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Chapter 1 – Far Too Late


"Ah, crap!" I exclaim as I catch sight of the clock on Bumblebee's dashboard, 11:45.

Mikaela turns to look at me, "What's wrong, Sam?" the question soft.

I look her dead in the eyes and say, "Dad is going to take my head off. My curfew was supposed to be 12 o'clock."

The soft reeves from the engine indicating Bee was laughing did not help my mood in the slightest, and Mikaela's musical laugh was just barely hidden.

"Don't Laugh Bee; don't you remember what Dad said?" I ask, kind of ticked that he of all things could find this funny.

Bee radio flicks on, but all that's on it is static. Mikaela looks confused, but I know that the static means that Bee has no idea what I'm talking about.

"Well then. Let me remind you." In the best imitation of my Father's voice I can muster I say, "Sam if your late one more time I swear I'll lock that car in the garage and you won't see it for the next month!"

Bee's Radio goes silent, then some late-night talk show host shots, "LET'S MOVE IT!"

Bee floors the gas so fast that I'm pushed right back into my seat and Mikaela lets out a little scream of surprise. Mikaela looks at me wide eyed, and I realize that I must have a very similar look on my face, we had no idea that Bee could move that fast, the speedometer saying were starting to push 300mph.

Cautiously Mikaela moves her seat up and says, "Bumblebee, could you slow down some? You're scaring the crap out of Sam and me."

Bee does hit the breaks some and I happen to catch the sight of red and blue lights fading in the distance.

I turn to look and have to laugh, a few cop cars and SUVs with built in lights (1) are trying to keep up with Bee; one isn't doing too bad though, a custom police mustang slightly ahead of the rest, but still no match for Bee.

We lose them in no time, and we make it to Mikaela's house in record time, seven minutes.

I get out and walk Mikaela to the door. At the steps a playful smile comes over her face, and leans in to whisper something into my ear. Behind me I can hear Bee moving hoping to hear whatever it was she wanted to say.

Just to annoy him, I cup my hand over my ear, and Mikaela says, "Don't tell Bee, but I had a blast! We definitely gave those cops a good run for their money." She giggles softly, "We have to do that again soon, now get your butts home before you in any more trouble."

She gives me a soft peck and walks inside. I watch the door for a little before running back to Bee, and letting him floor it all the way home. It would have been a 40 minute drive, but with Bee going so fast it only took 20. I was still late though.

I saw dad sitting in the living room, and it didn't take a genius to know that I was in a world of trouble.

I open the door, and Dad finally takes notice that I was home. He comes over and I swear the look on his face makes me think that he wants to kill me.

"Sam, where have you been?" he asks softly.

"S…sorry, Dad." I stammered. "Mikaela and I were with our friends and we lost track of the time. I got ho…"

"Sam, you've become so irresponsible lately! I'm sorry isn't enough this time!" he starts to yell, "You're almost half an hour late!"

"Come on Dad! I'm not as bad as some other kids!"

"Other kids, what other kids do you know that break curfew?!"

"At least I come home! If Trent is late, he just crashes in his car and leaves his mom to worry about him!"

"Well, you're not Trent and I'm not his mother!"

'OK, that just put a very Scary image in my head' I can't help but think, imagining my Dad in one of Trent's mom's very frilly pink dresses and Sunbonnets (2).

"If you want to act like Trent," he continues, "Then you can just get out of the house tonight!"

"What?!" I am shocked to say the least. Was he trying to kick me out of the house?

"Yeah, go on then, you're 18 now and can come and go as you please." He grabs my house keys and shoves me out the door.

"You can come back in the morning, but until then I don't care what you do!" He slams the door in my face and I hear the lock click into place. The lights turn off and I know that he's not coming back.

I turn to Bee in the driveway, just stare at him, and he is inexplicitly silent. I do not move for a full minute, in too much shock to do anything.

Finally I walk back to Bee and climb back in. Bee radio flicks to life, "Where'd you go….There's nothing left here for you…Where'd you go?" Fort Minor and Rock Gods Goods ask.

I laugh, before saying, "God, Bee. We're so screwed."

From upstairs on the balcony My Dad's voice sounds, "Get going! I don't want to see you or that car anywhere near the house until the sun comes up!" Bee throws it into gear and backs out.

Bee and I drive around aimlessly for a while, and it is now close to 1:30 in the morning.

I'm still in a daze over what happened.

Bee's voice suddenly comes over the radio, "Sam? What are we going to do? We can't keep driving around like this. We both need to rest."

I stop and look around us, noticing that our wanderings have taken us to the outskirts of Tranquility.

"Doesn't Captain… oh no, wait, he got a promotion… Doesn't Lieutenant Colonel (3) Lennox live around here somewhere?" I question.

"Yeah, and Ironhide is there with him! I could radio him and see if the Lieutenant Colonel's willing to put us up for the night."

"Go for it Bee! Hopefully he'll say yes."

Bee falls silent, while he contacts Ironhide and I was left to my thoughts. Looking out the open passenger side window I see that we are riding along a high ridge with a thick line of trees below. I think, 'God, I wouldn't want to fall off of that.'

My thoughts kept drifting back to that scene on the doorstep and my head was facing the other way and Bee was talking to Ironhide so consequentially neither of us saw the black van that ran the red light. Until it was far too late.

The van rams us at 90mph; I am thrown right from Bee, the world spinning as I fly. Pain erupts from all points of my body that hits the ground as I roll across the pavement, but the next thing I know is that I am falling. My last thought before I hit the ground is 'Shit.'

Massive pain ruptures though my body if only for a second before all I see is darkness.

End Chapter

(1)- Think the Sector Seven Vans only painted like cop cars instead.

(2)- OK…Now I've scared myself 00

(3)- Yes I gave him a promotion, and he will be taken off active duty along with his men, I can't see him going threw all that, clearly far above the call of duty, and the government not rewarding him in some way.

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