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Chapter Seventeen

"That's the veil of death, if you fall in there you're a gonner."

Harry's eyes widened, he could not watch another person die, and he could defiantly not let his last parental figure die... especially not because of him.

Harry pushed himself from the floor, which was more difficult that he first thought, his broken arm getting in the way, and making it harder for him to get the leverage to push himself up.

Stop wasting time! Harry berated himself as he made it to his feet; he looked up, looking towards the veil, where he was going to be heading. Sirius seemed to be falling in slow motion, as if time it's self had slowed in order for Harry to rescue his god-father, for the second time since he had meet him.

Harry looked around him, as if to check that time was still in what Harry would call 'normal speed', and that too seemed to be in slow motion. Harry then looked up towards the doors of the room, and he saw Dumbledore standing on the first marble step, with the outside light surrounding him, like some sort of ancient angel.

Dumbledore must have cast some sort of spell, to slow down time, he must have! Harry thought to himself, however it didn't look like it, the wizard too was moving in slow motion, moving his arm with his wand clenched in it up.

Harry then looked back around to the veil, deciding that he had wasted enough time looking around the room, and it was now or never to save his god-father. Then a thought struck him, something he hadn't thought about before, was he too under the spell which had engulfed the whole room. Deciding that it was just best for him to try and see what happened, rather than wasting more time as Sirius fell to his doom, Harry started took a step forward.

The spell did not seem to include him, as the step he had taken was much faster than everyone else was moving. Breaking in to a run, Harry scrambled down to the veil. However when he put his hands on Sirius, to push him sideways away from the danger time seemed to regain its usual speed, and Sirius's full weight fell on to the arms Harry had slid under his arm and part of his back, but Harry being there seemed to knock Sirius's body off course, and they both landed in a heap, just millimetres away from the veil.

They were so close to it that Harry could feel a cold draft coming from it, and not just that, but he could hear whispering coming from just behind the almost invisible material of the veil. Harry then realised that he had about eleven stone collapsed on top of him.

"Sirius?" Harry said, quite quietly, seeing as he had just had the wind knocked out of him.

"Harry?" Sirius replied, sounding very confused. "How did you get over here? You, you were over there!" he pointed in the direction of the witch with bright pink hair.

"Umm, well... would you mind getting off of me first, your squashing me."

"Oh, sorry!" Sirius said, and made movements to get off of Harry, and unconsciously ended up putting more of his weight on top of Harry.

"Wait!" Another voice called, it took Harry a few moments to recognise who the voice belonged to, and it was Remus Lupin.

"You are managing to squash Harry even more!"

The weight on top of Harry was then removed, and Harry pushed himself up, using his good arm, and took another look around. So much seemed to have happened since he had rescued his god-father, which seemed to be under miraculous circumstances, even from him. All the deatheaters seem to have been over powered, Lucius was laying unconscious about twenty foot away from where Harry had last seen him standing, and the witches and wizards who had come at exactly the right moment seemed to be tying up the deatheaters, although there seemed to be less of them than when Harry first looked. That reminded him...

"Hermione!" Harry shouted, getting Sirius and Remus's attention. Remus had been lifting Sirius back on to the floor, off of the platform the veil was on.

"Do not worry, we have already got some members from the order at the scene, and they will have of caught the deatheaters by now, but some members from here have port keyed to the site, just to make sure..." Remus begun, then trailed off when he saw Harry's arm, which looked even more gruesome that it had before. When Sirius had landed on him, it had pushed the broken bone even further out of his arm, and was poking through the flesh. Looking at it made Harry feel sick, although pain wise, Harry felt nothing... yet.

"Did I do that?" Sirius said, sounding horrified.

"No" Harry said looking from the wound to his very much alive and looking, well he had never seen him looking well, but he was looking better than he did when he first escaped from Azkaban, god-father. "I did this when I did this when I fell off of the step."

"Well, you have always had two left feet." Sirius joked, as Remus walked over to Harry to inspect the injury.

"You will have to go and see Tonks for this one; she knows everything about healing bones."

"She herself has two left feet."

Harry smiled; it felt good to listen to his father's best friends, and obviously they did not believe that Harry had been brain damaged.

Harry then felt pain pulsate through his scar, grabbing it with his good hand, he doubled over in agony.

"Harry!" Sirius shouted concern evident in his voice.

"Voldemort has arrived." Dumbledore's voice echoed through the large room.

Dumbledore, in that one sentence, reminded Harry that this was not the place to be reminiscing, or standing around chatting.

"What do you mean? Has he regained his body?"

"No, I do not believe that he has achieved that yet, he has arrived in the form of a spirit. Part of his soul to be matter of fact."

"What do we do then? We can't fight a spirit." Mad eye asked.

"There are ways."


"We do not have the resources here, but I do believe that at the moment the deatheaters which are with Voldemort are more of a problem. Without those Voldemort's spirit at the moment will be harmless."

"How is that so? Did he not posses Quirrel?" Harry was also curious as to Voldemort's where abouts, he was sure that when he pushed over the cauldron the thing that was Voldemort's had been destroyed.

"That he did, however this part of Voldemort is dying, and has been for a while. Thanks you young Harry Potter. For now the threat, I do believe, comes from the deatheaters which have found him and remained loyal."

Harry heard footsteps directly above him, it sounded like there must have been around thirteen or fourteen of them.

This was the last thing that Harry Potter remembered; the pain had finally caught up with him, that and the day's dramatic events.

When Harry woke up, he realised that he was no longer at the Ministry of Magic, and neither was he at the Dursley's. He went to bring his hand up to his face, when pain raced through it.

"Careful, your arm has been healed, but it was a nasty break. You have better keep it in a sling for a week or two." A voice said from next to him. Blinking, the room came back in to focus. Harry found himself to be in a completely unfamiliar room, however when he looked around he saw that he was surrounded by the entire Weasley clan, Hermione, and everyone who had arrived at the Ministry of Magic.

Hermione is okay! Harry thought, but before he could digest where he was, he found Mrs Weasley right next to him.

"Would you like a drink?" Mrs Weasley asked immediately, Harry sat up a little, and opened his mouth, but was beaten by Sirius.

"Let him breath a bit first Molly, he has only just woken up!"

"Yes, I suppose, it probably doesn't help that there are so many people crowding around him." Mrs Weasley said looking around. "Come on you lot out!" she said looking at her children, plus Hermione.

"Mum! We want to know that Harry is alright as well!"

"Yes, and you can see that he is fine, he need some space now, so out! You lot as well" Mrs Weasley looked at the witches and wizards in the room as well.

Fearing the being on the end of Mrs Weasley's anger people left the room, until only Remus and Sirius remained, well that's only who he could see.

Harry turned to look a Sirius properly and smiled, his god-father was still alive. This made all the memories of what had happened flood back.

"What happened!?" Harry said sitting bolt upright, he couldn't believe that he had passed out, just when more trouble had arrived!

"Calm down Potter, if you knock out your arm again you will have to let it heal the muggle way." Snape's voice drifted across the room, from the darkest spot in the corner.

"You!" Harry gasped, remembering the new information he had found out about his potions teacher.

"What about me Potter, I suppose that is the thanks I will get for rescuing you, I knew I shouldn't have bothered."

"Rescued?" Harry repeated confused.

"I see that falling off the step has done more damage than we thought, it seems that you can now only say one word at a time."

"Snape..." Sirius said in warning, but was cut off by Lupin.

"Snape found Peter Pettigrew, and Pettigrew confessed to drugging you, and told Snape what had happened in your fourth year, thinking that Snape was still..." Remus trailed off, looking over to the corner when Snape's voice had come from. "Well, we found out what happened, and Pettigrew also knew of what Malfoy was planning."

"Then that's when we joined you at the Ministry." Sirius finished off.

"You found Pettigrew. Where is he? Is he in Azkaban? Sirius, have you been acquitted?"

"Whoa, slow down. And Pettigrew is being held in a secure cell, in the Ministry of Magic. But no, Sirius has yet to have been cleared." Lupin explained.


"We will explain that later, but first I think that you need to explain some things for us." Sirius said.

"Firstly, let us start by apologising for thinking believing that you had serious head injuries, and not believing you when you repeatedly told us that you were fine, well, not fine, but just not in an unstable position." Remus and Sirius then shared a guilty look, and looked down at the floor.

"However, Mr Potter, we would like you to explain how you got from one side of the room, to the other in a matter of seconds." Snape spat, breaking the uncomfortable atmosphere in the room, the potions master came over from the dark corner, and stood observing Harry from the end of the sofa, which Harry had found himself lying on.

In a matter of seconds? Harry thought

"I wasn't the one who moved in a matter of seconds, well it was seconds, but it was more seconds that I think that you think I was." Harry attempted to explain.

"What?" Three confused voices replied to Harry's explanation.

"You moved from one end of the room to another, almost quicker than the speed of light!"

"No I didn't, I wasn't moving fast, it was everyone else who was moving slow, like there was some sort of spell that was cast on everyone,"

"Well, as far as I am aware, there is no such spell that can slow down an entire room's activity." Snape sneered.

"It must have been you Harry; we all saw your blur as you made your way to save Sirius from the veil."

"It must have been you Harry, your magic, which made you be able to move at such speed that it appeared that we were all moving in slow motion." Remus surmised.

"Where am I?" Harry asked, after a few seconds of silence following Remus's summary of what happened.

"12 Grimmauld place," Sirius answered "Currently the meeting place of the Order of the Phoenix."

"Order of the Phoenix?"

"An organisation originally set up to help stop Voldemort during the first war, it was set up during the summer, after Dumbledore found some evidence that Deatheaters were planning something. This was before Snape heard from Pettigrew."

"It will all be explained later, Dumbledore is coming here tonight."

"Yeah, I am sure that he will be able to explain what has happened, everything will turn out alright in the end."

"We hope" Sirius joked.

The end!

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