Donut Love

Contains slash and random lack of timelines and plot.

Please enjoy. (1/50)



#1. Pillow

Doumeki had never had a pillow fight before until he'd met Watanuki. And even then, it was months and months into their odd and strange little relationship before one particularly heated argument (apparently started by him, as his boyfriend claimed) that Watanuki decided his anger and frustration simply couldn't be expressed by mere words and violent arm motions alone. So he'd marched into their shared bedroom (in Watanuki's apartment) grabbed a heavy blue pillow (given to him by Himawari) and stomped back out to soundly smack Doumeki so hard that the larger boy almost ran into a wall.

Doumeki stared, momentarily stunned at how much strength hand gone into that blow and by how heavily Watanuki was breathing (or panting, really) as he tried to reign in his breath. The thinner boy just glared back, an attractive red glow burning his cheeks and neck as his shoulders heaved and his arms trembled as if he were itching to hit Doumeki again.

"Oi-!" Doumeki started, but it was too late as Watanuki came at him faster than he was ready for and began beating him back into the living room with the deadly sleeping device.

"Stupid! Stupid!" Watanuki cried every time he thwacked his boyfriend with the pillow, each smack harder than the last as adrenaline kicked in and he realized that Doumeki obviously wasn't sure how to retaliate without injuring himself, Watanuki, or the apartment as it stood the battleground for their fight.

"Stupid!" Watanuki panted, and Doumeki made a mad swipe for the pillow, but Watanuki was just half a second too quick as he darted to the side and smacked the bigger boy again.

"Awful!" He yelled! Doumeki grabbed a smaller pillow off of the couch and tried his hardest to block, or at least cushion, the barrage of blows coming his way.


"Baldy!" Watanuki shot out and tried to wrestle the second pillow out of Doumeki's arms, pushing him roughly onto the couch and biting at his arm. A vein in the archer's forehead twitched.


"Fatty!!" Watanuki shrieked as attempted to pinch Doumeki's side to prove his point, but Doumeki had finally had enough and overpowered the other boy, grabbing both his arms in a strong hold and rolling them both off of the couch to land with a double 'oomph' onto the rug.

"OI! That's enough!" Doumeki commanded, pinning Watanuki's wrists together at their sides and staring down at the harshly breathing teen, his eyes closed behind glasses and his face even more flushed than before thanks to their rough-housing. His own breathing was equally heavy as tried to catch his breath before the other boy, but Watanuki eventually opened his eyes and beamed so beautifully that Doumeki once again found himself completely off guard and the air knocked from his lungs.

His hands loosened on Watanuki's wrists and the captured boy smiled gratefully as he wound his slender arms around Doumeki's neck, happily pulling him down to giggle into his lips.

"That was a lot of fun." Watanuki breathed, still panting lightly, but his eyes were clearly lit and his teeth eagerly nipped and bit at Doumeki's bottom lip. The archer rolled his eyes at Watanuki's remarkable bipolar personality and gave in to temptation. He immediately plundered the small mouth, drinking in the loud pleased moan that Watanuki released, but then tore his lips away as wandering hands began to pinch at his sides. Watanuki gave him a sly, knowing look.

Doumeki glared.

"I am not a fatty."

Watanuki's bright laughter filled the room until Doumeki pounced on him again.


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