slightly in shock, those were some big theories, stuff she hadn't read about until she started doing her doctoral thesis.

"So…Jack O'Neill is…"

"Not as dumb as he says he is." He butted in, taking a swig of his beer.

"I never would have called you dumb. I've always known that you knew more than you let on."

"Really?" he asked as he turned his gaze on her, over the years he had become very good at hiding his intelligence from people, hiding it between dumb expressions and sarcastic comments.

"I know you Jack, I've spent 8 years watching you." She admitted, a flush creeping up her neck as his eyes widened at her admission, and was it her imagination or did they darken slightly?

A comfortable silence fell over them as they finished their dinner, both relaxing as Jack kept glancing at her out of the corner of his eye, she looked so calm and at her ease, considering the past week, with her father dying and with Daniel coming back from the dead…again.

"Pete didn't mind you coming?" he asked suddenly, breaking the silence that had crept over them, after realizing that Sam hadn't mentioned him at all.

"We broke up." She replied softly, causing his heart to jump in his chest as a silent cheer of 'yay' resounded in his head.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know." Jack replied as Sam turned her gaze towards him.

"Are you?"

"I…of course." He answered quickly.

"I always got the impression you didn't like him"

"I…err, um…he…well…" he stuttered out, grimacing slightly at his response.

"Dad made me realise the truth." Sam said after an uncomfortable silence.

"He did?"

"Yeah…actually it was more Pete's reaction to meeting my father."

"Ahh…yeah Jacob mentioned that."

"He did?"

"Yeah, just in passing, he may have umm, " Jack paused coughing slightly, "he may have mentioned his little comment about Selmak."

"God…that was embarrassing." Sam mumbled.

"I can well imagine."

"And Dad…he said I could still have everything I want."

"And can you?" he asked quietly.

"I hope I can, it's just…I'm scared." She admitted.

"It's okay to be scared you know. And I will always be there for you." Jack replied as he tentatively reached a hand out to cover hers, his heart lurching with joy when her fingers curled around his, and squeezing gently.

"I know. You're my safe bet." She whispered looking down at their joined hands, clasped tightly together between them on the couch.

Squeezing back, he looked first down at their hands, then back up into her soft blue eyes as the emotions that they had both hidden for 8 long years came to the fore, gently tugging her closer and folding her against his body, "Definitely a safe bet." he whispered as he rested his head slightly against hers, enjoying the feeling of having her pressed against his body in a loving embrace

As the slim sliver of moon crept up through the nights skin, the silver reflection rippled off the lake that was visible through the window, a mist having settled over the lake indication of the cold that had set in, and the cold that was yet to come.

"You want to head to bed?" Jack asked a dozing Sam, still nestled against his body, his question causing her to jerk backwards slightly her eyes wide and looking very much like a deer caught in headlights, quickly realizing his mistake he clarified for her, "Separate beds…unless you want to sleep with me…not that I'm trying to pressure you, I…oh heck…" he trailed off, flushing deeply as he scrubbed at his face with a hand.

"C'mon, I'll help you make the bed." Sam told him as she pulled freed of his grasp and stood up.

"Beds?" he correct…questioned, he wasn't sure how to say it.

"No, Bed. As in, singular." She stated as he gaped at her, before leading her into the master bedroom, his bag was already on the bed, as well as the linen. Working as a team, moving in tandem and without the need for words, a skill that was honed from 7 years in the field together, the bed was quickly made.

"I'll just go get my things." Sam told him as she stepped out of his room, now their room, that single thought nearly caused severe heart palpitations as he stripped down to his underclothes and pulled on a pair of pajama pants, just as he was pulling the covers down Sam walked back in, her bag in her hand but Jack barely noticed the fact that she seemed to be making herself at home in his room, he was struggling to keep his eyes off her, her faded blue tank top was hugging her torso as she pulled the covers back on her side and climbed in.

"You coming?" she questioned shyly when she realized that he was just there with his mouth slightly ajar, her voice obviously snapping him into action as he suddenly slid under the covers as well, immediately cuddling into Sam's lithe body and pressing a tender kiss against her forehead ash she gave contented sigh and snuggled deeper into his grasp, her head tucked under his chin.

As Jack drifted off to sleep, his arms wrapped around the woman that he loved, he couldn't help but believe his luck. Not only was Sam Carter…his 2IC…at his cabin, but she was in his arms as she slept, and not just any sleep, but the sleep on the content, the sleep of those who know that they are in the arms of the one who loves them, who will keep you safe, and warm…always.

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