Here's the last chapter

Everybody got settled into their roles, Sara became a Gryffindor and she and Harry were still friends and Sara even made friends with Ginny. Sara and Harry were nothing more but friends

Harry loved having his family with him, his dad didn't make it hard for him in Potions any more and his grandpa's class was fun and he even got into the sport of Gobstones even though Ron thought it was kind of weird

Having his family at school wasn't all fun and games though

Harry hated being grounded but it was refreshing to have somebody care for him and actually care that he gets in trouble or has good marks in school and stuff like that. It was great to have his family watch him play Quidditch and actually know somebody is proud of him

Harry tried his best to stay out of trouble through out the last two years of his Hogwarts days, it was really hard with three professors as your dad, your grandma and your grandpa, lets just say he spent half of his time in his dad's quarters because he was grounded and a lot of the time he never sat very comfortably and his grandma knew how to use a spoon when Harry asked for it

It's not like Harry is a bad kid, he's still trying to get used to the idea of having a family and he still likes prowling at night and that is when he's usually caught, like the time after a quidditch practice and after curfew when Harry snuck out with his broom to get some more flying time and to practice some broom moves he just learned from a book, his dad caught him when he was taking a midnight stroll around the grounds

" Oh you have got to be kidding" Harry mumbled

" Get down right now young man" Severus yelled and he sounded mad

Harry groaned but did as he was told

" What do you think you were doing up there?" Severus asked shaking Harry slightly

" Um... broom moves I read from a book" Harry said

" At this time of night and with out anybody knowing where you are?" Severus asked, " You're lucky I decided to take a stroll when I did"

" You call this luck?" Harry thought to himself

" Do you realize you could have fallen off your broom and broken your neck?" Severus asked

Harry winced, he would never forget that time his dad had to save his life during the summer because he did a stunt that almost got himself killed

" You're grounded until the end of term" Severus said and he smacked Harry's backside ten times, " And that's just a warm up"

Harry groaned and sighed and let his dad lead him to his quarters

Yep it's so good having a parent to care so much


Sorry it's so short, but I thought it wrapped everything up