She stood immobile, frozen by fear. She urged her body to move, but it refused to obey.

His eyes flashed with unknown intent as he stepped towards her. His footsteps could be barely heard as his feet hit the wooden floor boards. He made no noise as he advanced on her, as if he was gliding over the ground.

Red. That was all she saw as she stared into his eyes. Red like her dress, red like a rose, red like her bloodAlthough red symbolized passion and romance, it was a deadly color all the same. Its vibrant hue always attracted her, with its mysterious meaning. But in the end, it always stood for one thing. Blood. Blood which she hated.

She broke out of her thoughts when he towered over her. He was so tall, easily a foot over her. Her heart pounded within her chest as she tried to pry her gaze from those hypnotic eyes. The air around her was cold, as if he was chasing all the warmth in the world away.

She gave a strangled scream when he suddenly bent down to her neck. Instead of feeling his sharp fangs pierce her skin; she was shocked to feel his sensual mouth kissing her creamy flesh. She could only y remain frozen as he wrapped an arm around her waist, drawing her closer. Her body was flush against his, feeling his own taking her body heat. He himself was unbelievably cold, as if he had no blood of his own. With a startling realization, she discovered…he had no heartbeat…

"They say it's an unforgivable sin to drink the blood of an angel," hemurmured against her neck, speaking in that deep voice of his. Her eyes widened, seeing his true intent. In one finalizing moment, he sunk his fangs into her soft flesh.

She tried to scream. She really tried. It wasn't as if anyone would hear her anyways. She felt the precious life-giving blood leave her veins. She felt her life slip in and out of darkness and she realized…

She hated the color red…


Haruno Sakura woke up screaming. Her eyes were wide with fear and some other emotion. Betrayal? Confusion? Whatever it was, it was terrifying to see. She frantically looked around, taking in the familiar sight of her room before realizing it was just a nightmare. Instinctively, her had shot up to her neck. A sigh of relief escaped her when she felt no open wounds or blood.


Sakura turned her head towards the beeping alarm clock. It flashed 6:30 in big red numbers.

It was a nightmare. Just a dream

Shaking off the effects of the dream, Sakura got out of bed and got ready for the new day.

…but tonight…it was different…

She frowned, remembering last nights dream. Unlike the others, this had more detail. (Yes, she has this dream often. Every night for the last 6 years actually) Only… in those dreams, the vampire never showed himself. She never knew who he was, nor what he looked like.

But she knew, deep inside her heart, she would never forget that man's face. Or the fear he instilled in her blood which was rightfully his…


Six dark figures flitted in and out of the shadows, never seen. The streets were dark and not a soul was in sight. A fog was starting to roll in, blanketing the small town like a veil. A sense of foreboding hung all around in the air as the dark shapes of houses loomed over the 6 people.

"Hurry, we need to be out of here by morning," one of the figures spoke. Judging by the sound of its voice, it was female. Adorned in a cloak like the rest, she turned to face another," What do you suggest we do?" The one she spoke to let out a rather loud yawn before he answered," We should head north towards the network of caves." He shot a glance at one figure who just turned their head. "We'll follow the river until we come to a new town," he finished. The others nodded, agreeing with this plan.

The girl turned to look one last time at the dark houses and streets. "I'm gonna miss this place," she said in a longing voice," Too bad we couldn't stay." "If you want to die, go right ahead," another male scoffed," We almost got caught by the hunters." The girl became rigid and the aura around her was angry. "I knew that!" she rounded on him," I just wish they didn't find us!" He turned his head to face her and the pale moonlight showed the lower half of his face. He smirked and opened his mouth to retort,"-

"Quit your bickering, you two," another voice cut in. His voice was placid and extremely cold. Just listening to it could send shivers up and down your spine. Or get immediate attention…

Which it served its purpose right now. Everyone froze and turned to him. "We're losing moonlight by arguing," he spoke and the 2 from before averted their gazes," We-" he stopped," I need to reach those caves before dawn."

"Then let's hit the sky!" the figure beside him cheered and punched the air. Suddenly, a pair of black feathered wings flapped from his back. Almost simultaneously, the others also acquired similar wings, only size differing. The largest pair belongs to the cold voice. And the smallest pair to the girl.


And in a great flapping of wings, they rose and disappeared into the night sky.