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C H E E R S D A R L I N'

This is a song by the very talented Damien Rice, about two people who meet in the bar and who hit it off right away. And, as they leave completely wasted, the man offers a cab for the girl, who then accepts it, saying she needs to get home to her boyfriend right away. He'd left there, broken hearted to stay alone in the rain and wonder why he didn't make a better move. If you watch a youtube video, Damien actually drinks during the song just to show you what it's like. So, as you can see, not all oneshots have a happy ending.

Bump. "Oh, I'm terribly sorry," I splutter quickly, grabbing onto the girl I very nearly knocked down in my haste from the bathroom. She straightens herself up, the skirt from her dress flying around her legs as she spins to face me, wine glass in hand. She looks about ready to open her mouth to say something really rude, but stops herself at the last minute. She freezes, staring almost sleepily into my eyes as the music and the people pump around us. I clear my throat to catch her attention, maybe wake her up. When that doesn't work, I reached out to shake her arm lightly.

She jumps for a moment and her eyes widen. A lovely blush painted across her cheeks, makes me grin. "Sorry," she says, shakily. "I shouldn't have been in your way." I smile and begin walking with her towards the bar.

"It's entirely my fault, I wasn't looking where I was going." She plops herself down onto a stool and arranges the folds of her skirt around her legs. I sit down in a seat next to her and admire her pretty face while attempting to wave over the bartender.

Something about her beauty is so different and natural, as opposed to the other girls in this town, this busy city. "Fill up this ladies' glass and get the same for me." The barkeeper nods before bustling away to do his work. I turn back to the girl, who is smiling brightly, probably from the prospect of another drink. I'll admit, I'm pretty happy about it as well.

"My name is Bella," she says, holding out a hand. "You really don't need to get me this drink." I chuckle as she scoops up the drink and twists it around in her hand.

"It's no problem," I say. "Anything I can do for a pretty lady. I'm Edward Cullen by the way." She smiles again and nods.

"Yeah, I know who you are. We live in the same apartment complex." Which surprises me, since I am sure I'd remember somebody as beautiful as this girl. "We're across and down a little bit... I've passed you once or twice." I nod now, vaguely remembering a girl.

This tiny tidbit of information sends us into an amazing conversation, topping off each paragraph to each other with another sip of the sweet wine. I feel myself loosening up, getting braver with the things I said around her. I had no idea why someone as wonderful as her was here with me, even if she is a little under the influence.

Cheers darlin'
Here's to you and your lover boy
Cheers darlin'
I got years to wait around for you
Cheers darlin'
I've got your wedding bells in my ear
Cheers darlin'
You give me three cigarettes to smoke my tears away

Pretty soon, we're going from deep intellectual conversations to talks about the current media, to discussions on the stupidest subjects imaginable. And all because I wanted to get away from the bathroom. I figure I'm pretty lucky to be sitting here with this beautiful creature, all thanks to my bladder.

I wish that I had known before about Bella. That, maybe if I were a little more attentive I would have noticed her at the complex, I could have talked with her before now instead of late at night in a bar downtown. Bella sighs, pushes her glass away and clutches the side of the bar, leans back and sighs loudly. "That's it for me," she says with a laugh. "I'm cutting myself off." I chuckle. I was watching how her lips moved. They seem so soft and gentle, I can picture them swollen, wish I could make them that swollen.

We stand up and I smile down at her as she moves towards the front door. I throw down a tip and then follow her out the door. Outside we're pressed up against the building, rain is dropping down all around us. She turns to me and smiles up beautifully. Hiding under the awning is a comfortable place to be. We're so close together that I can feel the warmth from her body, still want to have her closer. Suddenly, she giggles and holds on to my hand, drags me out into the rain. I'm laughing, too, while we run down the street, the rain water soaking through our clothes and hair.

Her dress is sopping wet, and I can see the shape of her body through its thin fabric. Every part of my body is screaming out to resist the urge to rush out and sweep her quite literally off her feet. And possibly other things.

I stop, standing close to her and she looks up at me slowly, her brown eyes twinkling orange in the street light above us. I push her wet hair away from her face, feeling her smooth cheeks as they're covered in water. I watch her eyes grow heavy and lidded and just as I'm about ready to lean down to her, she bites her bottom lip and skips away, smiling and laughing devilishly. She leans off the sidewalk, holding out one hand as headlights flash past us.

In no time she hails down a taxi and turns to look at me happily. "It was nice talking with you tonight, Edward," she says. "I really enjoyed it. We'll do it again, right?" I smile and move closer to her. I reach out one hand to touch hers, the one that isn't holding the door open.

"Let's do something right now," I say. "Go to a movie, or a diner, anything. Just don't go, not yet." I can see her move forward, like she's aiming to kiss me, and rather than wait for her this time I think I'd do it myself. I feel myself leaning closer and in the moment that I hesitate, wondering if it's okay, she speaks again.

"I have to get home to Jake," she says.

And I die when you mention his name
And I lied, I should have kissed you
When we were running the rain

My entire world comes crashing down. I can feel my insides twisting and burning until they're falling down past my knees and my legs feel weak. I smile weakly as she hops into the cab and waves, driving away from me and my war-torn heart.

She has a boyfriend, I think to myself. And why wouldn't she? I mean, that girl is perfect. She's beautiful, sexy, smart and funny. She's everything I've ever wanted, will ever want. And she's taken. Because I was too much of a self-absorbed idiot to notice someone as amazing as her living so closely to me.

I'm well in to the self-loathing bit before I realise I've been walking the entire time. I'm a few streets down, heading towards my apartment complex. Which is where Bella probably just arrived, her boyfriend waiting for her. I groan in frustration again, clenching my hands into fists in my pockets.

I should have kissed her, I tell myself over and over again. Even if she's with someone, even if it would never happen again; I should have kissed her. My lips and mouth are aching for a taste or feel of Bella's lips, and I can't get the picture of them out of my mind.

I round the corner of an intersection and see a pair of headlights head down the hill towards me. My heart flops, hopes that maybe she's coming back, but that's just wishful thinking. She's got Jake waiting for her at home. Stupid, attentive, opportunity-seizing, girlfriend-having Jake. I'm grumbling insults the entire time that pair of headlights pulls to the side of the road and allows someone to leave the backseat. I glance up, out of reflex to seeing motion and watch the figure running across the street, illuminating in the streetlight above me.

I die when he comes around
To take you home
I'm too shy
I should have kissed you when we were alone

Bella's panting as she stands close by me, and my heart seriously goes into overtime. She smiles at me and sighs. I wait patiently for her to say whatever it is she's come here to say.

"I'm sorry," are the first words from her mouth. "I shouldn't have left like that. I really enjoyed myself, and I wanted to go somewhere to you, and I didn't actually want to go home. It was really rude of me, and I'm sorry." My mouth is covering hers, giving her barely enough time to finish her sentence.

My hand runs over her back to hold her body closer to mine as my lips move quickly against her own. I'm so freaking happy to feel her kissing me back. It is the best feeling in the entire world. Then, my stupid consience kicks in, reminding me that somewhere Jake is watching the clock, wondering where this goddess is. When I ask Bella about him she pulls back and grins and says "Jake's not my boyfriend." And, I swear to God I die right then from sheer happiness.

"Jake's staying at my house for a while, so that he can get everything together before he proposes to his girlfriend. It's his first time in town so he's staying with--" before she can finish I've crushed my lips on top of hers again. Bella's hands move to my neck, fingering the hair on the back of my head and making my heart go wild.

I use my lips to open her mouth and my tongue immediately runs into hers, massaging and tasting every inch of her. I moan with the pleasure I feel and the sweet taste I get. I feel Bella's lips curl into a smile against my own, and can't fight back my own grin. I quickly pick her up, bringing her closer to me as she wraps her legs around my waist. She's kissing down to me and her hands sliding down the back of my shirt is the best feeling I've ever had. It sends thrills through my entire body. I stop, pinning her against a wall so that I can kiss her cheeks, neck, collar, and then back to her lips; slowly and happily.

I'm the happiest man alive.

Mainly because I know that I'm the luckiest man alive. I'm standing on the side of the road, hailing down a cab to ride home with, with the most beautiful and perfect girl I could ever imagine by my side, and staying there for a very long time.

Oh what am I? What am I darlin'?
I got years to wait...

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Next is 'Jessica's Kitten'. Then, it's 'Hey There Bella' and 'Twilight' hehe. Actually, I'm pretty sure they're all in Edward's point of view. I have a lot of fun writing him, and I find that everything is in Bella's point of view, so it's all been done before!