The Last Covenant

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Prologue: Please Return Her Smile

"Here all done," the gentle smile of the healing nurse made the little boy's anxiety fade away. "Arigato nee-chan (sister)," the boy grinned with his set of incomplete teeth as he examined the spot where his wound was supposed to be. As the female shardcaster watched the child ran out of her clinic, a soft breeze passed by her as if caressing her cheek. Her maroon-hazel eyes trembled as the smile on her lips disappeared.

That night, she sat by her window watching the full moon as the unshed tears awhile ago were released. It was always like this… ever since he left… every night tears would involuntarily appear as she tried to recall everything about him. It had been five years already. Everyone seemed to have forgotten about a certain white haired shardcaster who once saved their world with the help of the spirit guardian of their town.

Yes, in those long years there was never a night that she never cried… tears were always there whenever she thought about him… whether it was their good times together or bad. It was as if the tears itself were a proof that sometime before… he existed.

"You said you'd return…" she whispered to the moon as she fought the urge to break down. That day, when a certain arrogant boy boarded a jellyfish-like ship… he told her… as he looked straight into her worried eyes that he'll come back… he never did.

Suppressing her sobs, she closed her eyes as she recalled how his voice sounded like when he calls her name. Everyone calls her name and yet when he calls her… it sounded different. It was as if he was calling her by a different, more beautiful name. "Roia," she opened her eyes abruptly as she remembered him calling her with his strong voice. "Zed…" she hugged her knees as her eyes never ceased to release her misery.

"Ohaiyo," Roia greeted her friend as she entered his bakery. A man with a clover tattoo on his cheek looked up from the counter and greeted her back. "Looks like you're all out again today, Mickey," she glanced at the display windows. "Yeah, it sold out an hour after we opened," Mickey scratched the back of his head humbly.

"Whoa, I guess that means you're that good eh?" a man about five years older than them with long blond hair and short cape appeared at the entrance. "Robes-sama, ohayo," the baker and the female shardcaster greeted the shard champion simultaneously so he did too.

"Well then, I have to open the clinic. I'll be on my way then," Roia bowed formally then left. Robes and Mickey stared after her as she passed the street. "Such a waste, to see a beauty like that suffer," the shard champion said with his playboy tone. "Her smile was never the same since that day…" Mickey lowered his eyes to the floor. "…And we might never see it again," he continued. "I'll try to cheer the lady up," Robes was gone even before Mickey could stop him. Who knows what outrageous thing he'll do to Roia.

"Roia-chan," a rose appeared right before her eyes. "Ro-Robes-sama," the healing nurse blinked rapidly in surprise then stared at him. "Since no one is yet to be injured… why don't we take a walk?" he invited her as he offered him his arm. Roia accepted his gentleman-like gesture and accompanied him.

"I don't want to go there…" immediately she withdrew her hands from his arm as she saw where they were going. It was the same hill where he used to stay whenever he liked to see things differently. "When are you going to stop waiting for him?" the shard champion continued to walk towards the direction of the hill. Roia's eyes widened in shock from his blatant question.

"I'M NOT WAITING FOR HIM!!! I'm…not…waiting for him…because… I know… he won't…come back," her entire body shook as she fought every urge to cry. "He won't come back because I know he already found his freedom," as she tried to force a smile, she felt as if her lungs were squeezed and her heart torn out.

Robes stopped walking but didn't face his companion. He knew that if he were to comfort her now… it would hurt more.

"I was nothing to him anyway. I don't want him to stay just because I don't want him to go… I don't want to clip his wings when it was so obvious that he loves the sky. I won't do that… not to him," Roia started to walk away. "Roia-chan… are you in love with Zed?" the next thing he heard were the sound of her feet running away from him.

"I couldn't tell him to stay… I couldn't tell him not to go… I couldn't tell him not to leave me…" she repeated to herself again and again as her tears soaked her pillow and her sobs filled her room. Only tonight was she able to break down totally like this.

"You said... you'll come back… ZED YOU IDIOT!!!" she yelled as she squeezed her pillow in her arms.

"Well, sorry for being an idiot," her heart stopped a few beats as her mind refused to register what she heard. It was a strong, deep, arrogant yet confident tone that belongs only to him. A gust of wind made the curtains rise. The moonlight revealed a figure of someone behind the thin cloth. Her swollen eyes widen as she forgot how to breath. "Z…Zed," right before her is a shardcaster as she remembered him to be…with spiky white hair and tanned skin. The only difference is his eyes… they used to be amber now they were eden green the same color as the eyes of his spirit, Amil Gaul.

"Roia," that was all it took for her to snap out of her trance and jump into his open arms.

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