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Harry sat up with a jolt and straightened his glasses. He checked his watch; it was quarter till ten. He must've fallen asleep while in detention with McGonagall. She'd made him stay and wipe clean all of her desks after he'd fallen asleep in class that day, which had a rather interesting story to it. . . .

"POTTER!" she'd roared. He sat up straight, suddenly wide awake. "LOOK WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MISS PATIL'S SUBJECT!" Harry looked over at Parvati, who was looking down at a bloody mass on her desk in horror.

"Professor, what happened to her mouse?" he said nervously, immediately sickened by what had fallen into his line of his vision.


"Er--I'm sorry, Professor, I haven't been getting much sleep, and I--" he started, but she cut across him.

"Well, you can just come back here at nine o'clock tonight and clean up this charming mass of--of--filth," she spat out in a dangerously quiet voice. "And I mean it, Potter, get some sleep in your own bed, in Gryffindor Tower, so that you do not treat my classroom like a saliva pit." He looked down embarassedly and saw a small puddle of drool that, no doubt, he had made.

"Scourgify," he muttered quickly, and the mess vanished.

So here he was, trying to scrub mouse carcass and blood off of Minerva McGonagall's surgically clean desks. She would not let him use any magic; he must work like a Muggle tonight. If she had wanted him to use a spell, she had said, she would have done it herself. "Rubbish," Harry muttered to himself. "Absolute rubbish."

"It's rubbish, is it Potter, that I would not like mice fighting in my class?" Professor McGonagall herself had just swept through the doorway and was looking rigid and disapproving. "It is rubbish that I would not like animals dying in my classroom?"

"No, Professor, I didn't mean--"

"Really? You were not talking about the task I have bestowed upon you, which, by the way, is only half done?"

"No, ma'am."

"Then what is this 'absolute rubbish' that you speak of?" she said in a quiet but dangerous voice.

"I'd rather not talk about it," Harry said, eyes down.

"Is it the reason you have not been getting sleep?" she asked, her tone softened, even somewhat gentle. Harry thought he saw a flicker of motherly understanding in her eyes, but he could not be sure.

"Erm--no," he lied. She seemed buy this, or maybe she just didn't want to press the subject. Either way, he was glad to finally escape to Gryffindor Tower at ten thirty.

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