Bart and Lisa un in the mountain. Snow everywhere. They were no suit for the weather. They where normal cloths and they get sick. They wood die!

"Lis' its a life or death situaytine." Bart said as he unzipped his pants.


"It's life or death and we must live on and get warmed up somehow!"

Bart was the right! But Lisa was reluctant but gave in to incest.

He took off her cloths and slid it in her (he didn't have pants just panty so Lisa kept clothes on was easy, and roughed her up. Lisa put her arms and legs around Bart for support. Eventually he cam in and he went unconcious on top of her to Lisa clutched onto his body and feel asleep, Its a good thing Lisa had recess recieving organs or she wood have tired out from the workout like Bart Simpson.


Homer Marge you dottor is dead."

"Oh no!!!!"

"Oh wait did I say dottor I meant son." It was good ol' Dr Hiibart goffing up agin!


Lisa finally WOKE up.

"What happen." Lisa say.

"You awake. Bart is d'oh."

"Oh NO!!"

"I tell you not to play in mountain!"

"Another thing Lisa." Hiibart say "Congradulation"


"You will be a mother." He say.

Mage and Homer in shock to.

"Who is father? And why was Bart found on top of you and inside of you and naked and you were seen in a suggestive lovers pose with him with your panty accidentally loose?"

Lisa turn red and suddenly remember. "We used last resort to keep warm."

"You mean..."

Lisa nod.

"WHY YOU LITTLE...!" Homer choke Bart's lifeless body.

"Dad please stop he saved my life with that because women are have recessive parts and I did not exhaust myself with a dominant 'worm'.

"What we do now?" Marge say.

"I want an abortion." Lisa say.

"What no, the last living part of my baby is still in you!"

"Mom its my baby I can do whatever I want with it."

"Okay." Marge sop and Homer confort it.

"Hmm." Lisa thinking "Well it's also Barts child and he is dead so out of respect for saving me i think I should have it after all!"