Hello and welcome to another Author's Note. First, my most sincere apologies to all of you who have been following this story. I haven't updated in far too long. I had to put my efforts into school and applying to colleges and nursing a romance of my own, and that took up alot of time (that and the initial obsession in which I wrote this story and its prequel began to wear off as the Daimond and Pearl craze died down). On that note, I regret to inform you all that the extended hiatus is still in effect as I have no idea when I will find the motivation to write the next chapter. I found the time and drive to get this done durring a late night session of "i'm bored so i'm going to write porn now". However you have my word that as soon as I have chapters finished I will post them right away (Its actually a little painful to me, knowing whats to come in later chapters, to write about it since it so closely mirrors my own experiences with love, but i digress). My apologies again, and please enjoy the lemon to follow. :)

Chapter Seven

There was a bit of obligatory making out before we got to the exciting part. Everything Roark had said was buzzing through my head and continually turned me on. It's a rare occasion when I blush. Even rarer when I admit to it. Let me tell you, my face was burning. A shade of red that could even put Flint's afro to shame. But do I ever have a damn good reason to be!

Roark slipped away from my mouth and trailed kisses across my jaw line to my ear, then down my neck toward my shoulder. He knew the exact spot to bite down on that made me gasp, and the exact spot between there and my shoulder that made me flinch at the ticklish prickle. He doubles back across my collar bone before moving down the center of my chest with his hands on either side for backup, just in case. One hand strays for balance, but the other falls over one of my nipples and caresses it. Around and round in a circle, softly, precisely. Then suddenly,

"Ahh!" I had to sit up to recover sufficiently from the distracting explosion of pain that had come out of nowhere where Roark pinched too hard. He burned and offered a sorry look and bent to lick the bud in apology, which becomes instantly hard (just like something else of mine I could mention) and I can only moan as his tongue swirls around. The heat is so delicious and I lean into it, but he won't have any of that and pushes me down flat on my back again.

I suppose Roark figured he'd done enough damage to my upper half and continued his journey south, kissing the rest of the way down my chest, over my stomach and coming to a stop at the thin trail of hair that lead down to the prize. His hands had wandered down to match and made a short trip around my thighs before a single finger trailed up from the base of my painfully erect cock to the head. The further it traveled the higher pitched and more out-of-character my moan became. When I heard him laugh I open one eye to hazily regard him.

My little angel, this shy little kid, was sitting there with the sexiest, almost devilish grin on his face. He'd paused with his one finger at the head of my erection, rubbing in a circle and spreading around the bit of white that had already begun to leak, and his other hand hovering hardly a fraction from my cock. His smile broadened a bit when he realized I was looking at him,

"Sorry, did you want something?" he teased and I could only offer a frustrated groan in response, to which Roark laughed, "You look so flustered and horny." He said and leaned over so I could feel him exhaling against my boner. I never knew he could be such a tease!

"Of course I'm freakin' horny!" I splutter pitifully, "Ugh…c'mon…hurry," I whined, "I'm gonna' die…"

Roark giggled at me again, smiled and carefully wrapped his hand around my erection, taking the head in his mouth and swirling his tongue around it. I cry out amid the ecstasy and toss my head, taking handfuls of my bed sheets and gripping them until my knuckles were white. His hand starts pumping, slowly, so painfully slowly. Up, down, up, down, then just to mix things up a bit, pause, squeeze, up, down, then really fast updownupdownupdown. It was enough to make my head spin and then pop clear off.

Just when I was dabbling around that little golden moment before orgasm, everything just stopped. Just dropped right off a cliff into the abyss. I opened my eyes again to find Roark once more grinning at me. I glowered at him the best I could around the fog in my head,

"You tease." I said, not caring when my voice cracked. Roark smiled wider,

"Aw, c'mon, Volk, I know you want it…what's the magic word?"

Although I felt completely ridiculous in doing so, I whimpered softly as my erection throbbed,

"Roark…don't tease me…just…"

"Just what?" Those two words were so taunting, so haughty, that I just couldn't hold myself back any longer,

"Just fucking give me a blow job before I explode!"

Roark giggled again, but wasted no breath on banter and before I could quite get a hold of myself again, he'd taken my entire length in his mouth and had set to running his tongue over every inch of it he could get at. The noise that escaped me was loud and guttural and…yea, mostly just loud. I'm finding it increasingly hard to believe this is his first time giving head. That or he's watched more than his fair share of porn…I don't know. I can hardly concentrate on not squirming myself off the bed all together. God, I feel like coming buckets right now. Then, around all the amazing things he was doing with his tongue, Roark bobs his head a bit, and drags a hum out and that's all it took,

"Oh, God," I gasped, "Roark…I'm…ahh!" And then the orgasm hit. I arched my back and held onto the sheets for dear life as my full-to-bursting cock emptied itself into Roark's mouth. I only half heard the strangled noise he made, mostly felt the vibration of his voice, and stayed rigid as Roark swallowed slowly and the climax died down a bit.

When I finally had enough control over my body to sit up and open my eyes, I found Roark sitting between my legs, his expression somewhere in between completely satisfied, and completely disgusted, his face partly covered in cum which he was miserably failing at wiping off. I smiled at him and drew him into my arms and kissed his forehead,

"I wouldn't have minded if you didn't swallow it." I whispered to him before plucking a towel off the floor and handing it to him. He blushed a little and I could tell that the sadistic seme of a minute ago had gone,

"I…just felt like it." He replied softly, with a smile to match, and crawled into my arms again, "Did I do a good job?" he asked timidly, and I laughed as I guided us into the pillows and under the blanket,

"Let me put it this way," I said and ruffled his hair, "That scored a fifteen on a scale of one to ten, I'd give it a hotel rating of ten stars, and it was the best freaking blowjob I've ever had and probably ever will have." I paused to drink up the happy grin that spread across his face, "In fact," I continued, "I would be shocked if you told me that was the first you've ever given."

He blushed a little harder but the smile never wavered,

"I learned from the best." He replied and I smiled to match.

We fell asleep like that. Stark naked, tangled up in each other's arms, not a care in the world…It was the best night's sleep I've ever had.