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Authors Note. This vignette is an extension of 'H.P. Where There's the Will' which is, of course, required reading; an illuminating letter from Hogwarts Headmistress to the new Mr and Mrs Potter.

Snape's Comeuppance.

"Harry!" Hermione called, "We've a letter from Hogwarts, come and read it with me."

The newly married couple read the letter together in their family room at Merlin's castle.


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

From the desk of, Minerva McGonagall, Headmistress; the Blue Witch.

Dear Harry and Hermione,

The first part of this letter is mainly for Harry.

Something has been niggling off and on at the back of my mind for many years and the vehemence of your comment about a month ago; re; Albus Severus not liking his names, reminded me, so I decided to see if I could do something about it.

Let me start at the beginning.

As you well know, towards the end of the war things were chaotic; especially around the time you collected the memory from Severus and then went to confront Voldemort; very few people actually saw Severus' memory and unfortunately I was not one of them.

My curiosity having once again been piqued, I took the liberty of retrieving the memory from the Hogwarts archive and reviewing it for myself; as I watched it I must admit to having been confused.

The Snape family as you know are muggles and they appear to have always come from a village of the same name in North Yorkshire. Spinners End where the family lived and he grew up, is actually in what is now a rundown part of the village the family having come upon hard times, and his father was a rather drunken, dour muggle and they did not travel.

On the other hand your mother grew up in the Northern part of Llanishen a rather pleasant suburb of Cardiff in South Wales; it is about two hundred and fifty miles from North Yorkshire. Needless to say there didn't appear to be any way Lilly and Severus could have constantly played together as children; indeed there wasn't.

During your parents time in Hogwarts Professor Slughorn forced Lilly and Severus to work together in the potions dungeon, but outside of that I never once saw any interaction between the pair. As you probably know I have always kept an eye on my favourite students and your mother was one of those, as of course were both of you. Also by the beginning of their forth year Lilly and her best friend Alice Jenkins, (eventually to marry Frank Longbottom and become Neville's mother,) were almost constantly with Remus, Sirius, your father and the other one; and there is no way that Severus would hang around those four.

Consequently by the end of my viewing I was even more confused, it has always been my understanding that Pensieve memories could not be altered and were therefore always true.

Being my age does not have many advantages but one of them is that over the years I have met and taught a great many people, one of them is the current Ministry expert for authenticating Pensieve memories and such things. Unsurprisingly he actually works in the Department of Mysteries, so I arranged to have lunch with him a couple of days ago, to do his job he also has to be a psychoanalyst and I must admit that I am amazed by some of the things I learned from him.

It appears that the donor's state of mind can influence the memory being extracted, and if the donor is obsessed with the subject the memory can be modified or completely fabricated ideas will be considered real.

We entered Snape's memory together and the major thing my friend then showed me was how to recognise that effect and in relation to your mother, this is what Snape has given you, his own deluded version of events that never happened in reality.

When we examined his memories of the two young girls playing in a park we could see where Snape's imagination has superimposed your mother and her sister's faces on to two young girls he must have watched when he was young. Parts of the memory, like the section of Lilly discovering that she was a witch were completely fabricated, we could tell this from the lack of detail in the background. All of his memories of your mother from school were part of his twisted personal fantasy; as was his blaming your father for the physical non fulfilment of what can best be described as his demented ravings.

His memories relating to the headmaster and to Voldemort are as far as we can determine reasonably accurate, but then none of us had any reason to doubt those memories any way and they did help you against Voldemort. However when we considered his actions in relation to his perceived mental delusions we could only conclude that his motives were always entirely selfish.

Snape did not want anything other than to possess your mother and he saw joining Voldemort as a way of bringing this about so when the Dark Lord was forced to kill her in order to reach you Snape wanted revenge. He could not gain this alone so he immediately decided to switch sides and try to join Dumbledore; whether or not it would have been a relief when he was accepted no one will ever know.

I am uncertain as to whether these matters have ever troubled you and if they have I hope that this will help to put your mind at rest; it will be my pleasure to show both of you how we have reached these conclusions.

Now I will move on to something slightly happier.

Harry's son Albus Severus Potter is no more; I did say that it was happier so he is obviously not dead.

As he and we previously agreed he has very happily become Sirius Albus Potter and almost immediately has refused to answer to his friends as anything else other than Padfoot, and I hope that we haven't unleashed a pranking monster.

Also, simply for your information Regulus Black appears to be a lot happier and is settling well into his new identity, it wouldn't have been much comfort to his father or grandfather that he was sorted into Hufflepuff.

That is all for now and I will see you both in about a week.

Fondest regards,

Minerva McGonagall.


Harry sat contemplating the Headmistress's letter for a few minutes and then he said, "I haven't thought specifically about all of this for years, actually I think that I have deliberately avoided thinking about it. Now I am sort of being forced to think about it and I realise that it has always been worrying me at the back of my mind, mainly that my mum might have found Snivelus attractive in any way." He smiled at her happily so she kissed him and he continued, "In its own way what is almost as good is that he really was what we always thought he was, the ultimate evil, twisted, greasy git and only a hero in his own mind."

She kissed him thoroughly and admitted, "I didn't know that about Pensieve memories either…so now that you know that Snape's memories are a complete load of old cods wallop, are you willing to review them with me and get a lesson from Minerva?" He smiled and nodded so she started kissing him again, much the same way as before.

"For the greater good of course." He said grinning as he kissed her in return, passionately.

"Help!" Hugo's voice rang through the family wing of Merlin's Castle, "They're playing kissy kissy again."

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