A Fight for Survival

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Summary: Troy and Gabriella and the rest of the gang from East high school win a trip to go on a cruise for two weeks. What they think will be a paradise; will end up being a fight for survival. Will they all make it out alive? Or will they have to make some sacrifices?

Everyone at East high school sat in their auditorium, all anxious for Ms. Darbus to come onto the stage and announce the two winners who would each get to pick a friend to go on a luxury cruise for two weeks. Everyone had bought a raffle ticket and whoever's name gets picked out, they get to go on the trip. Everyone became fidgety when Ms. Darbus became late. Everyone just wanted to know who would go so they didnt have to go through with the torturous wait.

Troy Bolton, who sat in a seat next to his long time crush, Gabriella Montez was especially getting anxious. Troy wanted to win this raffle more than anything. He had always wanted to go somewhere outside of New Mexico and just break free from everyone pressuring him to get good grades and to do well in basketball; he just needed time to relax and clear his head. Troy turned to Gabriella and he smiled nervously.

"So, do you think that you're going to get it?" Troy asked Gabriella casually. Gabriella shrugged her shoulders.

"I wouldn't mind if I didn't get it. But I think it would be nice to get away from here and just have time to myself with whoever I would choose to bring with me." Troy nodded his head and looked at her curiously.

"So…just out of curiosity, who would you bring? Anyone I would know?" Gabriella looked Troy in the eye and she grinned. She had a secret crush on him for a really long time and didn't know when to tell him. If she got the trip, she would bring him and she would tell him there.

"I think I would bring you Troy." Troy blinked in a happy surprise. Would this mean that she liked him back?

"You would? Why?" Troy asked, wanting to know why. Gabriella blushed and she smiled happily at him.

"Well…you're a great friend and I think that we would have a great time together on the cruise. Plus, I have a feeling you want to get away from school." Troy nodded his head, hiding his disappointment. He wanted her to say that she wanted to be alone with him. But he still smiled at her.

"Yeah, I need to get away from school." Gabriella nodded her head and then Troy and Gabriella's best friends Taylor and Chad came and took a seat beside them. Gabriella smiled at them both.

"Hey, how are you guys?" Chad looked at her and had a very impatient glare in his eyes.

"I would be a lot better if Ms. Darbus would just hurry up and tell us who gets to go on the cruise!" Chad half screamed, irritated. Taylor laughed at her boyfriend and winked at Gabriella.

"That's all he's been complaining about. I hope they pick his name so that he can finally shut up about it." The three laughed at her comment and Troy leaned forward to look at her.

"That's good thinking Taylor, because I think that Chad wants to be picked." Troy winked. Chad looked at him and had a jokingly angered stare in his eyes.

"I'm going to kill you Bolton." Chad threatened with a laugh. As Troy began to laugh, the long-awaited arrival of Ms. Darbus finally came. She took the microphone and began to speak into it.

"Good morning boys and girls. I apologize for being late; I and the drama presidents had some very important issues to discuss." Almost on cue, the whole school groaned. They knew that Sharpay and Ryan Evans were the drama presidents and they…well; Sharpay…was up to tricks again. Ms. Darbus cleared her throat loudly into the microphone, trying to get their attention again.

"Excuse me! Thank you…as I was saying, the cruise will be for just four individuals for two weeks. I'd also like to thank Sharpay and Ryan Evans for organizing this fundraiser and for giving us your family cruise for two weeks. Give it up for Mr. and Ms. Evans." As everyone began to clap, Sharpay and Ryan walked on stage, waving at everyone like superstars. Troy leaned into Gabriella and began to whisper into her ear.

"I have a feeling that Sharpay is up to here tricks." Troy whispered. Gabriella nodded in return.

"Yeah I think so too. Poor Ryan has to be dragged along with all that." Gabriella whispered before turning to the front. Sharpay took the microphone from Ms. Darbus and smiled that usually overdramatic smile.

"Hi everyone! As you know, there are going to be four individuals from this school who will be going on this cruise, but now six people from this school are going." Everyone gasped in an uneasy surprise. Did that mean that…?

"Because it's mine and my brother's cruise, we get to join the cruise for free. It'll be awesome." After hearing the news, no one wanted to be chosen from the raffle. Ryan took the microphone from his sister and began to speak into it.

"Hello everyone, let's get down to business and see who gets to go on this trip." Everyone was somewhat more relaxed when Ryan started to speak. Ryan was better than Sharpay.

"Okay so Sharpay, you want to bring over the jar of names." Sharpay ran over to the table and was holding a large jar with small paper slips. Ryan took the lid off and he picked out the first name.

"And the first person who will be going on the cruise is…Troy Bolton!" Ryan announced into the microphone. Troy screamed with joy and he ran onto the stage. Troy couldn't believe he won. He couldn't believe that he was chosen. Troy took the microphone from Ryan and began to speak into it.

"Oh my god, thank you so much! You honestly don't know how much this means to me! Oh god, thank you!" Troy nearly screamed into the microphone. Sharpay grabbed a microphone and stood beside Troy.

"So Troy…who's it going to be? Who will you bring?" Sharpay asked. Troy looked into the audience and the audience was screaming 'me' over and over again. Except for Gabriella. She was just giving him thumbs up. Troy smiled at her and he pointed at her.

"I choose Gabriella Montez!" Troy said loudly. Gabriella gasped with shock as she walked to the stage and she took a stand beside Troy. She smiled at him.

"Thanks Troy." Gabriella said with a bright smile on her face. Troy looked into her eyes and he smiled lovingly. Oh he could get lost in her eyes.

"Let's not wait, let's pick the next name from the raffle." Sharpay said loudly into her microphone and she picked the next name from the jar. She looked at the name and she smiled.

"And the next person is…Chad Danforth!" Chad screamed loudly with joy and he grabbed Taylor by the arm and they both walked onto the stage. Chad grabbed Troy's microphone and began to speak into it.

"I'M GOING ON A CRUISE! And I'm bringing my girl, Taylor with me so we can both enjoy the sun, the food and the time away from school! Thank you East high, it was nice being here! Sorry you guys couldn't come!" Chad screamed into the microphone and then the four winners walked off stage. Every single one of them was happy to have got the opportunity to go on this cruise.

Gabriella was at her locker, getting the last of her books from her locker and she sighed happily. Two weeks of being with Troy all day made her think that this was the chance that she truly needed. Maybe Troy and she would both become more than friends on this trip. Gabriella hoped that maybe Troy picked her because he felt the same way about her. Gabriella closed her locker and she began to walk down the hall, when she felt someone grab her arm lightly. It was Troy.

"Gabriella, wait up." Gabriella smiled at the sight of Troy. Every time she saw him, she always lit up with a smile.

"Hey Troy…you excited for the trip?" Gabriella asked casually as they began to walk out of the school. Troy nodded his head.

"Yeah I think that this trip will be a great chance to just relax and escape from school and Ms. Darbus." Gabriella nodded her head in agreement. Thinking about why she wanted to go so bad and leave made her feel sad.

"Oh tell me about it. I've got so much going on." Troy noticed that the tone in her voice was really sad and he had a great amount of concern in his eyes.

"Is everything okay Gabriella?" Gabriella looked into Troy's ocean blue eyes and she was about to tell him, but then she decided not to; she didn't want Troy to worry about it.

"Oh its nothing never mind."

"Are you sure Gabriella?" Gabriella nodded her head with a fake smile.

"Yeah...Troy, thanks for picking me Troy. You didn't have to." Gabriella told him modestly as they walked out into the parking lot. Troy looked at her and he smiled caringly.

"Gabriella, come on you're my best friend. We've been through everything together. Of course I would pick you. Plus, I knew you would've done the same for me." Troy told her humbly. Gabriella smiled at how much he respected her.

"Yeah, I would have Troy." The two smiled at each other, when Troy suddenly pointed at his car.

"Do you want a ride home? I wouldn't mind it at all." Gabriella smiled at Troy. She loved how affectionate Troy was towards her.

"I would really appreciate that Troy." The two walked into Troy's car and they began to drive off, both thinking of what they were going to pack, but also if the other would admit to liking each other.

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