This story happens slightly after Marche and co. went back to the real world.

Edited: 16 Dec 2010


Several months after Marche left for his hometown, the members of Clan Nutsy were exceedingly bored. There hadn't been many interesting missions lately, just the odd dispatch mission and clan tournaments. They lounged listlessly in the common room of the Prancing Chocobo. Basil the blue mage yawned.

"We've got a mission, kupo!" announced Montblanc to the bored members of Clan Nutsy. "It's to collect a lava stone from Roda Volcano." When he failed to receive the desired response, he added, "Recent reports have indicated that a strange collection of strong monsters in the area, kupopo." The effect was immediate.

"Finally! Some action!" yelled Cecille, her rabbit ears twitching in excitement. Shouldering her bow and quiver of arrows, the sniper leapt out of her chair. "I'm in!"

"Count me in to!" said Elvos, the clan's ninja-cum-thief. Despite his status as a ninja, he favored the customary thief outfit. If asked, he would say that being underestimated can be advantageous. His friends however would tell you that he just liked the cape. After securing his bandana over his chocolate brown hair, he ruffled Cecille's violet hair. "Anyway, someone has to keep this girl out of trouble."

"Why you-" Cecille quivered indignantly. She swatted his hand away and made a face. The others laughed at the pair's antics.

"Don't forget me," Basil added, all notions of sleep gone. He perched his blue hat at a jaunty angle on his dark brown hair and smirked.

"I'll go as well." offered Etoile softly. She was the quieter viera in the clan, an elementalist. Her clothing was mostly green, and her hair was white with a slightly blue tinge to it.

"Alright, kupo! We'll head out for Roda. Stanz, can I leave you in charge?" said Montblanc.

The wise old nu mou white mage nodded. He was the oldest member of the clan. "Since Etoile can deal with the White Magic and healing, I'll stay behind to take care of things."

"Kupopo! Let's go!"

"Blizzara!" Montblanc cast the spell, defeating the last of the red flans. Nearby, Elvos and Basil were hacking at a couple of bombs. This set of enemies were proving to be quite a handful. A motion to his left caught Montblanc's attention.

"Hey, Montblanc, will this do?" asked Cecille, juggling a glowing red stone from hand to hand. "It's burning hot!"

"Kupo! Let's get back to Cyril. Clan Nutsy, mission complete!"

Suddenly, the ground shook violently. Caught by surprise, Elvos lost his balance and toppled onto the ground.

"What's going on!" yelled Elvos in shock, quickly getting back on his feet.

"Look over there, everyone!" Basil pointed to a black warp. The air rippled around it as if under high temperature. It was, in short, alarming.

"Kupopo! It's like the warps that we found near the crystals! But the crystals were destroyed, kupo! What's causing this?" gasped Montblanc.

"Maybe it's because the crystals anyway, or should I say, lack thereof?" said Etoile.

"It's Ifrit's curse!" Cecille shrieked.

"Shouldn't we be doing something rather than just staring at it?" questioned Elvos.

"..." They glanced at each other.

"One suggestion- RUN!" yelled Basil.

As one, they started sprinting, but it was too late. The black warp swelled and swallowed the five members of Clan Nutsy. And they were gone.

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