Disclaimer : Since I'm retarded and horribly uncreative, I adapt the story line from Kikuchi Kamaro's manga, Nousatsu Rock Shonen. I simply converted the manga into writing. This story belongs to me though.

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Oh and this story is strongly centered on Hinata and Sasuke and not so much of other characters.

Chapter 1 : Nobitani

I am a shy, timid girl with long dark-indigo-tinted hair. I am not the kind of girl who easily falls in love with someone and I was determined not to become one. But then my determination was easily shaken and shattered as I stood amongst a mass of frenzied teenagers, staring at the most gorgeous man I had ever seen, possessing the most beautiful voice I had ever heard.

That night, for the first time in my entire life, I went for a band performance at a night club. Chocolat was a band whose name was soaring with popularity these days. As I watched the live performance, I couldn't help the wild beating of my heart as if it was beating alongside the loud catchy tune that the band generated.

As the vocalist of the band gripped the mike with his purple-colored fingernails, I could see the silver stud glistening under the spotlight of the stage on his tongue when he licked his lips seductively.

I was absolutely awed and hypnotized by the liveliness of the vocalist,

His voice, and

His dark spiky hair with sexy dark bangs framing his cute face…

…and also of his enticingly striking confidence on stage.



My name is Hyuuga Hinata. My image as a normal student at the high school I was currently attending had dispersed as of last week. Starting from that particular week, I had fallen victim to bullies and insults from other students.


Hinata stood in front of her locker and stared silently into the littered compartment. They never know when to stop do they? Hinata thought sadly as she picked up a paper that was stuck into her locker.

'Hinata x Nobitani' was written on the piece of stained paper. There was also a doodle of shit scribbled on it. She stared at the silly and childish scribbles with a defeated sigh when a voice interrupted her numb mind.


The petite girl swung her head around at the voice.

"I am deeply sorry, this was all my fault,"

The voice had belonged to a clumsy, defenseless boy who wore a pair of ugly and unbelievably thick glasses.

Why was he being dubbed as Nobitani?

It was because his image and characteristics were somewhat similar to an obnoxious celebrity called Nobitani.

The boy's dark bluish hair was gelled neatly on his head as his bangs fell and framed his nerdy face. He stood beside a row of lockers, looking guilty and trembling slightly.

Hinata scrutinized his face and tried to remember his name.

"M-my name is Uchiha Sasuke," The flustered boy offered, looking close to tears.


That boy was in the same class as me. His full name was Uchiha Sasuke, but people call him Nobitani.

Something happened last week, when I was walking back from school with my friends happily. I was on the way home, when I saw a boy getting rounded on a corner by a couple of spiteful girls.

"Eh?" One of my friends, Suki gasped and pointed at the trio, "Isn't that Nobitani?"

"Why are the girls surrounding him?" My other friend asked, not really expecting an answer.

"My God, the pathetic dude even got his ass whipped by girls," Suki shook her head and sighed disbelievingly.

Ignoring my friends' comments, I just stared at the helpless boy, not knowing what to do. I believed the girls were robbing him because he was clutching his purse to his chest with a troubled look on his face. I could hear the girls scolding him for his lack of money even from where I was standing.

"Let's go Hinata," Suki tugged on my sleeve as she said this, "Its better if we don't get involved. Those two girls are renowned bullies,"

But as I continued to watch those girls scaring the shit out of that poor boy, something snapped inside me with a loud CRACK.

A vein twitched on my temple and my nose flared with anger.

"Get off of him BITCHES!"

And from that exact moment onwards, my life as a bully victim commenced.


To be continued…


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