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Chapter 1

The summer was coming to an abrupt end as she tried mentally willing time to either stop or go backwards. She knew as soon as summer was over she'd be back at the hell hole called school. Things wouldn't have been so bad if she was going back to school with all her friends, but no, this year she was going to be in an all new environment. Her parents decided that it would be best that she detach herself from her surroundings and see things through a new perspective. What they were really saying was that she should get out of the house so they could have their "bonding" time. They would never blatantly put it that way, but that was what they were thinking.

As much as she loved her parents they had never really seen eye to eye on most things. They were expecting their daughter to attend Banting University or even move to the states and attend Harvard Law school, when in truth she detested the idea. She wanted a life of less glamour. She simply wanted her camera or pencils in hand. Her parents hated the thought that they're daughter would be content with repainting the Sistine Chapel if need be. They wanted her to be the either be an important business woman or a powerful attorney. She wanted her parents to understand, but that was almost like wishing all the members of The Clash were alive and well.

The sun was setting in the horizon as the girl sat in her lawn chair watching. She had her charcoal pencils in hand as she proceeded to draw the sunset on the tablet lying on her lap. Proudly she smiled to herself as with each passing left to right motion the picture became clearer. When most think of the sunset they think of oranges, yellows and even on some occassions a purple here and there, but she didn't. No, for her even the brightest moments in her life still seemed dull. Her lackluster world was something that she had grown accustomed to. In her 17 years of life she had learned that a simple yes followed by a smile went a long way.

"Darling come inside. Your father wants to talk to you about school." Her mother called from the front steps.

"Ok Mother I'll be in there in a sec. Just let me finish this."

"No he said he doesn't have time to wait on you."

"Alright I am coming."

On a day to day basis her friends would call her a pushover, and that may seem like the case, but was actually far from the truth. The truth was that she was not a confrontational girl. She enjoyed the simplicities of life. Her theory was that arguing with someone caused far too much effort and it only complicated matters, so why even bother? She hurried inside as she was told.

Her family lived a comfortable life style. Her father was an executive at the Clark & Nunez advertising agency and her mother was the home body. She never really left the house unless she was going grocery shopping or something of that nature. She used to be a preschool teacher, but that changed after her car accident. She felt that she she could no longer deal with things at school. They were in no way wealthy but they were also far from poor.

"Honey come in here." Her father called from his office.

"Hey Dad." She says sitting down in the chair in front of her.

Most days when she would enter his in home office she felt as if she was his client not his daughter. After her father had become engrossed in his job they became very distant. As a child she felt she could tell him anything and he would do anything to the best of his ability to make her happy. Times had changed and that wasn't the case anymore.

"I know you were expecting to go to school in the next week, but you're mother and I decided that it would be best for you if you left for school tomorrow." His voice sounded devoid of all emotion.

"Why Dad?"

"Well we know this is going to be a change for you and it would nice for you to meet some of the girls at your school."

"Oh ok."

"Alright I guess I'll see you at dinner then Alex."

"Yeah see you then Dad."

She exited the room as quickly as she entered it. She learned over the past two years that it is better to show no emotion, once you're behind closed doors you can let your emotions go. Once she reached her bedroom she began to rummage through everything. Her room was already a mess on account of her early packing but this didn't help matters any. Every article of clothing soon found it's way to a pile in the middle of her room.

She took her tablet and pencils in hand once again and stood on her balcony. She had no idea what she was going to draw but she needed her sanity and this was the only way to keep it. Most days she thought that her fingers had a mind of their own. She never knew exactly what she was going to find on her paper she until it was finished. As her fingers began to guide her she began to feel much more relaxed. The anger that had built up moments before was slowly leaving her body. She wasn't happy by a long shot, but she wasn't ready to kill anyone either, which was the important part.

After an hour passed she finally had a completed piece of artwork before her. The hills that formed the perimeter of her yard were there along with the trees. Farther in the distance of the drawing you could a small family of cattle. Everything seemed to blend well together all except for the tiny detail that would cause you strain your eyes to see. If you looked close enough you see a small girl. It seemed that everything in the pictured had absorbed the girl. Isn't it ironic how the most important things in life are the last things one notices?