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Harry let out another miserable sigh, pushing his food around in his plate, not really eating any of it. The bushy-haired girl sitting across from him gave him a disapproving frown.

" Harry, you have to eat something! You can't just go on starving yourself. You're already as thin as a twig." Hermione scolded him.

It was true, 'The-boy-who-lived' wasn't looking particularly alive today. The summer with the Dursleys had been devastating. Not only was Vernon drunk every waking minute, but also taking his anger out on Harry. Dudley had started beating and throwing him around as a hobby, even his aunt's treatment had gotten worse, though her's was just in ignoring the fact that the boy needed food to survive. He had hit his thinnest shape yet, and even after a few weeks in school was still always tiered and week, though he managed to hide that well.

The injuries he'd sustained were a different story altogether. Harry had healed all of the bruises and cuts that were visible to people, but he didn't have the energy or time to take care of the rest. Madam Pomfrey was out of the question, as she would surely asked how it happened. That was something he wasn't realy to have the school know yet. Long story short: His friends would have a heart attack if they saw him without his shirt on.

Other than that, he looked normal..well, in his idea of normal. Just..more fragile, and his eyes had acquired a hollow look. This summer had been the worst so far, and the fact that both his uncle and stepbrother had made it a hobby of hitting him had had quite an effect on him.

The absolute worst though, was that he couldn't tell anyone, no one would understand. Even if they would, it wouldn't help. No one could do anything against the Dursleys. At least, he had only one summer left with them and after that it would be over.

Harry sighed again. " Mionie. I'm fine, really. I'm just not hungry now..the thought of detention with Snape for two hours soft of ruined my appetite." he mumbled, groggily.

Ron gave his friend a pitying look, shaking his head slightly. " One of these days, Snape will be gone, there will be no homework, chocolate pie will be served every day and we will have justice. But until then, we're on our own. Luckily, we still have Quidditch."

Hermione harumpfed and lowered her gaze to her plate again, mumbling to herself about how the Griffindor would do good to pay more attention to his essays than fantasize about Quidditch.

With that, Harry pushed his plate away and stood up with a small groan. " Alright, I'm going..don't wait up. That sadistic creep won't be satisfied until I'm lying on the ground writhing in pain." he spat out, then turned and made his way out.

As he left the Great Hall, his eyes strayed briefly to the Slythering table where they landed on the blonde Malfoy, who looked like he was arguing with that girl, Pansy.

'He looks good, with his hair down like that.' the boy thought to himself, before realizing what had happened and exactly who his thoughts were referring to. Shaking himself with a panicked look, he tore his gaze away from Malfoy.

He sped up his pace, heading quickly away from the Great Hall and towards the potions lab. " Merlin, what was I thinking ?" Harry mumbled to himself. 'It was because of Snape…Yes..his fault..his potion fumes are making me delusional.' the male concluded, shaking his head again.

Still, Malfoy did look really good, he had a great body, and the eyes- " Oh GOD." Harry cried out, making everyone in the hallway jump. " Potions fumes, potions fumes " he repeated to himself, running a hand through his hair.

He continued chanting as he arrived at the lab, looking up into the face of one very mad Serverus Snape. " Potions fumes" Harry blurted out, before catching himself. " Uh, I mean, Professor Snape..hello…err.."

"Potter! Stop staring at me and start sorting out those ingredients I've put out for you. And for Merlin's sake, use your brain for something constructive today. " the potions master spat out as he ushered him into the room.

As soon as Harry set sights on the lab before him, his mouth fell open with a quiet plop. The lab was buried, there was no other word for it, buried in plants, dried toads, newt eyes and Merlin knew what else had been thrown in there. " Oh Gods." Was all the boy managed to say. There were probably thousands of different ingredients, all piled high on every possible flat surface. And he was supposed to sort through all this in two hours ?

" Don't worry Potter" Snape interrupted, seemingly reading his mind. " If you don't finish now, you can always come back tomorrow..and the day after that. And the day after that." he said with a devilish grin, then turned and headed back out.

" I will come check on your progress momentarily, and there had better be some progress Potter." the professor called over his shoulder before slamming the door shut, his black robes ruffling behind him.

The boy let out a tortured groan, and really, he would have sunk to the floor to wallow in self pity…had there been an open spot on the floor to sink down on. Looking down, he glared at the offending dried plants accumulated in the lab. " Stupid potions. Stupid Snape. " Harry mumbled, picking up an ingredient from a table near him.

He was supposed to sort these ? Sort them into what ? He didn't even recognize the plant. With another cry of frustration, he threw the pouch of powder he was holding across the room, then paused suddenly, his eyes widening in shock.


" Do you think he's okay?" Ron asked again, looking after the boy which just left the hall.

" He'll be fine Ron, but we have to be supportive and understanding now. Harry needs us." The Griffindor replied, eating another grape.

" I know Mionie…Understanding..friends…still, it wouldn't hurt to check up on him." He suggested hopeful.

Now it was Seamus's turn to interrupt. " Ron, just give him some space. Sometimes it's the best way to help out." He pointed out, to which Hermionie gave a thoughtful nod.

" No Pansy. I do not care about what you think of my hair, nor do I wish to know how much time you have spent owling your friends this summer. Kindly shut up." Draco drawled, not even looking up from his plate now. Why did dinner always have to come accompanied by so much noise? Even his mother had become talkative now, a fact which greatly unnerved him.

He hadn't eaten in silence in about half a year, and looking up at his friends who continued gabbing and chattering, he had a feeling he wasn't about to have some quiet at the table anytime soon.

Over the summer, Draco had actually gotten more solitary than he already was. The boy liked spending time alone, in quiet. He decided to call them 'Draco-Moments' and they were very frequent. It wasn't necessarily to think about things. Sometimes he did, sometimes he didn't do anything but relish the fresh air. Either way, the key was to be alone, or at least, to have silence. With Pansy talking about his hair, Millicent complaining, Blaise ranting about lessons, Crabble and Goyle following him everywhere and Theodore having a running commentary about everything that he did, 'quiet' or 'alone' were never going to happen.

'Maybe if I just fake sick' he thought to himself, stabbing the last of the chicken of his plate with his fork.

Then again, why fake sick ? He was a Malfoy for Merlin's sake, and Malfoys got what they wanted.

With that he stood up abruptly, letting his gaze go over everyone's faces before speaking.

" I am leaving. Anyone following me will be hexed." Draco hissed out. There, that should be enough of an explanation for them. Turning on his heels, he proceeded to walk out of the Great Hall, leaving the group of bewildered Slytherins behind. None of them had dared to answer Draco.

He walked with a brisk pace, wanting to get away from the offending noise as fast as possible, but not wanting to run. Malfoys didn't run. Come to think of it, with all the rules, Malfoys really didn't do anything. Having such thoughts ceased to surprise Draco. By now he had learned that with the fame and wealth came an annoying need to be 'perfect' for everyone. The malfoy way.

Letting out a quiet sigh, Draco stopped walking. He hadn't really been paying attention to where he was going, and noted that he was now standing in front of the potions lab. Well…it was good enough, he could have something to do quietly by offering to sort out some ingredients for his godfather.

Seconds after he pushed the door open however, Potter's shriek penetrated the air, causing Draco to let out a frustrated scream of his own.

Looking up though, the sight that greeted him was rather amusing. Briefly, he wondered just what the Griffindor did to irritate the Spiked Wizard's Nettle. Everyone knew those liked to bite.

There was another shriek as the boy jumped back, narrowly avoiding the jaws of the plant that was now trying to murder him. Draco found this very, very amusing and couldn't help letting out a mocking laugh.

Harry Potter, Boy Who Lived, Killed by an enraged plant. Great headlines.

For a moment, he really did consider letting the plant hack at him, but seeing the damage Potter did trying to hex it he felt a pang of pity for the perfectly good ingredients in this room being destroyed.

Muttering a quiet 'Aguamenti' he sent a jet of water at the plant, which let out a hissing, crackling sound and shrunk back.

" Ironically, they don't like water." Draco explained dryly, pushing his way through the plants to the middle of the room. " Ironically, you were almost killed by it." He added with a smirk, turning to look at the other.

Noting his expression, Draco burst out laughing. It wasn't really a hostile laugh, just natural..amused laugh. He stopped shortly after, noticing the boy staring at him, shocked.

" What? Potter, kindly explain why you are staring at me like that." The Slytherin hissed, now glaring at him.

Harry's expression changed to a small smile. "'s just…I've never heard you laugh before." He mumbled.

Draco rolled his eyes. " Of course you have, I do make a hobby of laughing at you and your Gryffindor friends, Potter."

The boy shook his head. " Of course I've heard you laugh at me, but that just sounds..forced. This was you laughing, you actually laughing. It's different. And a lot more pleasant to listen to." Harry added before catching himself.

'Oh Merlin, did I just tell him I like his laugh? How pathetic was that? The potion fumes are destroying my brain.' He thought to himself, quickly dropping his gaze so the other wouldn't see him panicking.

Draco only raised an eyebrow before shaking his head. " Oh, get over it Potter and start sorting out these ingredients. Not that you will be capable to, but at least you could try. " He drawled, starting to rummage though a pile on the table in front of him.

" It's a pity you are here, I was looking for a nice quiet place." He continued, picking up what looked like a dried orange berry and placing that in his pocket. " It figures you would be the one to ruin my day, Potter." Draco said, turning to head back out of the lab.

" Don't get eaten by a plant, after all, the world needs their Golden Boy." He added with a grin, only narrowly ducking out of the way of a pouch of powder that was thrown at him.

" Oh, sod off Malfoy." Harry yelled out, picking up the nearest dried plant and launching that after the blonde, which was now running out, laughing mockingly. " Bloody Slytherin prat." He mumbled to himself, turning back to the piles of plants.

" Gryffindor git" Draco mumbled to himself with another laugh, heading towards the gardens.

If he really thought about it, his laugh did sound different. Strange. He hadn't laughed like this since he was felt..relieving.

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