What's Wrong with a Little Destruction?
28 Wreckers

Taken from the 28Character meme that's been popping up every now and again. Done because, well, the Wreckers are awesome in any continuity.

Note: Simon Furman said he wasn't going to introduce femmes into the IDW 'verse until he had a way to explain their existence. Excuse me while I throw that note out the window.

1. Naughty Wreckers

"(Abby) was designed to be the troublemaker and stir things up. She wasn't evil, she was naughty."
-Donna Mills

The first message Arcee received was a rather eloquent and inspiring poem. She was, for lack of a more effective term, impressed. The second message was a sweet (if not slightly longwinded) letter. The third one was less welcomed than the previous two though it may have had something to do with a calendar pin-up with her face maniped to the body that came attached to it. By the fifth she was getting annoyed. By the twelfth, she started getting mad.

And by the time she read the thirty-first (which had, in some very ineloquent and un-sweet terminology, requested a hook-up) she finally decided to stop ignoring the problem and dealing with it.

In short, she created a very unamused and scathing letter.

Within a klik of receiving the letter, Springer stomped out to the bridge of the Xantium, glared blackly and pointed at each of the other Wreckers in turn. "I will kill you all." He promptly turned and stomped right back out in attempts to salvage the situation.

The door whooshed closed and a beat passed. Then another.

Then everyone cracked the hell up.