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Most of the people in the food court were openly staring at us. I felt mortified. But as the saying goes everything that can go wrong will. Mike had almost reached the table when he tripped, fell into my lap, and knocked my tray of still untouched food onto the floor. Lauren slipped on the food and fell onto Edward clinging to him as if he was her lifeline and if that wasn't worse enough, Tyler also slipped but he fell into Paul who began quivering.


I froze, my eyes never leaving Paul. Jacob quickly went to Paul's side. "Hey Paul. Let's go look for the movie you wanted." Jacob said as he began to drag Paul away. "See ya later Bells. Come on guys." He called over his shoulder. They all followed quickly after him, even Sam.

I relaxed as soon as they were out of sight. I was so distracted with the possibility of Paul phasing, that I forgot Mike was on my lap. Edward didn't forget. He was glaring daggers into the back of Mike's head while trying to remove Lauren from his own lap.

Then, Lauren did something unbelievable. Edward realized what she was doing too late to stop it. She wrapped her arms around his neck and KISSED him.

My brain seemed to freeze. Edward was obviously trying to get away from her, but he was also trying to avoid making a huge scene. Finally, my shock wore off.

I jumped up, forgetting Mike was on my lap and reached for Lauren. One hand went to her blonde hair and the other hand went to around her upper torso. I pulled hard, and off she came. I threw her on the ground without falling. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?!?!?" I screamed.

She just stared at my hand. I looked to my hand and saw some of her hair still remaining there. I had accidently pulled is out. I threw her hair at her. "Get out of here before you lose more than just a few strands of hair." My voice was hard and cold. I oddly thought of how similar it sounded to Edward when he was angry.

She quickly got off of the floor and ran away. A strong hatred was still flowing through my veins. I felt two stone cold arms circle my waist, and I turned to look at my Greek god who had a smile on his face. "Thank you, love. She was quite….disgusting." He leaned down and kissed me.

"Uhhh." I heard someone groan. I turned to see Mike still lying on the floor where I had thrown him when I had gotten up. He moved to get up, and I could see a bleeding wound on his forehead. Crap! When all this bad luck stop?

I quickly glanced around at the vampires. None of them looked like they would lose control, even Jasper looked perfectly calm, but none of them were breathing. Mike finally made it to his feet. "Ow, Bella, that hurt."

"Sorry Mike. Lauren had the nerve to kiss my fiancée. I had to pull her off and 'talk' to her." I growled.

"Oh." He whispered.

"There you are." A voice called. I turned to see Carlisle and Esme approaching us.

"Hello, Carlisle." Edward called back. "Mike hurt his head. Could you fix it up for him?"

I saw his eyes flicker to Jasper; then they focused on Mike. "Sure. It's a good thing I have a first aid kit with me." He smiled at Mike. "Do you mind if I take a look?"

Mike's eyes widened. "N-n-no." He stuttered.

I smiled and leaned into Edward who was still holding me. Just as Carlisle finished dressing Mike's wound. Edward whispered, "Crap!"

I shifted to look up at him and asked, "What?"

He frowned. "Lauren reported you to the mall cops and said you attacked her. They are coming to talk to you."

I frowned too. How much more could go wrong? There should be some cut off limit. "What are we going to do?"

"We're going to just wait and explain everything to them." He turned to look at Alice, "Will it work out ok?"

She closed her eyes and frowned in concentration. After a moment she said, "From what I can see it should. That is if no sudden decisions occur."

We all sat down at the table when my stomach growled. I still had not eaten. "Rosalie," Edward called, "could you get Bella something to eat?"

She frowned. "Why?"

Now Edward frowned too. "Because she hasn't eaten yet."

Rosalie made no effort to get up. Edward began growling softly before Esme stood. "I'll get her something. Anything you want in particular Bella?" She asked, smiling at me.

"No, Esme. Thank you."

"You're welcome, dear." And with that she headed off to get me something to eat.


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