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Couples: Chanel likes Dorinda...but is the feeling mutal?

Summary: Dorinda gets some great news from California and rushes off to tell the other Cheetahs. When she gets there, Galleria starts harping on her clothes again before Dorinda can tell them. Dorinda and Galleria have another argument and Dorinda storms out. Chanel, who is hopelessly, head-over-heels in love with Dorinda searches for her and attempts to comfort her. Ultimately, Chanel blurts out her feelings but before Dorinda can respond, Galleria finds them and she is determined to finish the feud. that she started. Dorinda runs off again. I don't wanna say any more because I'll give things away.

A/N's: If any of you are reading "What I really Meant to Say", I have to tell you that I have made biographies for Brooke and Melissa. Check it out.

This story is the result of an evil, nagging plot bunny. It kept me up until 6 AM the other night. I couldn't stop thinking about it! I had to get it out of my head! But, anyways, I had no title. The only thing I knew was what would happen. But then I was listening to my MP3 player and "She Walked Away" by Barlow Girl came on. It fits perfectly. I thought of this story after watching the two scenes in the first movie, where Galleria disses Doe's clothes at the talent show rehearsal and when Chanel finds out that Doe is a foster child.

This is set in the girls' sophomore year. After the first movie...it's like the second one doesn't exist.

Alright...on with the story!


"Ok, guys," one of the dance instructors said. "Take ten."

Dorinda sighed. The class had been working for three straight hours. She thought they should get a longer break than ten minutes. Isn't there, like, a child labor law or something that would forbid this?

"Dorinda! Phone!" she heard Anthony, one of the instructors, call. She sighed again and walked over to pick up the phone. I wanna sit down, jeez! For ten measly minutes, just let me rest!!


"Is this a Miss--" there was a pause, as if the woman on the other end of the line was looking down at a piece of paper. "Dorinda Thomas?"

"Yes..." Dorinda replied, now thoroughly confused.

"My name is Sherri Bennett. I am head of the Young Adults Dance Academy in Los Angeles, California. Your instructors have informed me that you are the best dancer in their class and, after reviewing a tape they sent me of your class, I have to say I agree with them 110."

"Well...uh...thanks, Ms. Bennett," Dorinda said, still confused.

"I'm quite impressed with the talent that you have. I've never seen that in someone so young. I have a position at the academy open, teaching the 12 to 14 year old class. I am offering that position...to you." Dorinda's eyes widened and her mouth hung agape slightly.

"Me? Ms. Bennett, you must be mistaken. I'm only a sophomore in high school. I just turned 16. I mean...shouldn't I have, like, a college degree or something?" she couldn't believe it. She was only 16...and she was being offered a job most dancers only every dreamed of having.

"Normally, yes, you would have to have a college degree. But I am willing to make an exception for you. You have so much talent, Dorinda...I'd hate to see it all go to waste. But, of course, I understand that you may want to stay in New York. If you want to wait a few years...go to college...I'll be more than happy to wait for you." Dorinda bit her lower lip. She had no idea what to say to this woman.

"Um...could I...maybe...have a week or so to think about it? There are a few people that I would like to run this past...their opinions matter to me. I'd like to talk to them first."

"Of course, Dorinda," Ms. Bennett said. Dorinda could practically hear the smile in her voice. "The class starts in 3 weeks. I'll give you my number so you can get back to me. Feel free to have your parents call me if they want...and I bet they'll want to." Dorinda grabbed a pen and a pad of paper.

"Ok...what's the number?" Ms. Bennett told her the number and Dorinda folded the paper up and tucked it into her pocket.

"I hope to hear good news, Dorinda."

"Thank you for the offer Ms. Bennett. I'll be in touch," Dorinda said. With that, they hung up. Dorinda was buzzing with excitement.


"...And she gave me her number because she knew you'd want more information about it."

After class, Dorinda had rushed straight home to tell her parents about the offer she received. They were happy that Dorinda's talent had gotten her somewhere...but they were still skeptical. After all...she was they're daughter (no matter that she was a foster child) and they didn't feel comfortable with her being on the other side of the country.

"Dorinda...sweetheart, do you want to do this? Because, if you want to...I'm not gonna say 'no' just yet," her father said. Her mother nodded.

"But we have to talk to this...Ms. Bennett."

"Mom...dad...I think I have to talk to the Cheetah girls about this first. After all...they are my friends."

"Ok, sweetie. But whatever you chose we'll be happy for you. This will be a great experience," her father said and her mother nodded, agreeing. Dorinda jumped up and hugged her mom and dad.

"Thank you guys soooooo much!!" she said, kissing each of them on the cheek. "I've got to go tell the others. Love you!" She yelled as she walked out the door, hoping her friends would be happy for her.


When Dorinda came to a pay phone, she dropped some change in and dialed Aqua's cell phone number. The girl picked up on the first ring.

"Hello?" Aqua greeted in her thick Texan accent. Dorinda could hear Galleria in the background. She rolled her eyes.

"Hey, girl! Listen...I have big news. Where are you?"

"My apartment. We're all here together," Aqua answered. Dorinda rolled her eyes. Obviously.

"Yeah...I figured. I can hear Galleria," she dead panned.

"Yeah," Aqua mumbled. Dorinda could imagine her rolling her eyes. "She's a little on the loud side, isn't she?" Dorinda laughed. "Yo, Galleria! Turn the volume to the left! Doe can hear you all the way through the phone." Aqua yelled.

"What...?" Dorinda heard Galleria ask. Aqua sighed. Dorinda laughed.

"Ok...so I'll be over in a few, ok?"

"Alright, girl! Can't wait to hear that news. See you!" they said their goodbyes and hung up. Dorinda took a deep breath. She feared the worst from her friends, but hoped they'd understand and be happy. She wouldn't go if they didn't want her to, though...if someone gave her a good enough reason to stay.


Aqua hung up the phone and walked back to her bedroom where Chanel and Galleria were sitting on the bed. She sat down, too, making a triangle out of their sitting arrangement.

"Who was that?" Galleria asked. She was looking at a bunch of fashion pictures from one of the most expensive clothing shops in New York.

"Do-Re-Mi. She said she has some big news to tell us. She'll be over in a few minutes."

Chanel gasped quietly. Her eyes widen and she looked down at her hands, which were in her lap. Oh. My. GOD! I can not believe it...of all the days to not wear a bit of make up...I choose today!! The other two looked at her and sent each other knowing smiles. Chanel had never brought attention to it...but Aqua and Galleria could tell that she had more than friendly feelings for Dorinda.

"Obvious, much?" Aqua mouthed silently to Galleria. Galleria shrugged.

"Good...I've been wanting to show her these," she held up the pictures. Chanel looked up, frowning.

"Galleria...I don't think that's such a good idea. You know she can't afford that stuff," she said. Galleria scoffed.

"I just want to show her! Give her some ideas, some options. We're her friends...there are such things as Christmas and her birthday! What good friends would we be if we didn't get her anything?" Galleria said, still looking down at the pictures. Chanel and Aqua looked at each other. Aqua rolled her eyes and shook her head, telling Chanel not to press it. Chanel offered a weak smile, scared of where this may lead them.


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