Timeless Love


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Summary: She's an innocent girl who befriends a troubled classmate, who ignores his pain and looses the will to live. But she shows him how to live again while showing them both to love.


The day went by slowly, making it almost unbearable to stay in class for a minute longer! But Sakura was in high spirits, answering any question that came to her, helping a friend, or just being a sweet angel. To Tomoyo, she felt Sakura was back to her normal self.

Li Syaoran sat in his regular seat, with his eyes closed. Unlike the past week, he was dressed in dress pants and shirt, a tie, and with shiny black shoes. The only thing the same was his hairstyle. Messy.

Just like always, rumors spread like wildfire. But Syaoran didn't care. All he cared about was leaving the school so he could get to his birthday party and 'suddenly' disappear, like every year. Except he's doing something different this year. He wasn't coming back.

He noticed the birds outside were chirping and he wanted to go and shut them up. He looked around and noticed right in front of him, Sakura was eyeing him curiously. He lifted an eyebrow and stared back at Sakura.

A small flush crept onto Sakura's cheeks but she kept her gaze. Syaoran also didn't falter and they ended up doing the staring game. Whoever blinked would get a laugh or glare before continuing the game.

It lasted for half and hour. Truly.

"Sakura, would you please tell me what the answer is?" Sensei Terada interrupted them, making Sakura and Syaoran look at him.

"I'm sorry, sensei, but could you repeat your question?" Sakura asked kindly, flashing a small smile at the teacher. But the teacher was not amused. On his handsome face, he had a frown and his eyes were not approving.

He repeated the question and Sakura told him the answer. When she got it correct, sensei asked her to stay after school so they could talk.

Syaoran rolled his eyes and looked at Sakura once more. Their eyes met once again and a smile creped onto Sakura's lips. But she quickly looked away…


Syaoran waited outside of the classroom, delaying so he wouldn't have to go to his party. He saw Sakura out of the corner of his eye and she looked flushed and her lips were in a straight line. She nodded then saw her coming walk to the door.

"Thank you for the advice, Sensei." Sakura bowed and pushed the ajar door opened and closed it behind her. She looked at Syaoran and her eyes flooded with tears. She dropped her bag and purse onto the floor and tears clouded her vision.

Syaoran stepped forward and bent down so he could carry her. She sort of flopped onto him and almost instantly his shirt became soaked with tears. He gingerly pulled her up onto his back and with a free arm, he picked up her things.

"Sensei is a freaking jerk! That –" He was stopped by a sob erupting from the faintly girl on his back. He sighed and he headed toward the willow tree. Once there, he placed Sakura down and her stuff too.

"Will you be ok?" He asked. Sakura nodded and he gave her a fake smile.

"Well see ya. I've got a date with destiny." Without waiting for a reply, he left, walking away from the tearful girl.

Sakura stood up and smiled a thanks for gratitude. She then remembered the play and picked up her things. She hurried off into the auditorium, for the announcement of the play.


Syaoran glared at his mother. He hates her! So much it burns in his chest. He held his cold expression and stared at his mother's head, wishing a million daggers would some how come and save him from this stupid party.

They are at least 12 thousand people here! He hates being center of attention. And now he hates his mother.

She laughed and fluttered her eyelashes and introduced her son to everyone and expected him to entertain them, but a flash of disapprove flashed in his mothers eyes. But he didn't care.

He bowed and saw just who he didn't want to see. Li Meiling, the famous rich girl with the same last name as him. She's dressed in a flashy red dress and it brought out her fiery red eyes. Her back hair in her traditional pintails and red ribbon weaved into her hair.

She spotted him and a smile came upon her red lips. She quickly made her way over to him.

"Syaoran, babe! You look very handsome." She said, yanking on his arm and having an iron grip. He nodded but said nothing.

"Oh Syaoran, I see you've seen Meiling. You two look just like a couple!" Yelen, Syaoran's mother, came up to them and smiled.

"Well thank you, Mrs. Li." Meiling said making her grip tighter on Syaoran's arm. He growled and he wished looks could kill. If it wasn't for all of these people, he would have got her off of him by now.

"Well you two have fun together!" Yelen laughed and she walked away to talk to another guest.

"Meiling, I need to use the rest room. And no, you cannot come." He pulled his arm free and walked away quickly. He fingered the object in his pants. He would do it tonight. He will do it!

He nodded at some guests and made his way threw the never ending crown until he got out into the garden. He panted once he was out and free. He closed the doors to the garden and ran half way into the garden. Once he was in the middle, he took out the object in his pocket. He stared at it and lifted the sharp edge until it stood straight.

He stared, almost mesmerized by the pocket knife's sharp edge. He needed to do it. He couldn't handle life anymore. He just… needed to end it. He lifted the knife to his throat and closed his cold, hard eyes, for what he thought was the last time.


"Sakura, you look so beautiful! If you do become a model, you will gain a lot of money just by standing there looking like yourself!" Tomoyo cooed and took pictures. Sakura beamed and blushed. She had to admit, she did look beautiful. She was wearing one of her mother's modeling dresses, a cream colored dress and had embroidery around the edges. Her hair was in braid.

She looked around the beautiful mansion. The Li's mansion was the prettiest mansion of them all. Sakura walked forward and saw a pathway leading into a garden. Sakura looked pleadingly at Tomoyo and she sighed.

"Go ahead. But don't take long!" Tomoyo said at the happy girl, hurrying off to the garden gates.

Sakura admired the flowers and paused at the water statue. She admired it greatly and felt at ease here. She wondered where Syaoran was and she closed her eyes for a second.


Sakura's eyes flung open and she could feel her heart beating fast and dangerously. She looked around her and suddenly she was running, running for she did not know what, but running.

She could feel her heart on fire but she continued anyway, ignoring the pain in her chest. She knew she had to hurry.

Suddenly something came into view. She saw Syaoran with a knife in his hand, lingering dangerously to his throat.

Sakura gathered all her last strength she could manage and yelled,



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