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The time was now 1:18 am and Roger found him stuck in the middle...

"Collin's" Roger said trying to shake Collin's "Collin's...Move over"

"Sugar go to sleep" Angel said softly to Roger as she fell asleep

"Collin's..."Roger said pushing Collin's "Move Over!"

"Angel Baby" Collin's finally said "If you want rough sex wait until morning"

"What?...I'm not Angel" Roger said getting annoyed "Move!"

"Alright Fine" Collin's said as he put his arms around Roger "Happy baby? Now your warm now go to sleep"

"Urg...I'm not Angel" Roger said started trying to wiggle out "Angel's over there!"

"Baby your wearing long pants" Collin's said "You must be hot why not take them off?"

"You must talk in your sleep Collin's..." Roger said to himself as Collin's started taking his pants off

"There ya go baby" Collin's told Roger

"Yeah Thanks...Baby" Roger said sarcastially "Thank god I have Underwear"

"Roger? Angel? Collin's?" Mark asked as he opened the bedroom door like some little kid

"Marky?" Angel asked "What do ya need sugar? I'm half asleep"

"I heard Noise" Mark told them "I figured either someone was having sex or talking plus I hate the dark"

"It was most likely Collin's sugar" Angel told him "He talks in his sleep"

"I've noticed" Roger said "What do ya want Mark?"

"Can I sleep here?" Mark asked "PLEASE! I feel not included in a sleepover!"

"NO WAY!" Roger yelled "I'm cuddling with Collin's and I'm in the middle and I lack pants!"

"Sorry Sweetie" Angel told Marky "Theres no room" and with that Mark left

"Roger" Angel asked "Why ARE you cuddling with Collin's?"

"He started it!" Roger told her "He wouldent move and you just went to sleep"

"I wanna see!" Angel said giggling "Collin's baby! Can you take off my shirt? I'm kinda warm"

"Sure Baby" Collin's agreed "I knew the clothes you had on would be to warm" and with that off went Rogers shirt

"He thinks I'm you" Roger told her "and now I lack a shirt too!"

"That's to funny!" Angel said laughing "He does that in his sleep alot"

"I've noticed" Roger replied

"Just do what I do Sugar" Angel suggested "Close your eyes and go to sleep and ignore him"


The next morning around 9am Angel Finally managed to get Roger up after trying for an hour when they came out of the room Mark,Collin's and Benny were already attemping to fix the sink

"Hey Guys" Benny said as they walked out "Coffee's made"

"Thanks Sugar!" Angel told Benny as she kissed Collin's

"So Roger?" Collin's asked "How did you sleep?"

"I slept with you" Roger replied "It was horrible you talk in your sleep and you thought I was Angel"

"I am SO sorry Roger" Collin's apologized with a laugh "I forgot Angel told me I do that"

"We'll she's not lying!" Roger agreed

"What happened to your pants?" Mark asked

"Ask Collin's" Roger told him

"So what's the plan for today?" Benny asked "Angel? Roger?"

"Today I wanna see Mimi and then get more info about Maureen and what she did with that Key" Roger told Benny

"Alright then get some pants Roger" Angel told him "I'm leaving with you in 5 minutes"