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Extra Chapter : TONGUE


Was it really happening?

But it was too good to be true.

I must clearly been dreaming. Pff, things like this didn't usually just happen to me.

I was meant for a boring, dull life. It was my fate. At least that was what Neji-nii-san once told me.

Or maybe he was just jealous, because his life wasn't really any more interesting than mine.

So, did that mean, this was really happening in my life?

"What are you thinking about?"

'SASUKE!' I jumped impulsively.

Even though we had been going out for over a week after the shocking revelation, I still couldn't get used to having a super hot rock star as a boyfriend. It didn't help that he chose to not wear his ugly glasses when we were alone like this. Nope, not at all.

I heard him chuckle. What's so funny?

"You look cute when you jumped and blushed like that," He smirked and inched his face closer to mine, "It makes you look like a cute fluffy white rabbit caught by a cunning predator," he whispered, his intense black eyes glazed with… desire?

What the!


In an empty narrow street, two breathtaking teenagers in school uniforms were seen standing intimately close to each other. The sun was almost down and the orangey evening beam gave a beautiful golden glow to their flawless features.

One moment the attractive dark-haired young boy was seen caressing the shuddering girl's soft fluffy cheeks with the back of his palm.

The next moment, the petite unsuspecting girl was pinned against the wall, with the boys hands placed on each side of her pretty little head. Her face was pointing upwards, gazing at the boy with pearly gray eyes full of confusion mixed with slight anticipation.

Gazing back at the girl with desire-filled electrifying black eyes, his bluish-black bangs fall around his handsome face, shielding his facial features from everyone else but his precious Hinata.


I was totally stunned by his action. I didn't know how to react, so I just stayed there, my back against the wall, eyes gazing at his stirring black ones, trying to decipher his intentions.

But when his face started to move closer to mine, my mind became blank as it focused on only one thing; his irresistibly luscious kiss-friendly lips.

I didn't notice that I was holding my breath until my air supply became extremely low and my chest started to squeeze in pain. Surprised, I let out a breathy gasp when his warm lips came into contact with the corner of my quivering lips, causing him to smirk.

"God," He murmured against the corner of my lips, causing my knees to buckle pathetically, "You're so damned tempting,"

And that was all I need to hear before my legs gave up on me completely.

He moved his hand instantly and wrapped them securely around my slender waist before pushing his chest against mine. My head was spinning dazedly and my heart felt like it was about to burst when I saw his enticing tongue slipped from his mouth and started to lick my lips slowly, his cold silver stud teasing my warm sensitive lips.

"Sasuke," I moaned a little, earning me a delicious growl from his throat.

He moved his luscious tongue over to my jaw and licked it sensuously, and I felt like exploding with overwhelming desire, oh god, the things his wonderful tongue did to me.

My eyes fluttered shut when he moved to devour my ear, alternating between licking and sucking the super-sensitive skin. I couldn't do anything except mewling and moaning and sighing in pleasure, but I guess that was what he was looking for seeing as how he responded to my reaction.

The coldness of the silver stud pressing on my flaming skin whenever his tongue touched me was driving me crazy. Deciding that I couldn't take the torture anymore, I mustered all the depleting strength that was left in me and grabbed his face before crushing his eager lips on mine.

The moment our lips came into contact, I gasped at the tingling sensation that wafted through my lips and he took the opportunity to slip his devilish tongue into my parted lips.

When his tongue started to caress my own, I wound my arms around his neck, bringing him closer to me, wanting to feel more of him, all of him. Damn how I love that tongue.

I pulled and sucked on his tongue, toying with his silver stud, rolling it around with the tip of my tongue. Only god knows how much and how long I had wanted to do that. I was completely fired up when I heard a moan escaped his lips and decided to give him more.

Two can play at this game, oh yeah.

I tangled my fingers in his hair and started to massage his scalp, while my tongue continued to play with his sexy silver stud, once in a while sucking on his bottom lips. He showed his pleasure by hugging me tighter, his hands fisting on my uniform.

When we both came up for air, I couldn't help but felt smug that I was the cause of his red-swollen lips, unruly disheveled black hair, and flushed cheeks.

And by the look of his face, I could tell he was feeling the same thing about me.

"T-that was…" He whispered, in between intake of breaths.

"Amazing," I offered, giving him my best dazzling smile.

"Yeah," He smirked his bad-ass smirk before pulling me for another round.

As I started to get lost in the whirlpool of pleasurable sensation again, I just hoped that this empty narrow street will remain empty and I also hoped more than anything that my nose would do me a favor and not have a massive nose-bleed.



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