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Authors Note. These events take place immediately after the Epilogue (titled Nineteen Years Later) of H. P. and the Deathly Hallows, it won't make a lot of sense if you have not read it, and they will be fully canon compliant.

However if JKR hadn't inflicted Ron on Hermione I wouldn't have felt obliged to write this.

Harry Potter Where there's the will.

Day One.

Seeing the Ferret on platform nine and three-quarters had stirred something up deep inside of Harry, one way or another he had suffered for seventeen years, and if you were honest, you could say that he had fought for at least five of those, and for what? Draco, who had orchestrated the invasion of Hogwarts leading to the murder of Dumbledore; was stood over there, bold as brass and twice as ugly, and you can forget all of the crap about 'Dumbledore was dieing so it made no difference'. Besides which Draco had caused him, his friends and a load of other people a lot of personal aggravation; deliberately; maliciously; the slime ball was a total…well he didn't like to use those kind of word's even to himself.

Harry had it on very good authority that it had cost Lucius three million galleons so that he, his wife and his son had to all intents and purposes walked free.

Now he had it, also on the same good authority that the older blond pureblood fanatic slime ball was throwing his Galleons around the Ministry again and wheedling his way back in to the top echelons. One thing that Harry was absolutely certain of for himself; was that whatever Lucius was up to, it would be for the benefit of the Malfoys and not the wizarding world.

Ginny was over talking to her brother Ron, Harry turned to look at his best friend, and asked quietly, "Is everything alright, you look…a bit depressed?"

She looked at him with sad brown eyes and answered, also quietly, "No, everything isn't alright, and it might be the time but this definitely isn't the place to talk about it."

Ron and Ginny's conversation had also become quiet until Ron called across, "Ginny and I are going to see Mum for a few hours, can you look after the kids for a bit?"

"Of course," Harry called back, "we will look after them for the afternoon. I will take our car and you can take Gin in yours; we'll probably take them to F-o-r-t-e-s-c-u-e-s before we bring them home later." Harry had spelled out the name of the ice-cream shop.

Hugo and Lilly were bouncing and she said smugly, "Aunt Hermione says that we can both spell better than you could when you started Hogwarts and we both know very well that you spelt Fortescue's, and that is the name of the ice-cream shop in Diagon Alley, so why did you bother to spell it?"

"We'll see you later." Ginny called with a smirk, as she hurried away through the wall back into muggle London.

As the four of them were making their way back to Harry's car he remarked, "I don't know if I will forgive you for selling me out to my own daughter; but it does look like we might be able to have a little chat sooner rather than later."

The conversation in the car was fairly innocuous and when they reached the ice-cream shop Lilly and Hugo asked to do, what they had been asking to do for over a year, namely to sit at a table on their own. The pair was very pleased when for the first time they were allowed to do so, although the children's table was only about fifteen feet from their parents.

Harry told Lilly and Hugo that they could order whatever they liked, of course Hermione had to add, 'but don't make yourselves sick'.

After they had all been served Hermione said, "Harry, I didn't recognise that charm, what was it?"

"It was a new privacy charm I concocted for myself; if anybody tries to listen to what we are saying they will hear us talking about the children. So, are you going to tell me what's bothering you?"

The bushy haired woman sighed and started, "I have been holding this in for far too long, if I look like I am going to cry or start to rant you can cast a cheering or calming charm on me; I suppose that it is a long and not very happy story; please just let me tell it and try not to interrupt. Also as you are well aware, Ron will not allow me to work otherwise I could sort out most of this mess on my own; I don't know what he earns but I don't think that it can be a great deal.

"You were right fifteen years ago when you said that you didn't think that I should marry Ron, thinking about it now he treated me like crap all through school and he still does. I really tried with him in sixth year and what did he do? Apart from being generally obnoxious and going off to snog Lavender in the middle of the common room. Whilst we were searching in what should have been our seventh year, he spent more time away from us sulking than he was with us, and why was I trying to be so nice to him when he was being so awful?

Her eyes went distant and then refocused, "Do you think that he was using a love potion on me? And for that matter did Ginny use one on you? You were totally so not interested and then suddenly you were all over her, what was going on there.

"Let me start from the beginning; basically, ever since the wedding, life has been one long fight; now the fights are getting worse and I think that he is playing around with Lavender Brown.

"Obviously you know that you gave us ten thousand Galleons as a wedding present, you said that it was to set up our home; he spent seven of the ten within a fortnight on three brooms, that's about thirty five thousand pounds. He's only got one bum, what on earth does he want three identical brooms for? It's a good job that I am good at charms because that is what keeps the furniture together; we never have the money to buy anything new because he just seems to squander any that I don't spend quickly on food.

"You know that I am not too bothered about clothes for myself but it is hells own job trying to get enough together to buy some for the children; thank goodness for you taking us shopping occasionally. I don't know if you have noticed that he keeps his own wardrobe up to date, he never seems to neglect himself and he always seems to find the money for what he wants to do, I have no idea where he gets it.

"We won't talk about his table manners, you know what they are like, and I try to get the children out of the room when he is eating, they will never learn to behave properly otherwise. But all of the time he is in the house he behaves like a total slob, he makes Homer Simpson look suave, elegant and cultured.

"Now I don't want you loosing your temper over this but from something he said the other day I think that Ginny is playing around as well."

Hermione hesitated, watching Harry's reaction, his expression had been fairly neutral all through her confession and it didn't alter as he said, "I know.

"I became very suspicious so I had her followed, she is playing around with Dean Thomas and I can confirm that Ron is playing around with Lavender Brown. My solicitor has enough photographic evidence to get us both divorced from our other halves. So you have told me the problem, what do you want to do about it?"

She started trembling so Harry took her hand, comforting her, and she said, "I don't seem to be able to do anything, Ron told me, 'Muggle born witches or wizards cannot sue for divorce from pure blood witches and wizards'. So it appears that I am stuck with him."

Harry squeezed her hand and said, "Stop panicking. After you were married at your local church in Ashford; did you and Ron go to the Ministry to sign the forms and register your wedding?"

"Harry, what are you talking about?" Hermione was looking at him as if he was not feeling well.

For the first time since the conversation had started Harry smiled at her, "Hermione Granger not researching all of the facts, what is the world coming to?" He poked his tongue out at her and went on, "If pureblood witches or wizards get married in a muggle church they must either get married again by wizarding custom, or they must pay five hundred Galleons to register their marriage at the Ministry.

"Now, being as how I wasn't invited to your wizarding marriage ceremony, I guess that you didn't have one. So unless you have registered the wedding you are only married in the muggle world. Ron is not permitted to register it on his own; you both have to be in the office for you both to sign and the signatures have to be witnessed by an independent third party, for your marriage to be legal wizard wise.

"Don't kid yourself that getting divorced from him will be easy; the purebloods will kick up a huge ruckus and threaten you with who knows what. Really they are all but toothless, and you have me backing you and my solicitor is a goblin who will take great delight in tearing the bigots to bits.

"So in a perfect world; what would you like to happen now? Absolute truth, all of your cards on the table you are being offered a chance to, if you want to, totally change your life; you know what is possible what does my best friend, ever since I was a first year with crappy spelling, want?"

She smiled shyly at him, "You're going to save me from the Troll again, aren't you?"

He poked his tongue out again and sniggered, "A beautiful young girl with bushy brown hair lovely brown eyes accused me of having a saving people thing…so that would be a yes."

She looked at him hopefully, "In an ideal world I would like; you to divorce Ginny; me to divorce Ron; us to get married; we take all of the children and go to live somewhere in peace and quiet. Then I want us to set about practicing a lot and making loads more kids."

None of that seemed to surprise him however he looked quizzical, "Ron said that you couldn't have any more children?"

She giggled, "All of his family keep ribbing him because we only have two, and…well…he wouldn't blame himself would he. Actually I have been taking muggle birth control pills my mother gets for me and I cast an almost undetectable sterilization charm on him."

"Right…it would be a good thing to remove that charm, he might well get Lavender pregnant and that could only help you with your divorce, if it started to drag on.

"Ok back to the main topic…everybody knows that I have three houses." Harry said and Hermione nodded, "Well that's not entirely true, I actually have another two which only the goblins and a few very trustworthy house elves know about."

"She smiled knowingly and he continued, "There is a completely undetectable ten bed-roomed house, overlooking the Mediterranean, it's near Narbonne in the South of France, and it's not very far from Beauxbatons.

"I also have a similarly sized unplottable place in New England, near 'Y Cyfareddol Ysgol,' which as I bet you know is the oldest and best magic school in North America. In a lot of ways it is probably better than Hogwarts; it runs a full syllabus of Masters Courses; however I will warn you that it is bloody cold there in the winter.

"As for taking all of the children, they should have the situation explained to them and then it would be up to them to choose who they want to live with, even Lilly and Hugo are bright enough to make informed decisions. In the end I suspect that James will want to stay with his mother because he idolises the twins, the other four I would expect to come with us. Ultimately if the worst comes to the worst and there is too much fuss about us having the children who want to live with us, we will have to take the sixth way out and we will teach them ourselves."

Harry then leant across the table and whispered in her ear, "If all else fails, I also have an unplottable island in the Maldives, the goblins will build us whatever kind of house we want to live in.

"However, as things stand at the moment, I think that we are a long way from that, and now we should do a little shopping and then go to see the goblins; whilst we are doing our business in the bank, someone will take Hugo and Lilly to see the dragons."

Hermione's eyes had gone wide at the mention of the dragons, but Harry took down the privacy ward and said, "Oi! Young persons, do you want to go to Gringotts and see the dragons?"

Harry totally ignored the excited barrage of questions that the children were throwing at him as he went and paid for the food and ice-cream they had eaten; they had all had lunch whilst they were talking. He then offered his arm to Hermione and each taking one of the children's hands they headed off to Glad Rags.

"Why are we going in here?" Hugo moaned.

"Because we are men and that means that we are not allowed to have too much pleasure all at once; the girls all say that it spoils us; strangely enough they also tell us that it does not spoil girls, it only makes them better." Harry told him, very seriously, "So we have had ice-cream and you are going to see the dragons; ergo, because you are a boy, we must do something not quite so nice in between, and most girls like dresses, so here we are." Harry's explanation certainly pleased both of the females and strangely enough it seemed to, if not satisfy confuse Hugo as well.

The quartet were in the dress shop for about an hour and when they left Hugo had on a new cloak which had cooling and heating charms built in; Lilly was wearing new dress robes and shoes. Hermione was wearing a completely new outfit, including shoes and underwear; he had called Winky and all of the clothes they had been wearing she took to where the Potters were currently living, in Chudley Salterton. The half dozen robes with matching shoes, which were the beginning of Hermione's new wardrobe, would, for the time being, be put out of sight, Harry had hinted to the little elf, that France would probably be best place at this time.

When they left the dress shop the four of them went straight to the bank; Harry asked Gnolhamer, his solicitor, if he could arrange for someone to take the children on a tour of the bank ensuring that they saw the dragons.

As soon as the children had left on their tour Harry outlined to Gnolhamer what they wanted to do; with Hermione quietly filling in when required and answering questions when she was asked, they even included their thoughts about love potions. Harry noticed that Hermione was quite nervous in a situation in which she would have been very comfortable fifteen years previously; it seemed that Ron constantly belittling her status had eroded some of her self confidence.

At the conclusion of the explanation Gnolhamer activated a signal cube on his desk and two middle-aged women came into the office the goblin introduced the first one as Healer Abbott and he explained their suspicions about love potions. Mrs. Abbott took blood samples from the two of them she told Gnolhamer that she would give him the results of the test in less than twenty four hours, and then she left.

Gnolhamer had passed the other woman a sheet of parchment when she had come in and he said, "It seems that Mrs Granger Weasley's situation is most urgent, so I will pass the task over to Mrs. Elen O'Neil; she will expedite matters. What time scale are we talking about?" The last question had been aimed directly at Mrs. O'Neil.

The woman had read through the parchment and looked at her watch, it was two o'clock, then she said, "I can have this muggle wedding annulled by five this afternoon, and the only people who will know about it are in this room; that is assuming that Mr. Potter is financing it?"

Hermione and Harry looked startled and he said, "I for one didn't expect it to be completed quite that quickly and of course I am financing it. However it is now completely up to Hermione."

"I am also very surprised at the speed, but I am not distressed by it." Hermione said and then she looked straight at Elen and continued, "So only we four will know that I am no longer married to him?"

"Let me explain something." Mrs. O'Neil said kindly, "As far as the wizarding world is concerned you are not married, your husband could quite easily go off and marry a pureblood girl and officially nobody would give a tinker's cuss; however there are people who would take a very dim view of it. My status is the same as Harry's that is I am a half blood and although it is not my normal field I have gone through all of these rules and regulations thoroughly and quite frankly most of them are relatively new and they stink.

"You have said that you would like to keep your children, well the muggle authorities are no problem, they will award you the children, but unless something drastic is done, if he wants to have them then he will be allowed to, and from what I have heard of his mother…"

Pondering Harry asked, "You said that most of this is relatively new, what has happened to bring it about?"

"You both know that three quarters of the nineteenth and most of the twentieth century's were screwed up by wars, both muggle and magical, it has given the old pureblood families the opportunity to alter a lot of rules to suit themselves." The kindly lady said, "What we really need is a return of the 'Uchel Amddiffynnydd,' he could disband the Wizengamot and re-establish it as it was originally meant to be."

"Gnolhamer, where have I heard the name 'Uchel Amddiffynnydd' I am sure that it was from you?"

The goblin replied, "You have heard it from me because it is one of the titles to which you may lay claim.

"The 'Uchel Amddiffynnydd' is the Chief Protector of the wizarding world; Lord of Caer Myrddin which is Merlin's Castle as in the original Merlin and he is also known as 'Y Gwyn Brudiwr' which translates as 'the White Wizard'.

"He is the overall caretaker of the magical world in the British Isles; if things were as they should be there would also be four regional Amddiffynnydd, these are protectors as well, one each for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The other four positions have lapsed, ergo at this time Mr. Potter you are all five and one of the major things that the pureblood bigots have been trying, so far unsuccessfully, to undo is the fact that the regional posts are quasi matrilineal."

"Yes!" Exclaimed Hermione, punching the air, "The position passes to daughters, through the mother; so the eldest daughter will be the next one, and family names get lost through marriage.

"But what happens if there are no daughters?"

Both Harry and the witch were smiling at Hermione's excitement and she said, "As you know the pureblood bigots fantasize about sons, and there is quite strong evidence to support the theory that they abort most female foetuses. If there are no daughters for two generations then the position dies and it is up to 'the White Wizard' to appoint a new regional protector.

"Now because there has been no White Wizard for nearly two hundred years, the secondary regional positions have died out as well. You do realise that because he currently holds all five positions, at this moment, in the wizarding world, Harry can do practically anything he wants to.

"I will give you one more piece of advice and then I will go and see to Hermione's divorce. My advice is that you should have your four regional Amddiffynnydd ready when you disband the Wizengamot.

"Goodbye, I hope to see you both again soon."

Elen left and Gnolhamer said, "Perhaps before we continue I should give you a lesson in the history, formation and duty of the Wizengamot, it is something that is now sadly missing from the Hogwarts syllabus because about two hundred years ago its teaching was outlawed. What the pureblood fanatics of that time forgot was that the goblins who are involved with hereditary estates also follow human genealogy and the rules governing the magical world, for other legitimate reasons.

"The Wizengamot was first formed in 925ad by Merlin, the first Lord of Caer Myrddin and the four Great Grandparents of the founders of Hogwarts, I am not certain as to how many Greats there should be, but we can find out if it ever becomes necessary. The four would represent Albion (England), Hibernia (Ireland), Strathern (Scotland) and Brycheiniog (Wales): because these were the areas where the four founders of Hogwarts families originated from.

"The original charter was relatively simple; it was to have fifty one members; a Protector plus eleven members representing each of the four countries, also the Minister of Magic and the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

"The rules governing succession are mother to eldest daughter, if there is no daughter then it can pass to the eldest son; it can only go mother to son twice and then the position dies; the High Protector would then hand the position to another family.

"The Wizengamot was charged with running the wizard world to the benefit of all magical beings; and also with establishing a Ministry of Magic with the same remit. The fifty first member is of course 'the White Wizard, he is the only one who is allowed to choose his successor, not all sons are equal to the task; and if he thinks it necessary he can choose a daughter.

"Amongst others there is an important amendment from 1,273 which states that in the event that the 'Uchel Amddiffynnydd' was to disband the Wizengamot only the top four levels of the Ministry would be immediately disbanded. This would allow the part of the Ministry that actually does the work to continue to function on a day to day basis, albeit being overseen by the 'Uchel Amddiffynnydd' and possibly the four regional Protectors. The White Wizard of the day decided on the wisdom of this after he had disbanded the Wizengamot in 1,270 and subsequently spent three years getting the Ministry back into a functioning organisation."

The goblin had finished and another part of the old Hermione was back, "Please, I need to make some notes." She pleaded.

Gnolhamer seemed to ignore her plea and pressed the cube on this desk again, then he said something in Gobledegook, three minutes later another goblin entered and passed Gnolhamer a roll of very old scrolls and what looked like half a dozen school text books, finally the solicitor said, "I have taken the liberty of bringing these from the vault of the White Wizard, the scrolls are the original covenant, with subsequent additions, that was made between Myrddin and the wizard world.

"It would be advisable if the original did not leave the safety of the bank.

"The books are over two hundred years old, they are copies of the second and fifth year text books from that time; it was for part of the History of Magic course of that period; it deals with the formation of the Ministry of Magic and the Wizengamot. And for your information there are another dozen copies of this book in the White Wizard's vault."

Hermione's eyes were as wide as Harry had ever seen them and he asked, "Do you know if the covenant can be copied?"

"If I remember correctly only the White Wizard can copy the covenant," his solicitor told him, "and he must personally give specific permission for anyone other than a protector to read even the copies of it."

Harry made two copies of the covenant and indicated to the goblin to return the original to his vault; he kept everything out of Hermione's reach as he asked her, "I know that Gnolhamer would love it if we ripped the wizarding world apart and rebuilt it, is it something you would like to do?"

As Hermione was considering her reply Gnolhamer said, "Because you have copied the scrolls you have provisionally claimed the title of 'the White Wizard, you must officially claim the title of 'Uchel Amddiffynnydd,' within forty eight hours. The easiest way for you to do that is for you to enter Hogwarts and declare yourself to be 'Y Gwyn Brudiwr', the White Wizard. It is likely that the castle and several other buildings in the magical world will react to this declaration, if you fail to make the claim I dread to think of the consequences, for all of us.

"However if you let me be there when you disband the Wizengamot, Gringotts will give you free banking for five years, even if you ask me to help you."

Hermione's eyes were coming alive again, "Something has to be done and although this is a bit drastic; it has the advantage of removing at least ninety-five percent of the problem in one fell swoop. So who are you going to have as the four countries protectors?" She was fluttering her eye lashes at him.

Grinning he said, "What do you think about Mrs O'Neil representing Ireland; Fleur Weasley representing England, And you representing Wales? Of course Minerva, as head of Hogwarts, I would like to represent Scotland."

Harry sat whilst Hermione and Gnolhamer considered what he was suggesting; the goblin started to smile, "A pure blood headmistress, they will think 'fine', a half blood solicitor, they won't be too happy about but they will tolerate it; a French half Vela, they won't like it but she is very charming so it will probably work; and a muggle born who will have just divorced a pure blood…I will pay you to be there, they will go…how do you say…bananas."

She looked at Harry and said quietly, "I know that you want to make a point, but do you want to make this much of a point?"

"We two fought a war against blood supremacists, I know that Voldemort was their leader but really he was an incidental, and if anything what we now have is as bad as before and rapidly becoming worse and they are digging themselves in." Harry was looking as serious as she had ever seen him. "If we do this we are going to sort this mess out once and for all. Elen, Fleur, you and I will meet with Minerva tomorrow morning at Hogwarts; the Wizengamot is due to meet the day after and it will be the last time for the vast majority of them."

Hermione nodded and as Elen came back into the room Gnolhamer was saying, "It is not a problem for us, but you do realise that two of your proposed protectors' work for Gringotts?"

Harry smiled, "It won't hurt to have the money on our side, and yes I did realise it. Can you call Fleur please?"

Gnolhamer called for Fleur and Elen told them quickly that Hermione was now Ms. Hermione Jane Granger, again; the expression of relief on Hermione's face was a pleasure to see and her demeanour moved up another notch.

As the half Vela entered the room the goblin said to her, "You are going to hear some things here today that you must not repeat to anyone until you know that the time is right; it will be no more than three days."

When Fleur agreed, Harry and Hermione explained what was going on, including Harry's intension to divorce Ginny, and then Harry explained about the White Wizard and the Amddiffynnydd to Elen and Fleur' he then asked them if they would be protectors? To Harry's relief after several questions for clarification both of the women agreed to the White Wizard's request.

Feeling a sense of formality Harry made the three women stand in front of him and first facing Hermione he asked, "Hermione Granger do you accept the responsibility of Amddiffynnydd Brycheiniog…protector of Wales…Y Rhudd Dewines…the Red Witch?"

Hermione also sensing the occasion replied, "I accept this honour for myself and my descendants."

The pair's magic flared as a red cloak appeared on her shoulders (It appeared to be cloth made from liquid Rubies.) and they all wondered if the powerful flare would be felt throughout the wizarding world.

Next he faced Elen he asked, "Elen O'Neil do you accept the responsibility of Amddiffynnydd Hibernia…protector of Ireland…Y Gwyrdd Dewines…the Green Witch?"

Elen smiled at him and, like Hermione, said, "I accept this honour for myself and my descendants."

Again the pair's magic flared as a green cloak appeared on her shoulders (It appeared to be cloth made from flowing fine Emeralds.) and once more they all wondered if the powerful flare would be felt throughout the wizarding world.

Lastly he turned to Fleur and asked, "Fleur Weasley do you accept the responsibility of Amddiffynnydd Albion…protector of England…Y Melyn Dewines…the Yellow Witch?"

Fleur's smile appeared to be a bit nervous and she said, "Yellow is not a good colour for me but for the good of everyone; I accept this honour for myself and my descendants."

For the third time the magic flared as a yellow cloak appeared on her shoulders (This time it appeared to be cloth made from liquid gold.) again they all wondered if the powerful flare would be felt throughout the wizarding world.

The first person to speak was Gnolhamer and he asked, "How do you all feel?"

Elen answered, "I feel somewhat more powerful, but apart from that I feel about the same."

The other two girls were nodding in agreement and Harry said, "I feel just the same, as well."

Hermione was looking quizzical; she touched her cloak with her right index finger and said, "Hide." The cloak vanished, next she said, "I am the Red Witch." Her cloak reappeared and she had a huge smile on her face, "Hide; now isn't the time to test such things but I bet that these cloaks have a serious protection charm on them as well."

Fleur now had a big smile, "This kind of yellow I like and it really suits me."

The two other witches had just hidden their cloaks when Lilly and Hugo came bounding in; to say that they were excited was a huge understatement and Harry asked them to be quiet for a few minutes. He conjured two chairs for the pair to sit on and turned his attention back to the three witches.

He made two more copies of the covenant and handed one copy to each of the ladies along with a copy of the text book, he kept the forth one for himself as well as the other text-books. Then he asked if one of them could contact Minerva and tell her that they would be visiting Hogwarts at nine fifteen in the morning; Elen assured him that it would be her pleasure also telling him that she wouldn't reveal the purpose of their visit.

The pleading started as soon as the four of them had left the bank and in short order Harry and Hermione had agreed to take Lilly and Hugo along to Hogwarts. The ride to Chudley Salterton was filled with the children's tale of their tour of the bank, Lilly appeared to be quite enamoured by the dragons, whereas Hugo admitted to having been terrified. Harry had assured the lad that being terrified of dragons was actually quite sensible; being overconfident around dragons would probably get you killed.

When they arrived at Harry's home it was to be greeted by an annoyed looking Winky who handed Harry a note; he read it out to the others;

'Hi All, We have gone to a Wake for one of mum's cousins. We will be back late sometime tomorrow you can look after the kids. Love G. & R.'

The children were delighted and dashed off to play whilst Hermione smiled and said, "If it wasn't so convenient I would be annoyed." Then she giggled.

She followed him to his study; he shut the door behind them then turned and said, "Do you t…" the poor boy couldn't continue because he had her tongue trying to remove his tonsils. It took about a minute and a half before she let him up for air, however she only gave him about ten seconds before she was doing it again, this time when she finished kissing him she just buried her face in his neck.

"Thank you for saving me." She said, "I have wanted to do that since we were in Fortescue's and you promised me you were going to rescue me from another Troll."

Harry chuckled, "I brought you in here to try and work up the courage to kiss you, and you sort of usurped the whole thing, that's not very ladylike you know."

"Oh, I've decided to give up being a lady around you; I have also decided that I want to sleep with you tonight." She said with a wicked smile.

He looked pensive, "As much as I would enjoy that, it wouldn't surprise me if Ginny came home in the middle of the night and it wouldn't do for her to catch us making like bunny rabbits; at this moment I am still married to her, but in three nights…" She wanted him to stop talking and so she was kissing him again. "We also have things we should do this evening." He said in a break for air, "Like at least read the covenant." He managed to get in during the next break; she was having difficulty stopping because he was kissing her back quite thoroughly.

There was a pounding on the door so they broke apart and straightened their clothes, Hermione sat at the large desk with her scrolls in front of her and Harry answered the door. Hugo exploded into the room followed more sedately by Lilly who said, in her, 'I am being refined despite the moron who is with me,' voice, "Winky asked us to inform you that it would be dinner time shortly, however 'Hugo hollow legs' could wait and so he behaved like Uncle Ron." Then she started giggling.

"Lilly! You shouldn't say things like that." Harry admonished.

"Why not?" Hugo asked, "We all know what he is like and I am sorry for behaving the same way, I'll try not to do it again but I am hungry."

Hugo's apology having been accepted they all made their way to the dining room.

After dinner although the children were still excited they were put to bed, the house elves had collected night clothes from the visitors home and it turned out that excited or not they were still very tired and were soon sound asleep.

Hermione really wanted to spend the evening snogging Harry senseless, but he was punishing her by forcing her to read copies of some priceless parchment and a two hundred year old book.

After about an hour she started giggling and when he asked her what the problem was she blushed and said, "It occurred to me how our positions have reversed; me wanting to skive off and snog you and you forcing me to study."

"Don't kid yourself, I want to skive off and snog you too, but we must have this information in our heads' because tomorrow the British wizarding world might well start to come apart and we must be ready to catch it."

She looked at him for several minutes and then she leant over, gave him a small kiss and then said sulkily, "Just because I know it, it doesn't mean that I have to like it."

Two hours later they both decided that they knew as much of the information as they were going to learn that evening and so they decided to go to bed. Having shrunk their copies of the covenant and the text books they each put them into one of their pockets, they left the study and headed up stairs to bed.

He kissed her goodnight outside her room and headed into his; ten minutes later he had just climbed into bed when there was a small knock on the door, "Come in." he called. Hermione came in, in her dressing gown, "Did you not want me?" she asked with a slight hitch in her voice.

"I wanted you more than I have ever wanted anyone else…ever; if I had done anything else other than that small kiss we would be making love now." Was his reply.

"Oh." She said with a small smile, she had only moved a few feet into his bed room, "I thought that that might be what it was." She undid the belt of her dressing gown and held it open, the only other thing she had on was a pair of high heeled shoes, smiling she said, "I thought that I would show you what you were going to get." After about ten seconds, she closed and re-belted her dressing gown, whished him pleasant dreams, and with a smile on her lips went back to her room.

That night Harry had some very vivid dreams staring his bushy haired best friend.

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