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Bella -walks in-: What do you me by that? Are you going to write hazard things to my health?

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Bella: Get back here!!! -chases author-



I should have known I was going to regret it. I should have just said no. But I thought, at the time, how bad could it be.


We had a four day weekend from school, and Alice decided to plan a full weekend slumber party. I, of course, was fighting and refusing to go but promises of a weekend with Edward without Charlie around were very tempting. Of course, we didn't tell Charlie that Edward would be there. So Charlie said yes and now I'm stuck with the Cullens for four days.

Thursday afternoon I started packing. Edward was as excited as Alice was about this weekend which worried me. I wondered what they were planning and I was pretty sure it wasn't good for my health. I decided to question Edward before we got to his house.


"Hmm? What?" He was staring out the window.

"What going on? Did Alice see something?" I stared at him hoping he would turn to face me.

"Huh? Oh, no she hadn't seen anything aside from the usual. Why?" He was now facing me looking curious with his beautiful, sparkling topaz eyes.

"I…I…I…" What was I saying? Breathe. Breathe.

His eyes showed worry and confusion. "Bella? Bella, breathe. In and out. In and out." I followed his instructions and looked away focusing on my breathing. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine." I said still avoiding his face.

"Good," he gently touched my cheeks and pulled up my face to look into my eyes. "Now why did you ask if Alice saw anything?"

"Umm….Oh, right. I asked because you're very upbeat about me spending four days with a family of vampires." I stared into his eyes searching for his reaction. As he started to answer I saw a flash of anticipation but it was quickly covered with innocence. "Oh. No, I'm just excited to be spending a weekend with you without having to hide from your father."

I stared at him suspicious, his eyes were too innocent. I decided not to say anything because we always seemed to be fighting nowadays. I headed downstairs to fix dinner for Charlie and me. I was thinking something along the lines of fish since we had at least three years worth. Of course on my way down the stairs I tripped, on what I don't know, and fell into Edward's arms.

I smiled and looked up to his face, and he planted a light kiss on my lips. He set me back on my feet, and followed me into the kitchen. I decided to go ahead and fix the fish along with macaroni and cheese for dinner. While I was cooking, Edward was watching and trying to convince me to allow him to cook. I refused because I did not want to have to taste test everything and make sure he didn't accidentally poison us. Not that Edward would ever poison us, but I also did not want him to cook it better than me. "You can cook for me while I'm over your house this weekend ok."

He grinned in delight. "Great." Then he frowned.

"What wrong? Do you not want to cook for me?"

"No, that's not it. I just remembered that we didn't go grocery shopping for the weekend." he said his frown deepening.

"Oh, well that's fine. We can both go together tomorrow." I responded with a grin on my face.

"No, it's okay. I'll go shopping tonight while you're sleeping."

I frowned. "No. I want to go with you. Please?" I tried to look sad. "And you know the grocery store won't be open then and I don't want you going out your way for me. Please let me go?" He was still frowning but I could tell he wanted to say yes so I played that to my advantage. "I want to go with you and besides I want to make sure you don't buy too much."

He sighed. "Fine. You win even though you cheated."

"You do the same thing all the time." After saying this I stuck out my tongue.

Suddenly Edward jumped up, gave me a peck on the cheek, and headed out the door saying, "Charlie's almost home. Alice will pick you up at seven. See you soon."

I looked up at the clock it was now six. Just one hour and then I would be with Edward for four days. Dinner was ready and as I was setting the table Charlie walked in.

"Hey Bells."

"Hi, Dad. How was your day?"

He hung up his police belt. "Fine. It was a slow day though." He said sighing. I always wondered what the difference between a busy day and a slow day but I never asked.

"Dinner's ready." I said. "Oh, Alice said she would pick me up at seven." We both sat down to eat.

"Ok. Are you ready? Did you finish packing?"

"I'm almost done. I just need to add a few more outfits."

As we finished up dinner I looked at the clock. It was 6:30. I still had half an hour before I get to see Edward again. "Oh, Bells. Just to be sure, you're going to be over there until Sunday right?"

"Yes. I'll be home Sunday night." I washed the dishes then headed upstairs to finish my packing.

In what seemed like no time, I finished packing while wondering why Edward didn't stay. It seemed like he wanted to leave. But why would he be happy to leave, he still loves me, right? Then why was he so excited to go home? The doorbell rang and pulled me out of my thoughts. I hurried downstairs, tripping twice, to answer it, but Charlie beat me to it. I looked past him and saw Alice smiling brightly. It reminded me of my earlier though that this weekend is going to be a hazard to my health.


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