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That last week and a half at the cabin had been just what Sam needed to heal. Whilst yes, physically she was fine, emotionally she had been put through the wringer in the past few months…hell, past few years. She needed time away from the SGC to think, to heal and to remember what they had been fighting for in the first place. A future. Okay, so maybe it hadn't been 'her' future to begin with, but somewhere along the way she had starting fighting for her future, things had become muddled for awhile, losing Janet and then her 'inner thoughts' onboard the Prometheus. It was just…hard to figure out exactly how everything had gone so wrong in such a short period of time.

Sam was so busy thinking that she didn't hear Jack sneaking up behind her. "Penny for them?" he whispered into her ear as his arms wrapped around her body.

"I don't think they are even worth that."

"Find that hard to believe…" He would have said more…honestly…but he was suddenly distracted by a patch of skin on the back of her neck. His teeth first nipped at it, then his tongue ran in soothing circles over the alabaster skin.

"Ja-ack…the guys'll see!" she hissed through her teeth, but at the same time her head was tilting to give him better access.

"So?" her murmured against her skin…he was horny damn it! Sam had allowed kissing, cuddling and some *very* heavy petting during the past week but had felt 'weird' having sex with the guys just a few metres away. As a result…Jack was very horny. After several heavy petting sessions he'd had to take a cold shower…not easily explained when it was 1am in the morning and Daniel asked him what he had been doing. Sam had gone bright red. Jack had turned away and grinned into his beer bottle. Teal'c had raised an eyebrow and Daniel had simply gone 'Ahh…geez!'

"Don't you care…oh god…that…okay stop!" Sam pulled away from him. "I love you…but god you drive me insane." She was wet…she had felt him behind her, his hard length rubbing against her ass as he pulled her closer.

"Thank god we're going home today." He grinned as his arm looped around her waist and pulled her to his side. "I wish we didn't…"

"Me too…I loved coming up here. Meeting your family, getting to know you better…it was everything I needed…and wanted."

Jack looked at her out of the corner of his eye and tightened his grip and pressed a gentle kiss to her temple. "I love you so god-damned much Carter." He had tried…really he had. But she was 'Carter' to him, no-one else called her that and over the years it had become his only way of telling her how much she meant to him.

"Love you too sir." She responded with a giggle as he growled low in his throat and turned her in his arms his mouth meeting hers in a soul searing kiss that had her knees wobbling.

"Stop it with the 'sir' stuff will ya?" he whispered when the broke free, both panting heavily as they looked.

"Now that I know what sort of effect it has on you…nope!" She giggled again as he groaned and rested her head against his chest, listening to the dull thud of his heart, staring out over the trees as the first tendrils of sunlight peeked over the forest, bathing them in a golden light.

Neither of them knew it at the time but, just as the sun had broken over the trees, Daniel Jackson had taken a photo…one that would forever grace the mantel of the future O'Neill/Carter house-hold.

Sam had long ago finished the magazine she had bought at the gas station, and was staring at the country side as it flashed past the window. She turned to Jack for an instant, her mind forming an idea that would definitely take her mind of boredom and shifted towards Jack on the bench seat, her hand reaching out to curl around his thigh, watching as his face twitched into a smile.

"Whatcha doin' Carter?" he asked her as her fingers slid upwards an inch or two…

"I'm bored…" she whispered as she cupped him through his jeans.

"Oh…kay!" he squeaked out when he realised just where she was taking this.

"Just keep your eye on the road." She added as she drew the zipper down, licking her lips when she saw that he was already starting to harden at the thought of what she was about to do.

"Yes ma'am!" he said as his grip tightened on the wheel. She was going to be the death of him…'but what a way to go!' his libido cried in ecstasy at the first touch of her warm wet lips to his cock.

Sam had never done this before, and had never wanted to do this…but with Jack it was different, she felt freer to express her desires with him simply because he 'got' her. Neither of them were very good at the talking thing when it came to relationships, but the sex…the intimacy in a way, they could both do. The little touches, the looks between them could say more than words ever could. So, in a way, they had been intimate since that very first mission.

She moaned at the first touch of his cock to her lips, the first few drops of his pre-come already smeared across the swollen, purple head as she closed her mouth over it, tasting the salty pearly juice as she drew him further into her mouth, the hard ridges of the thick veins sliding over her tongue as he bumped against the soft tissues at the back of her throat before relaxing them and allowing him to slide even deeper.

Jack was in heaven, the feel of her mouth around him was incredible, the wet slide of her tongue against his hot flesh, the tightness of her mouth around him was driving him nuts. His hand flexed on the wheel, desperately wanting to push her down on him and pump into mouth until he came. But this was her show and he was just going to concentrate on not killing them whilst she gave him the most erotic blow job of his life.

Her hands weren't idle either, one had worked beneath his jeans and was softly playing his sac, rolling it between her fingers as her mouth continued to work up and down his length, alternating between sucking harshly and stroking the hot, hard flesh with her tongue, running up and down his length before swirling around the swollen head and dipping into the slit and collecting the pre-come that had gathered there. Looking up for just a second she grinned at the tense jaw, the intense look of concentration in his eyes as his knuckles turned white on the steering wheel.

Damn he was hot!

Sam was quickly back on the job after that, her mouth working him feverously towards orgasm as her fingers squeezed and tickled at his sac, teasing it lightly, scraping her nails over the skin before weighing it in the palm of her hand, loving the way it felt, the perfect fit in her hand and the way it was starting to contract upwards warning her of his impending release.

"Sam…christ." Jack mumbled as he felt the pressure build to an almost painful level.

She could feel his cock swell in her mouth, the muscles just starting to make his cock jump and twitch and she sank down on him, taking nearly all of him into the warm depths of her mouth as she felt the first spurt of hot come, she swallowed each spurt with relish, her first taste of Jack one that she would never forget. It was strong and powerful, thick and creamy and she would never get tired of doing this for him.

Jack didn't think he had ever come that hard…or for that long before now. He'd nearly lost control when the first spurt had erupted from him but he was determined to show that he could control himself and had kept his eye on the road and his hands on the wheel and had simply let himself come, only thrusting once or twice into her mouth, loving the way she grunted when he did.

She'd never had a guy come for that long before, at least a dozen thick spurts of his creamy come had entered her mouth and only a few drops had escaped, dribbling our her mouth and back down the sides of his cock as he slowly deflated. "God Jack…" she whispered as she gave his cock one last kiss before tucking him back in carefully and zipping him up again. "You taste incredible." She sat up, stretching her back out slightly as she did so and watching the way he turned his head slowly towards.

"Ah huh." Was all he could say before he turned back to the road.

"You okay?" she asked worriedly…wondering if she'd overstepped the boundaries.

"Peachy!" he exclaimed as he flexed his hands on the wheel.

"…you want to pull over for a bit?"

"…yes." Was all he answered with as he drifted onto the shoulder of the road and braked slowly before switching the engine off. Now he could relax, his whole body simply went limp as his head fell back against the back of the seat and he let out a deep breath. "Holy crap Sam…that was…fucking incredible!"

"Really?" she wondered out loud as she scooted closer once more and gently ran a hand through his hair.

"Best one…ever…whilst I was driving no less." He let out another breath "Just…fucking incredible." He whispered again as he leant over to kiss her gently.

They were back on the road shortly after…Sam at the wheel this time. Which Jack thought was a shame…she couldn't get bored whilst she was driving.

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