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Rin looked up at the doctor, her eyes widened . " A mistake? What kind of mistake, doctor?" She asked nervously. Tsukiko shook her head and grabbed Rin's wrist in aggrivation. She looked up at the young girl so seriously, that it almost scared her.

"Never mind that! It's an emergency! Give me his work number now!" Tsukiko yelled, scaring young Rin. Rin was new here, and she didn't know much about working in a hospital. She was only trying to get involved in the hospital work. To be treated as some one in the work staff. She lowered her head in shame, "I'm sorry, doctor. I'm just curious, that's all." She admit.

Annoyed, and exhausted from a long days work, Tsukiko sighed. She removed her hand from Rin's wrist and placed it down at her side. "Look, Rin, I hate to be acting like such a bitch right now, but this is very important. Can I please just have his number?" She asked, more clam than before.

Rin nodded, and went over to her computer and typed a few things in. About a minute or so later, she wrote down his number and handed it to the doctor. Tsukiko snatched the number away and ran back to her office. "Thank you!" She hollered at Rin from behind her.

She ran into her office and closed the door behind her, so she could have a private call. She looked at the paper and picked up her office phone and began to dial the number. The phone rang three times before some one answered it. The voice on the other end was a man, sounded much older than her, but kind. Angry, but very kind at the least.

"Hello?" He answered. Tsukiko cleared her throat, and tried her absolute best to sound calm and professional about the current situation. "Hello, is Miroku Houshi working today? This is Doctor Sagi, and I have something very importnant to discuss with him. Do you know where he is by any chance?" She asked.

The man on the other end of the line scoffed in annoyance, and replied, "Hell if I know. That lazy bastard hasn't shown up for work in almost two months. Hasn't even called to say what's going on with him. if you do see him, tell him he's fired."

Inuyasha, who just happened to be walking by at the moment of his bosses little episode, walked into the office.

"Um, sir. if I could just have th phone for a moment, I think I can find where Miroku is for you." Inuyasha answered. his boss nodded, and went back to the doctor who he had left on the other line. "Here, I'll put you on the phone with an employee of mine." He told her, and handed the phone to Inuyasha.

"Hello? Are you there?" He asked.

"Yes." Tsukiko answered.

Inuyasha sighed, "I think this is where you'll find him. I'm not positive, but this is the only place I think you'll find him. The phone number is 449- 126-3F7D." He answered.

"Thank you so much!" Tsukiko cheered. Inuyasha just replied with a mile and hung up the phone. "I can't believe I actually remember her number after all these years." he said to himself smiling, and walked out of the office.

Once she got the information that she needed, Tsukiko hung up the phone and began to dial the number that Inuyasha had given her. It rang three times before it was answered.

"Hello?" Kagome asked from the other side. She had just gotten out of a nice, hot shower, and was only covered by a pink towel that was wrapped tightly around her body.

"Hello, this is doctor Tsukiko Sagi. I need to speak to Miroku Houshi. Is he there with you by any chance?" Tsukiko asked.

"No, I'm afraid he isn't." Kagome answered, "I know where he is though. He went with my older sister to The Sakura Blossom Hotel. I'm sure that he's still there."

Tsukiko sighed in annoyance. She wasn't in the mood to be making so many calls. She was far too busy for such childs play. "Are you kidding me?" She mumbled softly under her breath, making sure that Kagome was unable to hear her. "Okay, well thanks for the help." Tsukiko replied and hung up.

She sighed angrily, and pressed her index fingers into her temple, massaging her aching head. " I can't believe how much I have to go through to contact one person." She groaned. She got back up from her desk and went back out to the front desk where Rin was still sitting.

Rin noticed her walk in and she smiled brightly. "Did everything work out, doctor?" she asked. Tsukiko sighed again.

"I'll take that as a no, then." Rin replied.

"Rin, can you search for the number to The Sakura Blossom Hotel.? Tsukiko asked. Rin nodded, and smiled, "right away doctor." She answered, and did what she was told right away, so to avoid being yelled at again.

She wrote down the number, and gave it to Tsukiko. "There you go."

"Thanks again, Rin." Tsukiko said smiling, and walked back into her office. She sat down at her desk and began dialing the new number that she was given.

The phone rang only once before it was picked up by Miike, who was sitting at the front desk reading. (A/N: If it's really anything like my friend Mike, then it's probably a Star Wars book.) He held the phone to his ear, "Hello, you've reached The Sakura Blossom Hotel, how may I help you?" He asked in the most professional voice he could manage.

Tsukiko was glad that she finally reached the correct place. "Yes, this is Tsukiko Sagi. I hear you have a guest there by the name of Miroku Houshi. He is a patient of mine, and I need to know if he's in." She answered.

"I believe so. I didn't see either Miroku, or Sango leave their room today. I'll transfer your call for you ma'am." Miike answered, and transfered the call to the room.

Miroku and Sango were laying on their hotel bed. They weren't sleeping, but they were both just exhausted of all the things that had been going on between them. Miroku held Sango close to his body, and he stroked her hair softly.

"I'll miss you." Sango whispered, "I'll miss you so much."

Miroku shushed her softly, fearing that if she continued she would start crying. "There is no need to bring that up, okay. What matters is that I'm alive now, so let's try to make the best of it." He answered, rising from the bed, and leaning over her with a sinful grin spread across his face.

Sango looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean by that?" she asked. Miroku just giggled softly, and positioned himself ontop of her. He held her lightly by her wrists and moved them up above her head, still keeping his grip on them. "I think you know exactly what I mean." He grinned against her skin as he left kisses down her neck.

Caught in the heat of the moment, Sango couldn't help but let a small moan escape her lips. She smiled as Miroku continued having his way. "Miroku, I'm too tired to even think about having sex right now." She sighed. Miroku looked up to her and smiled, "well, who said you had to do anything. This is for me."

He went back to nipping softly at her collar bone. He removed one hand from her wrist, and used it to cup her left breast, which seemed to fit perfectly in the palm of his hand. Her breast had grown twice their size from the pregnancy, making Miroku's already dirty mind even more repulsive. He massaged it through her thin white cotton shirt. Her bra was nearly visible through it.

"Miroku..." Sango sighed softly. No matter how tired she was, no matter how much her body and mind ached, she wanted him. She missed being with him. She missed being one with him. With the man she loved so dearly.

The man who would soon leave her life for good.

That thought made Sango tear up. She didn't want Miroku to see she was crying, she wanted him to be too engulfed in her body to notice. Unfortunatly, Miroku always cared more about her feelings, than her body.

After hearing a small sniffle come from her, Miroku looked up and saw Sango's eyes all teared up. he removed his hand from her breast, "sorry Sango, am I squeezing too hard. Your breast must be sore from the pregnancy." He asked, rising from her.

"No that's not it." Sango said crying softly. She wiped a tear that fell from her eye, "I'm sorry Miroku, but I can't enjoy making love with you if I know you aren't going to be around to do it with me ever again."

Miroku nodded, and pulled her in close to him. "Okay, I understand."

Before going on, the phone rang at their bed side. they were both wondering what could be going on, considering that people almost never got calls in hotel rooms. "Huh? That's weird. I wonder who it could be." Miroku asked.

"I don't know." Sango answered. She reached for the phone and picked it up. "Hello?"

An annoyed Tsukiko was on the other end of the line. "Hello, this isd doctor Tsukiko Sagi. I would like to speak to Miroku Houshi. Is he there with you?" She asked for the up-teenth time already.

"Um, yes he is." Sango answered. She handed the phone to Miroku. Miroku took it from her and began speaking to the doctor.

"Hello?" Miroku asked.

"Miroku? Miroku is it you this time?" Tsukiko asked hopefully.

"Yes this is Miroku Houshi." He answered. The phone call seemed to go on forever, when in fact it was only about a five minute conversation. Sango watched Miroku's facial expressions carefully, watching to see if he changed it at all. Sadly, his face didn't cange in expression once through out the whole call.

"Okay, bye." Miroku sighed and hung up the phone.

Sango could tell that his conversation hadn't changed for the better. She reached for his hand and held it firmly. "I'm so sorry, baby."

"Sango, there's something I want to ask you, and you have to promise me that you will give me nothing less than the truth." Miroku began. Sango nodded, "I would never lie to you."

"That day," Miroku continued, "that day that you found the ring I was saving for you... If I weren't going to die, and I actually asked you to marry me, would you have said yes?"

"Of course." Sango answered.

Miroku turned to her and grabbed her hands in his, "and if I asked you that today, would you still say yes?"

"Yes, Miroku. I love you more than anything." Sango told him.

Miroku looked deeply into Sango's eyes. She was telling the truth. He could see it in the very center of her soul that she would have said yes.

After a moment of silence, Miroku leaned in and kissed Sango passionatly. He pulled apart from her and smiled. "Then you better start sending out the invitations."

Sango gasped softly. "You mean..." she started, her eyes filling up with tears.

"That's right Sango, I'm going to live."

Sango couldn't help but throw herself on him. She couldn't believe that Miroku was going to live after all. She kissed him furiously, tasting everything he possibly had to offer her. Miroku pulled away, and grabbed Sango's hands, leading her off the bed, and onto their room balcony. "Then we might as well make it official."

Sango felt herself choke on her own breath. She watched him as he pulled the small velvet box out of his back pocket, and get down on one knee. She was sobbing now, but neither of them cared. Miroku was starting to get emotional himself. He opened the box, and showed Sango the beautiful diamond ring he had for her to wear. The ring seemed even more beautiful than it did before.

After clearing his throat, Miroku began to speak in the most soft, and gentle voice ever heard. "Sango, I love you. I've been madly in love with you for the past decade," he began, "I want to spend every day of the rest of my life by your side as your loving husband. Sango, will you marry me?" He asked finally.

Sango threw herself on him, and cried out, "Yes! Yes! I will!" Miroku wrapped his arms around her tightly. He wasn't sure wether it was Sango's happiness, or the tenderness of the moment, but something made a tear fall from his dark violet eyes.

The next morning, the happy couple had their bags packed, and were ready to return home. They had already said goodbye to Miike and Sakimi, and were on there way home. Sango was busy putting her luggage in that truck of Miroku's car. Miroku was still standing in the threshold of the hotel room.

He looked into the room. It may have seemed like an ordinary hotel room to any body else, but to him and Sango, it was almost their sanctuary. It was the place where they fell in love again, where they acted out their most sacred pleasures, where they vowed to love each other for eternity and onward.

"Hey, Miroku, are you coming?" Sango called from behind him.

"Yeah, I'll just be a minute." Miroku answered. Sango came up quietly behind him. She wrapped her arms around his waist, and looked into the room.

"You know, I'm really going to miss this place." Miroku sighed. Sango sighed a breath of relief, "me too."

"But hey, we still have a long life together. We'll have plenty more chances to make wonderful memories." Sango replied. She brought Miroku in for a tender kiss on the lips. Miroku smiled back at her, "I guess you're right."

5 Years Later...

"Daisuke! That hurt!" Yelled 5-year-old Dita as he lay on the florr where his twin brother, Daisuke had so violently pushed him.

"Hey, it's not my fault you can't stay on your feet, Dita!" Daisuke hollered from across the kitchen. Dita found his balance and raced after his brother. Daisuke turned quickly down the hall way, only to run right into a pair of legs that were standing there. Daisuke fell back, and looked up to see what had blocked his path.

"What are you two trouble makers doing?" Miroku asked the young boys, "I thought we told you that there's no running in the house."

"Sorry, daddy." The boys said in unison. Dita looked up nervously into his fathers eyes, "Are you gonna punish us, daddy?"

"I'm not going to do anything..." Miroku started. Then he leaned over the two boys and grinned evilly, "but I think the tickle monster has something to say about it!" He yelled.

The two boys screamed playfully, and tried their best to escape their father, but Miroku was too fast and grabbed both boys, and threw them on the couch. He jumped on them and began to tickle them everywhere. They laughed so hard they began to turn blue.

"Hey, what are you boys doing?" Sango asked from the arch way into their living room. She was smiling brightly. She had cut her hair shorter, and it made her look much younger. Miroku hadn't changed a bit in looks in the past 5 years. "If you guys are too loud, you'll wake up Ayumi." Sango giggled.

Ayumi was their 7 month old sister who was taking one of her daily naps upstairs in her crib.

"Whoops! We forgot, mommy." Dita said, clasping his hand over his mouth. Daisuke knew that when Ayumi was taking her nap that everyone had to be extra quiet so not to wake her up. You know what they say about waking up a sleeping baby. "C'mon, Dita! Let's go play outside." Daisuke suggested.

"Okay!" Dita cheered, and they ran for the door.

"Don't wander off too far, boys! Stay where I can see you!" Miroku called to them.

"We know!" They shouted, and shut the door behind them.

After the boys left, the house seemed much quieter. Like it was before they were born, and Miroku and Sango had just bought the house. The happy couple looked at each other. This is what their life promised. They were blessed with two healthy boys, who were the spitting image if their father, and a sweet babay girl, who was nothing short of an angel.

Miroku reached out to Sango, as a sign for her to come to him. She did so, and held him dearly.

"I love you." She whispered. Miroku wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her into an even greater hug. "I love you too."

Miroku's mind began to wander to what it would have been like if he did die. If he left Sango alone to care for two boys all on her own. If he had missed this amazing opportunity at parenthood, the one that he had been waiting for since he was old enough to actually make the miracle happen.

Looking at all that he had before him, he shook his head. He was going to live. He was going to live for his children, and his wife. He didn't even want to think about dying.

Death just wasn't an option.

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