A/N: When I get bored or want to procrastinate, I like to drabble tiny fics in Lily's point of view. They won't really be the center of my focus though; they're just posted because I have nothing better to do with them, and if you want to, you can read and review.

I sit by the window, and I listen.

I don't exactly know what I listen for, but I listen.

Birds chirp outside my window. Water droplets fall on the thick glass separating me from the outside world. The common room is silent for once. I like that; it's not often I can lounge about this way and enjoy the quiet. Gryffindors are the loudest in the school.

I hear a noise. I turn around, looking for the source. It's a boy; a boy with hair darker than charcoal, eyes more intricate than ivory, and an ego bigger than Russia. He smiles at me, and I turn back to the window. There is nothing worth paying attention to in that boy.

He drops a piece of parchment in my lap before going back to his dormitory. I pick it up and I open it.

Rain falls outside on the grass
Forming little drops of dew
Despite that little miracle though,
All I think of is you

I toss the parchment aside; I have no use for it. I go back to watching the rain, losing myself to my thoughts.

A true little miracle, I decide, would be James Potter not flirting with me one day in the week.