Hello and welcome, yet again, to the author's note, and also, welcome to the sequel. If you haven't yet read The Story Behind Volkner I'd suggest you go and read it before beginning this one. It is a sequel after all. I would like to remind everyone once more that this is not my original work. My friend Ash is the creator of the plotline, and my job here is to make it pretty and give it a home. This, as was its prequel, is told in Volkner's perspective, and at some points in later chapters, switches between Roark's perspective and the pokemon's perspective, but that will be dealt with when I get there. The pairs in this fic consist mostly of VolknerxRoark…and maybe if you squint RoarkxByron (but that one wasn't intentional) Yes that means this is yaoi, so if you don't like that, you'd better get out of here quick, refer to the M rating if you have any doubts. Other than that, thank you for sticking with us long enough to see the sequel, and enjoy the show.

Volkner's Secret Love

Chapter One

Alright, so here I am again. A little passed noon and I'm standing around here in Veilstone City, hoping that the fangirls haven't caught on just yet, and that I'll be able to meet my angel again without having to run like all hell to do it. It's been a couple of days since I've seen him, and honest to God, I miss the kid. He and I have been dating a couple weeks now…maybe almost a month-ish…and between my Gym and his Gym and out social lives and everything else, it's been nothing short of insane. But, hallelujah, it's the weekend again and we can finally see one another again.

But…he's not ready to take our relationship passed occasional groping makeouts…and…well, if you want to be blunt about it, I'm sexually frustrated, yep, I very much am.


I turned around and find myself struggling to keep myself standing upright as Roark dives into my arms. Nice to know he missed me too,

"Hey, you." I say to him softly, burying my face in his hair. I'm kind of happy he didn't bother to wear that silly hard hat. Apparently, in his mind, it's a fashion statement. In mine, it's a huge hindrance. He shivered and looked up at me,

"Wanna' come over to my place?" he asked, almost shyly.

A stay at Roark's apartment…just in the half a second after he said it, I already had in mind at least seven things I wanted to do during a visit like that…unfortunately enough for me, he caught the look on my face,

"Volkner," he hissed, cue a blush, "I never said we could do that." Despite his tone of voice, I knew that he was just flustered, as usual. But damn it all, how am I supposed to argue with him? He's just too damn cute…

"I know, I know," I replied softly, running my fingers through his hair and making him shiver again, "But if you don't hurry up and work up your nerve, my dick is gonna shrivel up and I'll have nothing left to do you with."

He blushed again. One point for Volkner.

Alright, alright, I know that was unneccisarily short. But the next part is a completely different thought all together so they need to be seperated or else my self-diagnosed OCD yells at me. Consider this a teaser. Chappie Two will be up promptly. :)