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Roger was walking back to the Loft on his way back from the Life Cafe and happened to pass a thrift store and Saw this neat set of Handcuffs in the window he dident know why he wanted them he just did so he bought them.

Now as he was Walking Home he was thinking of what he could do with them when he Saw Angel Walking out of a Clothes Store.

"Hey Angel" Roger said to his friend

"Oh Hey Roger what Brings you to this side of town?" Angel asked him

"Ya Know Life Cafe" Roger Replied

"Going back to the Loft?" She asked him

"Yeah" Roger answered her

"Good then you can help me carry some of these bags!" Angel said with a Sigh of relief as he handed him 5 bags

"Holy Shit Angel did you buy the Who Damn Store?" Roger asked her

"No Only a few things" Angel told Him

"So wheres Collins? He should be carrying these not me" Roger told her

"Oh he's helping Mark with something at the loft thats why I'm going there now to show him what I bought" Angel told Roger

"Angel I need a Fucking Rest! These Bags a REALLY heavy" Roger told her as they cut through the Park and Roger saw a Bench

"I have more bags then you!" Angel said laughing at him

"Yeah but you gave me all the heavy ones!" Roger said laughing back at him as he set the Bags down

"Whats That?" Angel asked Roger Pointing to the Handcuffs in his hand

"Oh these I bought them cause they were gool looking" Roger told her

"So what are you gonna do with them?" Angel asked him

"I dont know yet I'm thinking Of Giving them to Mimi" Roger said

"Oh I see Give Mimi a Gift that will please YOU in some way" Angel said laughing at him

"Shut up!" Roger said laughing harder then her

"Do they even work?" Angel asked him

"I dont know Lemme see" Roger said cuffing his hand and Angel's hand

"What the Hell Roger? Did you just cuff us together?" Angel asked him in shock

"Urm...Maybe well at least we know they work" Roger said

"I was being sarcastic when I said that! There Handcuffs of course they work!" Angel yelled at him

"Well Now we KNOW they do" Roger said laughing

"Yeah I guess so now take them off" Angel said to her friend

"Urm...Yeah theres a Problem" Roger told her

"What?" Angel asked him curiously

"They dident come with keys" Roger said

"What kind of Idiot buys Handcuss without keys?" Angel asked him

"Apparently me" Roger said

"Dident you even think to Ask for keys?" Angel asked him

"When I bought them the guy never gave me them and you would think when you buy Handcuffs they would give you keys!" Roger said getting mad

"Alright heres what were going to do were going to go to the Loft and Let a knife and take them off that way" Angel told him

"Sounds good to me" Roger said as he and the Drag Queen went back to the loft -
At The Loft Mark and Roger were TRYING to Fix the Sink and the Toilet but all they seemed to do was flood the fucking place.

"Alright This isnt working maybe we should call someone to fix it." Mark told his Friend

"No were going to do this ourselves it's to Fucking expensive to hire someone" Collins told him

"Well at this rate we should just put a sign up that says Avenue A's public pool" Mark told him

"Mark dont be like that were going to fix it!" Collins told him

"Like you Care You live with Angel in a DECENT Apartment 3 blocks from here" Mark told Collins

"Yeah thats True but your still my friend so I can at least try to help you while I secretly laugh at you in my head" Collins told Mark

"Well arent you nice?" Mark said laughing at Collins

Just at That Moment Angel and Roger walked in still Handcuffed together carrying like 12 bags

"A little help here?" Angel asked Mark and Collins

"Sure Baby" Collins said taking 4 of the bags

"Thanks" Angel said as she and Roger put the Rest down and started to look for a knife

"Urm...Baby?" Collins asked Angel

"Yeah?" Angel replied

"Why are you Handcuffed to Roger?" Collins asked her

"Long Story" Roger answered for her

"Dammit Mark Dont we have a knife in here?" Roger asked Mark

"Plastic ones" Mark told him while smiling

"Mark Sweetie thats Not gonna help us" Angel said

"Its Not Funny mark" Roger said getting mad

"Yes It is" Mark said laughing

"So How DID you guys Get Cuffed together?" Collins asked them

"I was an Idiot and dident get Keys to these when I bought them and wanted to see if they would work so I cuffed me and Angel together" Mark said

"What Kind of Idiot Buys Handcuffs without keys?" Mark asked

"I'd like to know that too" Angel told him

"Look the stores closed for tonight most likely so go to the shop tomorrow and See if they have the keys" Collins suggested

"Fine" Angel said listening to Collins

"Fine? How is that Fine were going to be stuck like this all night!" and I know how you and Collins get at Night" Roger said to Angel

"Dont Worry Roger you wont stop us" Collins said laughing at him winking at Angel

"So Where are we staying tonight?" Roger asked

"Our Apartment because this place is flooded" Collins said

"Mark Too?" Roger asked

"Of course" Angel said

"and I'm serious NO SEX" Roger yelled at them

They both Just ignored him and Laughed

"I'm Fucking Serious!" Roger yelled

"and I am too" Collins said making Mark Laugh -------------------------------------------------------------------

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