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Change one thing

Blurb: Harry's name doesn't come out of the goblet. What will Mad eye Moody (aka Barty Crouch junior) do then?

Chapter one

"Fleur Delacore!" Dumbledore said, unrolling the second piece of parchment. The first one had told the students and teachers that Viktor Krum was the champion for Durmstrang in the tri-wizard tournament, and then Fleur Delacore became the champion from Beauxbatons.

"Yes" Harry heard Ron mutter under his breath as he watched Fleur go up to the front of the hall and vanish down in to the side chamber which Viktor Krum had disappeared down moments before her.

Harry laughed and looked back up at the goblet at fire, which was spitting out the next name of the champion, this time for Hogwarts.

"Cedric Diggory!" Dumbledore said reading the bit of parchment.

Ron, and the three other houses all groaned quietly, they all had wanted someone from their house to be a champion.

"Well it could have been worse, it could have been a Slytherin" Harry said.

"True, I don't mind supporting a Hufflepuff" Ron said shrugging "But it would have been better if a Gryffindor had become the champion"

"Yes, but at least this way there will be no fights" Hermione said, when she was meet with confused looking eyes, she explained "If it was a Slytherin or a Gryffindor, there would have been fights between the two houses, but if it had been a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff there will be no fights because they are neutral houses."

Harry and Ron just looked at each other and shrugged, she was right.

"Now we have our three tri-wizard champions" Dumbledore said.

Then the goblet of fire, which was next to the elderly Headteacher, started producing red flames and then charred small pieces of paper, started exploding out of it.

"What's it doing?" Ron asked looking confused.

"Creating confetti" Harry joked, then seeing Hermione's look he said, "I don't know"

"Maybe it's spitting out the left over entrances?" Neville suggested.

"I don't think so, I do not know much about the goblet of fire, I will have to research it, but by the look of the teachers faces, I don't think that it is meant to do that"

Harry looked up at the staff table and saw the shocked looks of the teacher's faces, even Professor Snape seemed to be having difficulty keeping his face neutral. He looked across to Mad eye Moody, who seemed to be angry at what the goblet appeared to be doing. Ron was also doing the same thing.

"Do you reckon that he thinks the goblet is a dark artifact, my dad says mad eye is addicted to tracing dark arts stuff" Ron said.

"Yer, wasn't he the one who had charmed his dustbins?" Harry asked.

"Yer" Ron said.

The goblet then gave out one last giant flame and then stopped and the goblet returned to how it was before people had put their names in to it.

"Well, now I believe that it is time you returned to your dormitories to discuss everything you have seen in detail, good night" Dumbledore said, then everyone in the hall began to file out.

"Nothing seems to scare him, does it?" Ron asked Harry as they stood up to leave, and go back to their dormitories.

"Of course not, even you-know-who is scared of Dumbledore" Hermione said.

"And he is really old" Ron said.

"What's age got to do with it?" Hermione asked.

"Well my mum says people get braver the older they get, because they have seen stuff like it before, or something like that" Ron said, and looked at Harry, who shrugged.

Boy's dormitory

"What do you reckon the first task is? I bet it's really cool!" Dean said, they (they being Harry, Ron, Dean, Seamus and Neville) were sitting cross-legged on the floor eating some sweets Seamus had found in the bottom of his trunk.

"Yer, of course it is going to be cool, did you know they banned the tri-wizard tournament, because it was so dangerous" Ron said.

"I hope Diggory wins, the other two seem to stupid," Seamus said, reaching across to get a chocolate looking sweet.

"Yer, well if Fleur won to that would be good " Ron said, his ears going red.

"Ron's in love" Dean teased.

"Well you have to admit, she is pretty ain't she?" Ron said.

"Well she is half a veela," Neville said.

"True, I don't think she is that pretty though" Harry said.

"What?" Ron said looking at Harry, aghast.

"She isn't really my type" Harry said.

"Oh yer, you like blackheads" Dean said smirking.

"Shut up" Harry said blushing, and then he picked up his pillow and threw it at him, causing a pillow fight.

A couple of weeks later

"Harry!" Ron's voice came from the other side of the library.

"Shhhh" The librarians voice rang out from somewhere else in the library.

"Sorry" Ron said, then ran off to join Harry and Hermione, who were sitting to the west of the large, ancient library.

It was Sunday morning, and Harry had dragged Hermione to the library to finish off all of his homework, which had been ignored due to the celebrations for the tri-wizard tournament, as the first task was set to go ahead on the Wednesday of the coming week, and neither Ron or Harry (as well as many of their classmates) had even attempted to do their homework. So Hermione had dragged Harry away from the Weasley twin's fireworks demonstration to do his homework, she had tried to get Ron to, but he had run off as soon as he saw Hermione.

"Hey Ron" Harry said as Ron took a seat next to him.

"Ron, I hope you have your homework, you still have to do it, you know and it is due in tomorrow," Hermione lectured.

"No, I'll do it tonight I have much more important news" Ron said, excitedly.

"More important than your education?"

"Yes" Ron said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Anyway, I just saw Charlie"

"What's that got to do with not doing your homework?" Hermione began.

"Doesn't Charlie work with dragons?" Harry said, catching on.

"Yep" Ron said lowering his voice, even though there was no one around them to over hear them. "That's the first task! It's dragons!"

"Wow" Harry said, he still couldn't believe that dragons were real creatures, he couldn't wait to see a real one.